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Very cool UI, maybe make it a bit smaller so it doesn't clutter up the screen space. Music is weird and a bit annoying but that's okay. I really like how your character looks beat up when you lose health. The flag bar is very useful. Jump is super unresponsive and game could have been a lot more fun if more work had been put into that. Fireball effect is pretty cool but maybe make two different colliders: one for environment and one for enemies because it's quite frustrating that you can't get it to graze the floor. Probably just make the hitbox smaller and make enemy hitboxes bigger. It's nice that you included both melee and fireball but there isnt much point to melee because you can use fireball all the time. Should probably limit that. Improve the art a bit, make the UI smaller, and remove those darn clouds, make controls more responsive and manage the combat system and this game could be a lot better. It's still quite nice tbh so a good job on that!

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Cute main character with a nice jumping animation. The jump control is super responsive but oh god please make it higher. It's so annoying to only be able to reach certain platforms by pressing just at the right time from a specific platform. They should be reachable much more easily. It's a bit lazy that all your levels are based around one and the same levels with a few very small changes. The music is there, and there's the jump sfx, so at least that's that. Goal is simple and made clear early on which is a good thing. Titles are clear on what kind of lie you should try and detect which is good too. Game is a tad short. Art isnt very coherent. Make the controls a for jumping a bit better as I said earlier and work on level design with a few more levels and this game could have been a lot more fun.

So I was very confused at the beginning with the jumping and all until I began to fall. It's a pretty basic idea of fall and dodge, and it's a shame the more interesting obstacles like cannonballs (which you should really give a recolor because you hardly see them) come late in the game. During that time you kind of just dodge platforms that dont get much harder to dodge and arrows that are very easy to dodge. It gets boring quite fast. The idea of flipping would be cool if it actually really had an effect on the game, but it's just aesthetic. Would be awesome if you had to memorize what you just fell through just to fall through it again in a different orientation with added obstacles. The art is not very coherent but at least you made the effort of using different sprites for platforms. There should be some music to it and maybe sound effects to anounce arrows or cannonballs. I saw that you guys only had 30 hours so still not a bad job but could have used more stuff especially on the level difficulty ranking side of things. Also except for the original lie I dont see a good connection to the theme.

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Nice take on a concept that was tried by many other entries: made me think of dissonance with those squares that show you the truth (the mirrors that gave you a breathing time in that entry). The game definitely needs some sound, at least music and a jump sound effect. The jump is a tad too short: you should make it longer and modular. Sometimes also if you are next to an edge and jump while trying to go against it, the rest of the jump's air control in that same direction doesn't work. You should also automatically move with platforms, it's very annoying. I like the visuals, very simple but give a nice atmospheric touch that would work great with, once again, audio. Menu is nice and simple. The game is too short however, it could have used a few more levels (with harder platforming challenges where a need for a higher, modular jump would really become apparent). Still a very nice entry, with an interesting one time reveal mechanic. I think you should explore more the avenue of levels that move around with a movement that somehow relates to the world that you are seeing. Maybe graying out the fake world when inside the reveal square would help players to make connections more easily when it relates to movement.
Good job!

Yeah i got a roll where he lied even though nothing really was obstructing my view haha. I just think since that hardly ever happens i dont think it's a very sufficient fit.

Yeah crate bugs isnt new. There were just so many and I should've spent more time refining the code for them...

For the dialogue what we did is that only a part of it shows up again when you ask for the speaker again, but sometimes for the parts relevant to the lying statement are long so yeah...

Thanks for playing and commenting!

Yeah from your reply it sounds like most of the problems were due to time constraints and I totally get that. For the music, yeah, 9 arrangements of the same track suffices for the descent, you just can't hear it because of volume, but it's definitely enough. I get what you're saying for the theme, it's just it's a shame that it doesn't say you're trying to prove flat earthers wrong in game. Thanks for taking the time to read the comment!

I made my first jam game: a simple puzzle game similar in story to portal in 2d! Had a lot of fun. I also made a bunch of bugs haha!

Haha, as a D&D DM I laughed quite a bit playing this. The text is very funny with smart replies I just wish there were more jokes here and there (special cases for critical errors, the bard always fails at his roles, funny dialogues between characters or smth). The anagram in the title is a nice touch, even though I only realized it because of a comment (yeah im pretty dumb). Transition between 2D and 3D is really cool, but maybe you should let the dice roll be random? As in you just click a button or something and it rolls.
Game was pretty fun, even though it didnt really fit the theme well. You definitely should have added some audio to polish it (some cheesy heroic fantasy music would have been great!). Graphics weren't all too great but I think you realize that. Anyways, good job on your entry, at least for the writing. Im guessing you play roleplaying games?

Considering the quality of your rating comments I hope this one lives up to them:
Ill take this one apart criteria by criteria and hopefully help improve what is an already very good game!
Game Design:
Ive seen the idea of shoot to move before, but I dont think I've seen it in a endless (faller) runner type situation before. It gives a really nice touch of having to decide whether to shoot down to boost yourself up, shoot to the sides to dodge, or shoot (usually) up to kill enemies. All this also while breaking crates and grabbing coins. It's creating pseudo-mechanics through dynamics, which I really like.
You make items clear on their role even if you haven't played the game before: it's clear that the bad guys are bad (especially because you don't ever change their sprite so you wouldn't get confused on lower levels), that the crates are powerups, and that the coins are, well coins. Obstacles are clear too, even the laser which gives you a fair amount of time to dodge it with the warning laser if you've seen it for the first time.
The different guns give you a different way to play the game: they aren't especially better and so your experience as you go down the levels isnt especially harder and balanced because you get better guns: it forces you to get farther by just getting good: through experience. A good player will pick what gun to use at the right time. The shotgun for example is great to quickly take care of enemies or quickly dodge an object, but can be quite risky if you stay low because of it's longer shooting cooldown. The assault rifle is great to give you a breather from avoiding falling down to the bottom drill, but it also puts you at risk by placing you at the very top where enemies appear. The basic gun is just a nice all rounder that requires precision but also has a pretty nice cooldown.  I'm not too sure what the coins actually do: are they simply a score for you to appreciate at the end of a run or can you use them. Im guessing it's the first one because I didn't find a place to use them, so tell me if Im wrong. If that's the case, then maybe don't stack up coins between levels but simply let it factor into your "score", a value that you could show at the end of a run which depends on a function that takes the feet descended AND the coins a input. Otherwise, keep your coins and incorporate a shop to maybe buy player skins, a starting feet level, a starting gun, options for new guns, or a one run temporary boost.
For the enemies, maybe i would give a little warning at the top of the screen before they go down because it feels pretty unfair when you're up there at the top and they suddenly spawn on you and you lose health. Then again, that might make the assault rifle overpowered, but it's something to think about.

Game is super fun and I can easily see it become a widely played mobile game if given some more content (especially a shop). Bullet time effects give really satisfying enemy kills, the dying sequence is clear as day and doesn't leave you unsatisfied... Even runs where you lose quickly were, for me, very fun to play.

Im not sure if it's innovative because I dont play this type of game often. To me it seems like the shoot to move mechanic incorporated into an endless (faller) runner is new, but I could be wrong and I can see it as an idea that someone might've already had. 

As others have said, I don't really see it fitting the theme. I get what your point is (from your other answers) but I feel (and that's my opinion) like jam themes should be incorporated into gameplay, not just a background story that the game doesn't even tell you about.

One of the few jam games where the art is coherent in between individual elements! The style fits a mobile game perfectly and doesn't seem too hard to modify for individual sprites if you want to add content. So a great job on that: a simple, not too distracting art style that gives the game coherence but doesn't attempt to attract all the player's attention.

The menu music is very nice and cute with simple phrases that come back later in the theme, which helps to cover up the loop. If the theme was a bit longer it would really succeed at that effect (I'm thinking an additional 8 bars to get a nice round 32, for a more bridge like section that isn't as pressing as the other part - when I say pressing I mean that the notes keep on coming and it could use pauses). Then again it's a menu so maybe a longer loop isn't really needed, it's just that I still have the game open while Im writing this so the loop is started getting a little frustrating haha.
For the levels, please make louder music. It's a real shame that we can't hear it better. It just sounds like some instruments are randomly playing in the background because they keep getting cut off by the relatively loud sound effects.
I would also add a different piece for the end of run screen. Maybe you might not need to though if you want quick reruns, then the fact that it links with the menu music will keep things smooth instead of jittery.
The sound effects are nice and crisp, but they could use some volume balancing compared to the music.

All around a really great game on it's own! Doesn't really fit the theme so I wouldn't say it's a great entry for this jam, but credit where credit is due: it's a very well designed game. I also want to say I really like how the menu works.
Great job on this!

Okay let's take this apart.
Game Design+Theme- Now this take on the theme is being done by many in different ways and I feel like yours is at an awkward midpoint where it's not a very fun aspect of the game. On one hand we have rage levels with lies littered everywhere that you need to memorize and they work well. On the other hand, you have a game like Race:Track of Lies (one of the best entries) where you learn the lies as you go through different levels and get introduced new lies as well: Gameplay evolves as you advance. In yours, the addition of checkpoints in levels that aren't especially huge makes it feel like a game with small levels, where there's barely any lies to get through so the game is easier to get through and doesn't play on that mechanic as much. So yeah, not the biggest fan of the level design (There were still some very nice things like going through the entire level and getting to a wrong direction point). Still means to hit the theme, but could be better executed. I ended up dying more to enemies than to the lies. Which brings me to my second point: The jump is way too floaty! It doesn't jump very high yet takes so long to be resolved. A quick modular jump, please!
Art: Could have put in more work on that, but then again, you only had 72 hours so it's understandable. Simplistic art is fine as long as you go for the same style. The style between enemies, player, and platforms was way too incoherent.
Audio:The music works well I think but is a bit too quiet. The jumping sfx is nice but feels weird with the dying sfx which makes that square sound a lot more human. Maybe add some sounds for enemies too? The voice is very annoying as meant to be so good job on that but it's too loud compared to the rest.
All around fun: It's some basic platforming with slightly challenging parts that turn out to be lies (sometimes too predictable, and avoidable considering the double jump). The game should focus more on one specific aspect of what we currently have so that gameplay feels more "full". It would definitely contribute to the fun.
It may sound like Im saying the game is not good and it's not what Im saying. It's better than quite a few other games I rated and at least I didn't get extremely bored a minute in. There's some good things here and there, and practice (+ more time to playtest) will get you to make better games.
Keep creating!

Well Im not much of an artist myself so take this with a pinch of salt but some of the art feels "detached". All around it's the same art style but some of the art feels more like it belongs to sci-fo while some of it seems to belong to heroic-fantasy. For example, Id think of a visual redesign on the dogs. I cant really remember everything that was going on because I played it a few days ago but I believe that wasnt the only example. The tiles I think could have been redesigned too but again that's from my visual memory.

The dying sounds of the enemies are human. No zombie dies screaming "Heeeeelp".

Hmm, holding it for speed. I thought it was a single dash kind of thing. Ill try it again I think I only tapped spacebar.

42 is a reference to the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy where it is considered as the number that answers everything. If you look up the meaning of life it's the first thing that comes up.

Yeah sorry it has file based saving so we only made a Windows Standalone build. Streaming Assets with Mac is werid and I didnt have time to figure it out.

No ive only gotten up to the part where he says to use space for dash and that wont work.

Rated and commented

Wow this one was a lot of fun. Platforming felt responsive, with appropriate hitboxes on obstacles and not trying to go too far with the lies.
The art isnt really coherent but good on individual objects, especially animations.
The music is very nice, and so are the sfx, so great job on that.
UI looks great, nice and polished and really fits a sci-fi racing game haha.
You did a good job implementing lie obstacles like others have tried because yours are learnt: that is, in each new level there's some kind of new obstacle and you learn that it's an obstacle so that in the final level it's not about discerning lies anymore but simply about platforming: I think that's great: the gameplay evolves with the levels and that's hard to achieve. The exit lie though can feel a bit grindy on the last level so be careful with that.
I just have complaint on the placement of some objects, such as the two platforms with gems places close together on the last level over spikes: I slid many times down the tiny space in between the two when I shouldnt have (until I realised you could double jump across both). Also, sometimes the foreground pillar decorating thing obscures obstacles which can be very frustrating so maybe remove that.
Overall a great entry that fits the theme: great job!

Loved the aesthetics of it! There's some really nice small details like the camera zooming in or out depending on mouse position and the background color changing with health that I really liked!
Id say the melee weapon is a bit useless, at least for me. I always referred to the gun.
Love how it deletes files at first haha, it got me genuinely subconsciously worried when I saw it delete important projects and videos XD.
I killed the beetle boss thing (relatively easily, he didnt really seem to have any attacks I justs tood still and shot him) but then my game froze and I had to call up task manager. Was that normal? If it was, pretty cool, if it wasnt, then im here to report the bug.
The music was nice with a loop that wasnt too noticeable and it wasnt especially frustrating. I like the electronic samples.
In terms of game design and innovation I wouldnt say it's great but it has a few little things that make it a relatively polished entry (if you overlook the inconsistencies that come with dashing).
Godd job!

Visually and musically: very nice. However i can't see the power slider that everyone is talking about, probably because I have a 5:4 screen, so i didn't enjoy it much. Plus, I dont see how it's relevant to the game jam.

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Maybe im dumb but how do i get past the tutorial? Space doesnt work for dash and I tried to reach the doorway but only way to even start your way there is with innaurate spike collisions that make you jump super high.

rated and commented!

Good job on your first game! Love the menu, it actually looks nice and cartoony, only problem is it doesnt really fit with the rest of the game's art but that's fine. I somehow liked the music even though it was slightly repetitive, idk, cant explain it. The level design was great, really! I got stuck on level 4 and died multiple times unfortunately but still a great game! Cant wait to see what you make in the future as you improve, really!

Rated and commented

Innovative idea for the money costing movement but I gave up very quickly: The exits weren't marked anywhere and I got stuck on the level with the yellow pillars. Replay button doesn't work. Had to play the web version because my 5:4 screen didn't allow me to travel until the exit at the tutorial level. Additionally, even though the mechanic is innovative, in the levels I played you don't exploit it at all. It costs a bunch of money to get to the bags so Im not sure there's much point getting to them. In general, finishing a level can be done without thinking about your money which defeats the whole point. Renders it all to just a fun coin animation when you change direction. I dont see the art really fitting together: you should have opted for that black and white style for everything thing: not just Mr.Crabs. Finally, Id say some music could do.
It's a really cool idea but lacks the right execution. Maybe try and expand on this after the jam? Make it playable and full and maybe ill play it again if you message me!

Rated and commented!

Actually havent seent his concept before! It's a really nice one and surprisingly excuted. It took me a while to figure out all fruits (I realise there's an item effects page but it's not the first thing I looked at because it's attributed to a small corner button) but it offered a nice variety to the dynamics: do you choose to go farther or do you want to go back and pick up that juicy tomato? I had quite a lot of fun playing it, even though the music loop was super short and got quickly frustrating haha!
Art wise maybe it could be polished so that it looks like a cat running for food through a cohesive obstacle course? Idk just an idea. The carrot powerup I only realised could be controlled by mouse input a while into my 5th run considering the only other control is keyboard based. Also works as a static horizontal beam too though!
Nice job!

Rated and commented

Huh I got that black screen appearing and disappearing and killing me on my first run, but I hadn't accepted any mission.

Very cute art even though not so coherent amongst itself. I was shocked when I heard the first jump sound effect because of the fact that there was no music right at the start. I feel like the game is a little quick to the end and doesn't really leave time for any story to develop. Love the sound of the fireballs and combat overall is nice and responsive. With extra work on the story and UI (the font is hard to read and can be quite small) it could be pretty good!

Not rated, but commented

I gave up very quickly because of just how unresponsive the controls are.
I click thousands of times to attack an enemy and it only responds once in every 25 clicks I swear. So Ill judge this from what I saw at the intro scene.
The UI for speaking to characters is way too small. The fact that it not only serves for speech but also for selecting merchant wares is very counter-intuitive. There's just not enough feedback, as also shown by the scene when you're meant to get the key from the mayor: nothing lets you know that you did indeed get the key.
Art wise it looked pretty nice, and music wise the loop was way too short. I can imagine it would get frustrating and repetitive very quickly.
I wont rate it because I feel it unfair to rate just on what I saw at the beginning.

Rated and commented! nice one!

Hey this was a lot of fun, at least in concept. After a while the game gets a bit repetitive and grindy but I think that if expanded upon, the game could be quite fun, and you could maybe have some real side quests to get your lying levels up. The ending was a bit predictable but I liked how the Accept and Sense lying UI was just faded out so you kind of had to look around there to see it.
The art is very nice, but maybe you could make the map feel more like a village cause it kinda just looks like roads with houses here and there.
The music (even though after a few loops it got repetitive) was also quite nice: simple repeated motiff that isn't too annoying to the ears and relaxes.
Im not too sure what the health was for at the top left but maybe that's when you deplete a villager trust bar?
Anyways, nicely made entry, even though you could have maybe found ways to make it a tad less repetitive. Good job!

Rated and commented! Definitely one of my favorites!

Very simple design but very well implemented! I was tempted to ragequit quite a often but fought against it since you said the ending was so great haha! The art style is simple but works well with the story (complex art isnt required) and I like the little squishy animations on the player. The music gets a bit repetitive and frustrating but that's the anger of retrying the levels again and again speaking! All round a great job on this, and cant wait to see what else you can make!