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Ah, I remember briefly seeing someone play this on stream. Finally played it myself, and while I failed miserably to get to the end, I had fun! The lack of checkpoints really hurts the experience, as pointed out by pretty much everyone else, but other than that there's not a whole lot of bad things I can say about this game. One thing I would like to say is, and this is probably just me, but it felt a bit arbitrary that you jump from the floor onto the ceiling, but you can't jump from the ceiling onto the floor. While playing, it felt to me that they should be the same action really, and therefore have the same command. I understand why you can't just jump from both (if you could, it would just be VVVVVV), but what about not being able to jump at all and having springs on the floor as well as the ceiling? Of course, the level and enemies would have to be redesigned, but it might be an idea to consider. Keep in mind I'm not telling you to remake your game or anything of the sort, I think the game works brilliantly, this is just some food for thought. Great job with your entry!

My experience with this game might have been a little clouded due to the fact that I don't have an Xbox/PS controller, so I had to play with keyboard, but I can definitely see the potential in this! I think this game can grow exponentially more interesting the more enemy variety gets added, which is a good thing. Keyboard controls felt a little clunky (controlling the well itself might be better with the mouse, but there was hardly enough time to implement two separate control systems), and the art is nothing special, but the idea is really good.

Can't wait for the DLC. Solid 5/7

This game is adorable. I had fun playing! I wish it had some BGM or sound effects, and it was bit hard to tell which objects my character could/couldn't collide with, but it was still a solid game.

Huh. I played/rated this a few days ago but forgot to leave a comment I guess. My bad!

I liked your take on the theme, and while some of the... modes? felt way stronger than others, I'm sure that was just due to not having enough time to balance each mode (plus it seems you're working on a post-jam version, so that should be easily remedied). There were a few issues with the ball getting stuck sometimes as well, but other than that, I had fun playing this. Good job!

I didn't make progress very fast, but this was a fun game nonetheless! Like many people said, the difficulty ramps up a bit too fast, and the pull/push seems a bit weak at times and a bit strong at others, but still, the game feel is spot on, and most of the times I died it felt like it was just me being bad rather than the mechanics working against me.

Very nice! There's not much I can say that hasn't already been said in previous comments. I'm not a huge fan of the fact that placement of the traps is random, and I did manage to escape the map accidentally, but overall, I enjoyed the experience, and the environment work is stellar.

Thanks for playing! I'll check your entry for sure.
I've seen some people getting stuck on some of the more difficult levels, so I made a full video walkthrough. It's available on the game page, if you want to check it out!

This was a really fun game! I liked the aesthetic and the game felt pretty good to play. I will say the story mode is kind of lackluster, seeing as you can just skip past every enemy and head straight for the exit, but that is remedied by the endless mode in which you can really see how the mechanics interact with one another. If I were the one making this game I probably would have skipped the story mode entirely and just focused on polishing the endless mode to be honest, but it's still a solid entry!

Also, damn I may have 400+ hours on Dark Souls 2 but that parry destroyed me (felt really good when I pulled it off, though)

There were a few small issues (rising lava getting stuck, second checkpoint not working for me), but this game is pretty awesome regardless. I had fun playing, and it just looks good overall. While I did figure out while playing that you can only jump after you touch a block, a clear indicator that displays whether or not your jump is available would be nice (althought it seems you were aware of this issue too, and didn't implement a fix due to lack of time, which is totally understandable).

I think it needs some refining, but it's a solid game.

The art and music are cute, and I found the UI to be pretty intuitive. I think the area in which this game need the most tuning is the trading mechanic itself; making trades more difficult or having 'customers' leave after a while if you take too long because they're bored could maybe make the game a bit more enjoyable. Even trades as they are now are a bit clunky (I had a guy wanting to trade a ladybug and his notebook, and he accepted a single ladybug of my own in return, effectively giving me a notebook for free). Despite that, I had fun playing!

I really think this is an interesting concept. I once thought of a game where you have to memorize keywords and put together incantations by pressing the keyword's corresponding input before casting spells, and your choice of keywords affects the spell's properties; and I feel this is somewhat similar, so I think this concept has potential. This is a pretty good implementation of that concept, but it could use some work; perhaps allowing the players to choose from a set of sequences to memorize instead of just one, and having bigger sequences deal more damage. Other than that, I liked the artstyle and music, and think this is an OK jam entry overall.

Thanks for playing!
It's true that you can get stuck pretty easily, especially on the final level. That was sort of intentional, although I suppose that level of trial-and-error gameplay and having to restart often aren't super engaging features.

Sure, DM them over to me and I'll check them out when I can!

As for your favorite pony, I mean judging by your profile and your name it's obviously Sweetie Belle, duh

Great job. The controls felt tight and I loved the atmosphere  (I really like these sorta-monochrome pixel artstyles, so I may be a bit biased). I feel like leaving the cursor visible while charging your jump could remove some of the trial-and-error style gameplay, but other than that, solid game!

I liked it! The concept is pretty well thought out and the art is adorable. One suggestion I have is to bind more controls to the mouse (in my opinion, moving the camera with the mouse and rotating buildings via scroll wheel would make the game easier and faster to control), but that's a minor nitpick.

This is a pretty neat concept. I like how it plays with being one of those pretentious art games, although I probably wouldn't have figured that out entirely if I didn't read the description on the game page. Still, it was pretty neat experience!

Also, am I wrong in assuming you guys are brazilian? From your credits it seems like you guys are a team studying games in PUC. If so, that's awesome! I'm brazilian as well, and studied games in FMU. It's always good to see some design talent come out of this country.

Yeah, I was going to implement a timer under the bar showing the robots' current task that displayed how much time that particular task had remaining, but it ended up not working out the way I wanted. Thanks for your input!

Pretty good overall, I like the concept and the execution. Controls were a bit finnicky on my mouse, but that's probably due to my settings rather than the game itself.

Also it seems Blender's interface isn't the only thing actively trying to kill me


Yeah, you're right about the ESC/Backspace thing. The 'exit to main menu' function was added pretty late, so I didn't even think about switching the keys.