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A fast-paced platformer where you can't walk or jump - but you can fly!
Submitted by DannyVegas, André Ruiz, Bernardo Gadelha, misantiago17, doublejv — 17 seconds before the deadline

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This game looks so cool!!! :D


I definitely liked the game. The slowmo creates natural moments of tension. I figured out the jump refresh mechanic pretty quickly, but I can understand why some people complained about it. I immediately thought of this as being a good fit for a mobile app when I realized I could click anywhere on screen to start my slingshot. Good job.

Submitted (1 edit) (+3)

A funny thing happens with the second checkpoint. You just respawn at the very bottom, with no lava, until you climb and find it above you!

Anyway, the game is really nice! The mechanics are interesting, and it makes a pretty great platformer. The main issue for me is that it was unclear that I had to bounce on at least one wall to be able to "jump" again. Thus I didn't understand at my first attempts why sometimes I was able to jump in mid-air, and sometimes not. But once I got the idea, it was really pleasant. Congrats!


Hey Itooh! We are aware of the many bugs and gameplay issues still present, but we're glad you enjoyed it anyway. I'm glad you gave the game a few tries to really grasp its idea, hope you had fun! Thank you very much for playing the game and leaving a comment!


There were a few small issues (rising lava getting stuck, second checkpoint not working for me), but this game is pretty awesome regardless. I had fun playing, and it just looks good overall. While I did figure out while playing that you can only jump after you touch a block, a clear indicator that displays whether or not your jump is available would be nice (althought it seems you were aware of this issue too, and didn't implement a fix due to lack of time, which is totally understandable).


Thank you! Really glad you liked it! 

We were quite frustrated that we did not have time to work on those issues. But it's a jam, and planning is hard... Well, you know, haha. At the same time we're pretty happy with what we achieved.

Submitted (1 edit) (+4)

`Submitted by DannyVegasandrerxShyvanmisantiago17doublejv with 17 seconds before the deadline`


Congrats for the game.

The game nails its aesthetic and the way it presents the challenges on the screen is pretty nice. It informs the player its goals and provides a good visual explanation on what the player can and can't touch. Also, pulling and releasing the firefly thing works really well, both in design and functionality.

The mechanics choice and timing are well thought and considering everything this game has a lot of potential for mobile.

Regarding improvements, it needs some balancing and bug fixes, maybe a tutorial and a smoother difficulty curve. But I mean... Its a jam.

Good game.


Your feedback made me really happy! Really deep analysis, thank you for your time. 

Yes, Mobile! We're already working on a mobile version! And now that we have time we'll focus on level design and make sure we show the player all things needed. 


I finally beat it, and the only bug I found was that rasing lava would sometimes get stuck above, and would only reset back down if you hit it. Also spikes' hitboxes are a bit too large.

With some polish, randomization and pickups this could be a very good game for mobile.

And who's GlubGlub?


Oh my, can't believe you made it! I, myself, couldn't finish it. 

We're aware of those bugs, we hope they weren't so annoying. 

And thanks for the feedback, we're are considering uploading a mobile version after the GMTK jam. Of course, after getting rid of those bugs and adding the things we planned but just didn't have the time to do. 

Uhh, and GlubGlub is totally not our placeholder team name that we completely forgot to change before the final build... 


I love the way the mechanics work, and the music and art really adds that extra spice. With polish, adding the game juice feel, it could be great. Only problem i had is that there was a lot of glitchs as to stopping your impulse for a new jump... The sound would be there, but not the arrow or the actual impulse... shame


Thank you for your feedback! 

About not being able to jump again, that is because we wanted the player to get a new charge everytime you hit a platform. Unfortunately we didn't have time to work on more visual feedback besides the corner exploding, so yeah, I agree it was unclear. 


I really liked this game, it's simple but extremely fun, I really recommend it.


I sucked at this game but i couldn't stop playing it. Its so addictive and fun aaahhh