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Thanks for playing! :)

We wanted the skill effect guessing to be a part of the challenge - "Hmm, is this an outdoorsy thing? And is it more protective rather than for your gain?", so not showing it explicitly was a design choice. But as you said, maybe some clarification could help.

A thing that could maybe also use some clarification, is that instead of balancing the a/p, p/g meters, it's more effective to pick a viable survival strategy (outdoor gain, indoor protect, etc.) and then aim for it, while being ready to switch it progressively, depending on the items you fetch. 

A less apparent feature that encourages multiple playthroughs is that every time your restart the game, the world conditions change a little, so that some strategies become more viable than others (shown as a suggestion sentence when clicking on daughter).

I understand the guessing being choice, it does add another element to the game. I also understand the adaptive strategy you mentioned (having used it myself). However I had no idea that the game changed slightly every time! This is a very nice touch!

 I loved the game and the artwork, and look forward to more games that you make.