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A card game where you either cast a specific spell on a random target, or a random spell on specific target
Submitted by pulni — 6 hours, 35 minutes before the deadline
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It's a card game about spells. You either choose which spell to cast, or who the target is.

Did your team create the art for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We used pre-existing art

Did your team create the audio for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We used pre-existing audio

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Please polish this game. The idea deserves it.


I think it was ok. The core mechanic is done, but there is no feedback and no proper indications. However, the gameplay loop works and is interesting, it’s a good way of using probability and risk. Just hoped there would be a bit more “juice” to make it more interesting ! Still, good job for coming up with the concept.


At first I didnt like it, then I realised you could click on targets by reading comments, and everything suddenly got pretty strategical. It's really an interesting mechanic to add to a card game, and would love to see it expanded upon with better art, music, and general feedback. Try and make a polished version of this!


Amazing game! I love card games and this was really fun, I really enjoyed trying to find the best option and giving the possibility to target a character rather than just play a card made it even more engaging.  A great take on the theme and I can't believe you managed to make a deck building game in 48 hours! Obviously the art needs a lot of improvement but this is fine for a prototype. There was a bug which meant you couldn't play the cards you drew that turn, but since the rest of the game was so good it doesn't really matter to much to me. Overall an amazing game and I hope you keep developing it!


Simple but fun idea! I think areas like presentation and explanation of mechanics could be improved, it took me some time to realize clicking a spell card and clicking a character were different things. I think with some polish this could an even better game!




I like the concept, a bit easy in the end, but mostly because not grabbing new cards and just keep scaling damage ended up being very stronk :D Great idea otherwise!


I like the concept of having to work around what's outside your control; had lots of fun with this and played longer than I should!

Had a few glitches, but nothing major. With a little more polish on the visual & sound area it could be even cooler!


Very cool card system. Although it seems the best strategy is just to click always on enemy as your damage spells really outweigh healing. It could have some buffs as well so it would be a harder choice. Either way cool game!


Great concept, with the potential for expansion into a full game I'm sure. I enjoyed the tactical depth that comes out as you progress through upgrades.


Great stuff - feels like playing Blackjack - when you're like ooh I could play it safe and end the turn... OR... I could try nailing the zombie with the lightnin-AHGGHWHYY (shoulda just clicked the healing card, would have been worth it even if it had healed the zombie :[ but it's the principle of the thing! You shouldn't go round healing zombies :|


Great way to get the "Out Of Control" theme but still giving the player plenty of choices!


I really liked the concept, and won a couple of fights in a row. The idea is great, and it can lead to an awesome game! It sucks that you couldn’t upload a version with more features, as you say so, but I’d love to see it once the jam is over. Overall, great job!


Thanks! I'm glad that you liked it. :) I'm planning to give it 1-2 weeks of full time dev towards the end of this month. Hopefully something cool will come out of it.

As for the update I mentioned, it was just a short intro scene and color-coding to the trigger/target chances which I believe made it much easier to "see" what has highest chance of happening (without reading the chances and thinking). But I'll upload it once the voting period is over.


I actually was just about to upload a version with an intro, and with some color coding of the chances when the deadline closed. :(

It's really clever! I'll hold off on "if furthered developed" comments, but I really like the idea of the haphazard mage. The decreased trigger probability was scary and I never tried clicking on it cause I felt the flat randomness of the cards was going to serve my luck better than decreasing the chances.



The idea of tweaking the chances is to allow you to have higher control of the situation.
For example, you can lower the trigger chance of your defensive cards and then you can target the enemies and hope that your higher chance attack cards will trigger on them and the heals will be left for the final turns and you can cast them on yourself with 100% certainty.
Or, if you lower your character's target chance, you can play your attack cards first in hopes that they'll target the higher chance enemies.
I was working on an update to make it more visible through color-coding the chances, but couldn't upload it in time. In the uploaded version it is slightly annoying to have to read all the chances to come up with the optimal plan.

("haphazard" - first time I'm seeing that word, but I think it describes my game jam dev very well :D )

Oh yeah I felt the strategy of basically saving up heals, however on my 2 runs I would use heal on turn one (if I drew them at all) and then spam my damage spells on a single target. I felt that if I seeded my deck with only damage and never leveled up healing, then it wouldn't matter if the heals missed because the enemy would be dead. It was a glass cannon approach but it got me up to the ghoul with 2 skeletons at least.

If you consider developing this idea further, I think a lot of the trouble will be balancing the experience. The other issue is the massive influx of card based deck building roguelikes games on steam. You'd be in stiff competition with everyone, including granddaddy Slay the Spire.

There is so much creative room for new spells and flavor, but honestly good job!