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The timing reflects the short amount of time for an email to be sent, and allowed us to make modifications for when the computer is slowed down. I persoanlly think it's better that way but thanks for the feedback!

The balance between mouse and keyboard is completely intentional in making interactions more varied and stressful, I can see how it could cause problems though.

Im afraiI personally wont be able to rate your game... Ill ask the others on the team if one of them can.

Wow that's a really cool take on the bullet hell. The attraction factor is really well balanced in my opinion! Everything had a really good flow to it, I didnt encounter nay bugs, the art music and story fit well together. Couldnt quite get past the lighthouse guy unfortunately. Incredible job! I have one question cause ive never tried myself at the bullet hell genre but would like to, how do you code different shooting patterns for you bosses?

Wow, very complex management game, took me a few deaths to get the hang of it but I like it. The low frame rate is really annoying I must say and makes the game quite hard, but apart from that, the main ziggy powering mechanic is really cool. I almost made it but died from oxygen with 30 seconds left. I wont mention the already known bugs though ive encountered one or two. Nice submission i must say!

Was kind of weird, I wasnt too clear on what was better to eat... The out of control part is kinda fun though, maybe id even tone it up, because it still is a bit too easy to eat stuff. Maybe add some modifiers on what food the guy actually wants to eat and maybe you get extra points for that idk. In general it needs maybe a few more mechanics to spice things up

Yeah I agree with you there, also thought it was a bit much but never took time to actually tone down the value.

You can sure say the player is out of control but I honestly think it's too much. It gets to the verge of almost unplayability and you really jut get frustrated. It wasnt at all clear in the first level that the fountain opened the gate though, I had to look in the comment section. At least the music and character + fountains art is cool. Otherwise you really need to tweak values. Could be cool to have a trail of ice on the ground behind the player, kinda like super meat boy. Also id probably drop the wall bounce since it makes no sense with the fact that you're a cube of ice. Maybe instead go for some sliding mechanic idk.

This is a super cool idea and take on energy management! I would love to see how complicated of puzzles you could make with this. I would make the jump a bit snappier because sometimes it delays too much and then you need to restart a level. Also for some reason I didnt get any audio?  I found the art nice and cute too. Could be nice to have a bit of an introduction for how things work, it took me a good 30s to figure the energy management thing out

Could you be more specific? Would love to know what part bothered you

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Yeah i see your point, but those are dynamics more so than mechanics and arent exactly introduced techniques by the game. Dangerous road to go down for a jam submission

What variety are you referring to? Im all ears if you have any ideas

You simply click on the email icon and then press the related key. Answer enough emails before the deadline runs out and you complete a piece of work

Damn that was stressful, but I won! At first, I thought without a timer on the current command, the game might be too easy but boy was I wrong. It's pretty challenging, and I never even got an out of control virus. It would be could and subtle if you checked what the next required input for the command was with your individual viruses, and if they are close to the key that corresponds they latch to it, because then it makes you more prone to making mistakes since you usually erase the whole string of identical letters in your command after having gotten rid of the virus. Great work!

I love the idea, art and music, but the controls are super hard, finding fires is completely counter intuitive, and i kept losing once the timer ran out and I didnt know why

Alright, it's a big game and I guess that's cool but I really dont see how it fits with the theme? The only mention I saw was of Hilda saying the land is out of control because there are enemies but I dont know if that really counts. Otherwise it's quite playable, with some simple movements and attacks that work just fine. I did encounter a bug once where I just couldnt move and had to restart everything. I do have a question though, I realise you didnt make all the art and audio, which is fine, but did you also borrow scripts, like character controllers for example?

Alright what the fuck did I just play haha! I was not expecting that. Not sure a messed up transition counts as out of control but okay. Game is a tad hard and I had to stop midway because the platforming was honestly pretty hard. Maybe spend more time on level design and appropriately spacing your tiles? Could be cool to have a level which can be completed by just constantly jumpning forward, but where there are a bunch of just perfectly timed obstacles that make it feel like you wont make it through.

Really liked that idea, the fact that the green tiles are out of control forces you to plan for all situations, and when you can you need to improvise. A good balance for a puzzle game. The art style and music weirdly fit but I like it all the same!

Im not the biggest fan of the gameplay here. The only danger of playing is just you might get a chance of not being able to control someone, and if you dont shoot them a second time fast enough, you're screwed. It seems that's the only challenge and I honestly dont see too much point to it. The idea of controlling people is cool (though why do you shoot them for it) but you need to figure out another way to draw out challenge. The art and audio is nice though, so nice job on that. Could be nice to have the tutorial text not wrap around as it makes it a bit hard to read.

Wow that had a great feel to it. Controls where just perfect and dint feel too floaty like they might in a car game. The core mechanic is really smart, though im not the biggest fan of the green areas, they feel a bi forced. Some really cool levels like that last one where you need to keep a turn going but still touch that booster, really well made!

Hey that was pretty fun! You didnt just fit the theme to fit the theme, that really served gameplay and felt pretty fun. I loved the art, especially for the joystick boss, and giving the player the ability to wrap around the screen is a nice way to not make the game completely unplayable when you're almost out of keys. There was some real juice going on here, maybe the music could have fit that a bit better. The UI could have used a little work, but it's understandable that you were short on time. Nice submission!

Though the concept has been seen, youve executed it with some very nice juice and feel to the game. However I think the modifiers maybe didnt have enough impact on the game? In the end, no matter the modifier, you still had to play the same way: move away from enemies and shoot in their general direction. Would like to see modifiers that completely challenge that premise. Loved the music and the art was pretty cute. Maybe more enemy types could be interesting, and by that I mean enemies that arent variants of the blob.

Another lemmings type game to the jam, and these are hard to make work. Id say you have a decent amount of mechanics in place to make interesting puzzles, though some problems (like the very precise physics for launching the tank up) can make it very tedious. Would have been nice to see the game come with music and SFX, as there's no mood to it right now. Otherwise, it's a cool game.

Very nice challenging platformer with a pretty cool gimmick. The art is really cute and I just cant get enough of that music, it reminds me of the forsaken fortress in the windwaker. However, though I love the water mechanic, i really wouldnt say it's out of control since it's engineered to fit the level, and you often even yourself have control of the water level.Id say it only partially fits. But out of context, this game is really fun, and could be an area of a bigger platformer game.

Though the concept isnt incredibly original, the gameplay was really well done, with some juicy fights, varied levels and interesting powerups. The music was really fun and it really helped pump up the whole experience. There were a few powerups that I didnt understand too well though but that can easily be fixed with a tutorial of some kind.

Though I absolutely love the idea, it got really frustrating when the game randomly told me I had lost when I was doing just fine... It's a little hard to start, but the gimmick is really cool, and it's pretty cool being able to share controls between players. Id love to see this in actual multiplayer, though probably with some other control types cause joint keyboard playing is a mess. Loved the groovy sneaky music!

Would be a lot more playable if grid lines were clearer, I was personally very confused when enemies that seemed a block away moved up and shot in my direction at the same time... Could have been nice to see a few more levels, it is a bit short right now, and I dont feel it really exploited any puzzle like dynamics. I was weirdly entranced by the music i must say though.

Though the bug was weird, I read the comment and was ready for it so it didnt unsettle me too much. Could have been nice to see the text accompanied with some frame shots of your surroundings. I like how you restart every time, though if you remember what happened, im not too sure why you ever re enter the limo? Apart from that the story was cool enough, and I enjoyed the game!

I love this idea of new rules staking on each other, it really makes things challenging. Im personally just not a fan of the not all keys can be trusted and keys are rude now combination, because sometimes you think a key is just being rude and then you get killed, it makes things quite confusing. Also the tiles take a while to actual become useful, so maybe just dont have tiles be in the game until a rule involving them comes up, because I was confused for a while about what they were there for and tried a bunch of crap with them.

One critique I have straight away is the radial mouse movement, which is just very counterintuitive in a slow context and simply makes things more confuing. However the actual gimmick was pretty cool, straight away see inspiration from baba is you. I feel like it couldve been exploited further for more interesting levels and less time couldve been spent on the boss which, alothough cool, was just long and tedious cause not that hard. It's also quite unclear how picking up powerups works when they're supposed to hur you and I think that was too much unnecessary confusion there. The music was pretty dope, and damn, you gotta hook me up with System.Drawing.Common cause that art is just muahh.

Though there is quite a nice concept, it is quite frustrating to have to move around objects randomly until you find the right spot for the first one in the sequence. I got stuck on the one with all the light blue pencils, and couldnt figure out where to put the smallest one so that i could then put them in ascending order. Reading your "how does it fit the theme" description, I feel the game could have done with some text between each level that shows that you're an individual struggling with being out of control, trying to drown away thought by rearranging their objects. As the game currently stands, I dont think it really fits the theme. Some atmospheric music could be nice. Id say the real focus is really to making the gameplay feel more intuitive for the first object and less of "let's drag this everywhere until it fits".

Nice idea on meetings!

Office reputation is affected by whether or not you take a coffee break, whether your bladder fills up to max, and your answer to office messages on your phone. Thing is we didnt really make enough different messages to keep it interesting so most answers were just neutral answers...

At first I didnt like it, then I realised you could click on targets by reading comments, and everything suddenly got pretty strategical. It's really an interesting mechanic to add to a card game, and would love to see it expanded upon with better art, music, and general feedback. Try and make a polished version of this!

Nice, idea, I found myself taking the upgrades that make your gun much more annoying just to see how things would develop, it was kind of fun destroying everything though you shouldnt. However there were many broken collisions where I just couldnt move which quickly made me frustrated and so I had to stop playing. I like that you made an intro to the game. I wasnt the biggest fan of the art, but the music was cool enough, though a bit repetitive.

Ah I really liked that ending, though it's nature does make the game a bit too short. The mechanic ideas were cool, but could have been exploited farther, since they were only used for button pressing and I only had to use teleport once. I can see how time constraints might have played in though. It's also a little annoying when you make a coopy of yourself in a tight spot and it goes at the wrong place and you cant move it to the button but only away. I never ran out though so it's alright. Alround, a good presentation and concept, but could use a bit more gameplay time.

haha English is a strong language for me but I could have made stuff too fast of course (I wouldnt be surprised If I saw typos here and there)!

Yeah I get the frustration, we didnt have much time to spend on balancing the game values...

Thank you for the kind words!

Did you say 40 GB? You must mean Mb right? Im not too sure what could be causing a bigger filesize I must say.