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Let’s goooo! Micky learning Unity!

Understandable. In that case, if would’ve been great to have a visual difference between prisoners, just to express that idea.

About the time limit, a timer would do wonders to let the player know what is going on.

And sorry, I totally forgot to congratulate you on my first comment and it only seems that I focused on the feedback, but congrats on submitting a game! It’s not an easy feat at all, and it’s great that you’re continuing your work after the game jam ends! Good luck with that!

Ohh… so you’ve seen me fail live.. haha I went back to your game off-stream and was finally able to beat it. Great job!

Finally!! It took me a while, but I was finally able to do it! Great game!

Cute and short game. It was nice that you had a mobile version, where I was able to easily play it. I really liked the visuals as well, and the animation at the end when going into the light. To be honest, I’m still not sure what happened though.. Haha.. But that may be just me being dumb understanding it.

Overall, good submission! I’m glad you’ll continue working on the game, and I wish you good luck on that!

I really liked the concept, and the drawings for each card. As pointed out already, there are times when you have the same prompt twice (or at least some prompts that are too similar from each other) and once you loop to them, you’re not sure which action you should choose.

Other than that, the game felt somewhat creepy, which it may as well be what you intended. The sound effects really do the trick for this, so good job there!

Overall, I really liked it. This was a nice submission that I could even play on my phone, so extra points for that!

It’s nice to see the game running on Android. I was a little bit confused at first, but once I understood the mechanic, it was so much easier. However, I can see some things that you could improve further. The character changes colors out of nowhere, which could mean a surprising game over. (Not the funniest kind Of game overs). You could let the player know using, for example, some sound effects prior to changing colors so that they’re more likely to react to the new color quickly.

Also, one nitpicky thing, the game requires the screen to be in portrait, so make sure to lock it in that orientation. Right now, it automatically rotates depending on the device’s orientation, which results in the game not being playable when on landscape.

Overall, good job!

One of my favorite entries, mostly because I’m a sucker of PICO 8 games.. Haha

I can see that you have dedicated a lot of time for the level design aspect of the game, and it was totally worth it. The controls felt really well too.

I wish there could be a way to return to the previous screen without having to go all the way to the beginning, but I can see how that could potentially break some of the puzzles, so it’s a nitpicky thing at best.

Congratulations on this submission, my dude. I’ll look forward for new games from you!

The game had an interesting concept, however, some of its execution could be improved. I wish you didn’t need to press the mouse button for every arrow and instead hold it so that arrows are shot constantly. It’s weird that, whenever I lose, I’ll just respawn with the same number of enemies, and in the same location. Without having the crossbow at hand, I can only die faster. The reason why you can’t pick up skulls isn’t obvious, which leads to more confusion once you start to pick them up.

Great game! It was hard at first, but once I properly learned the controls and dedicated some time to master them, it was even harder. However, despite its difficulty, I still wanted to play more. Great submission for the game jam! 10/10

I liked the concept, but I wish it was a little bit faster to pull off. The character moves way too slow for my taste, and going back to the start of the level every time doesn’t help.

The animations and sprites were cute and nicely done, but your color selection could be improved by something that’s easier on the eyes.

Overall, this was a nice entry. Congrats!

I think that the game has so much potential, so I’m hoping that you’re already looking for ways to improve the player’s input. Right now, having to type and re-type the commands just so that we can move a piece is not optimal, and it can scare most people from trying your game, which is otherwise a hyper-casual game that can be pretty successful on mobile. Congrats on making your first submission! It’s always a fun experience, and I wish you luck if you decide to continue with the game’s development.

The fact that this is a solo-developed game is beyond impressive. The game feels really polished and is, most importantly, so much fun to play! I’ve found a couple of strategies so that it’s easier to survive for later rounds (like shooting the bullet vertically), and doing that made me feel smart for a short amount of time until my own bullet hit me in the face.

I don’t want to spoil my ratings for the game, but let’5 5ay it wa5 awe5ome!

I’ve been recently playing Cuphead, so this game was right up my alley! You nailed the art style, and the fact that you could make it in two colors only is impressive. The music was also great. However, the controls felt weird to me. I’m not sure if it was my gamepad, but I had so much lag between the moment I pressed a button to the moment the character reacted, which caused my death multiple times. Overall, this was a great submission. Congrats!

Your submission sticks really well to the theme, the music was solid and made me feel like a musician, which I’m definitely not.

Nice vibes though!

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About to start the second stream where I’ll play even more game jam games!

Come join me at my Twitch channel

As a fan of Super Meat Boy, this was right up my alley. Great job on the controls, and on adding a good amount of different mechanics per level.

I wish there was music and that the character’s design was a little bit more developed, although the glasses on a cube were a nice touch. Overall, it was a great shbmission!

So many amazing games! I’m about to start playing your games over at

Come join me!

Hello everyone! First and foremost, I want to congratulate everyone here, those who were able to finish their games as well as those who couldn’t, on participating in this awesome Black and White Jam #8.

Now the fun starts with playing and rating other people’s games! Giving and receiving feedback, as well as getting to know other game developers is such a great experience that I recommend you to do!

Having said that, I’m planning on playing your games LIVE on my Twitch channel, so if you’re interested, please leave your link in the comments and I’ll make sure to check it out!

I’ll start the stream tonight, at 7 PM EST. See you there!

Also, take a look at my team’s submission when you can:


Nice score! Thanks for playing!

Not really. One would say a bad ending is… inevitable

That’s life, man

Thanks for playing!

This was a great game! Almost had a 0 death run Keep it up! I’ll look forward to the full game!

About to start the last stream doing this, over at It has been really fun experiencing your games, especially when the people that made them joined the streams and shared their ideas and experiences.

Also, your games are great! I’m really glad that you guys were able to upload such great submissions to this game jam, and I really wish your games all the best when the results come through :D

With all that said, come join if you want! I already have a list of games to go through, but if yours isn’t there, we can definitely make room for it! :D

I gotta say, I was confused at first, but that’s definitely on me. Once I got the hang of it, I was able to finish a run and I still love the comedic touch of every alternative universe in your game. The fact that you took the time of coming up with all of these alternative universes, and even tweak some parts of the gameplay depending on which universe you’re currently in speaks wonders of your creativity!

Some nitpicky things would be the size of the UI, which kinda breaks when playing on fullscreen; and also that the order that the sprites are drawn is a little mixed up, causing some sprites to be drawn on top of each other when they shouldn’t.

But overall, this was a great entry! Congrats on your submission!

I’m about to start the 3rd stream now over at Twitch TheSerOT. Congrats to everyone that was able to submit a game for the game jam!

haha… me too! Had so many ideas yet so little time :(

Thanks for playing!

I love the idea. Such a twist! The controls felt great, and the music (especially by the end) was pretty great!

My only nitpicky complaint would be to change the color of the score text so that it contrasts better with the blue sky and make it more visible. But overall, this is a great entry. Good job!

Thanks! I wish that as well… haha But it was fun working out the grapple mechanics. Glad you liked it!

Your game is awesome man! Great use of shaders, and you have a nice variety of optical illusions. I wish the sprint was just a little faster, and that once you finish a level, you have the option to start the next one without having to go back to the menu, but other than that, the game felt really great. Congrats on your submission!

Thanks for those that were present on the stream and let me share your great games! You have incredible potential! A big thanks to everyone that shared their games on this post as well, this list turned out quite big, so I’m still rating the games, but I’ll try to rate each one of them while it’s still possible

BTW, I’m about to begin the 2nd stream now over at Twitch TheSerOT. I’ll try to go through all of the games that were listed here. Thanks for your suggestions, and congrats on submitting a game

Even with such a straightforward gameplay mechanic, the way that you told a narrative during the whole game was excellent.

One little nitpicky thing would be that some assets didn’t quite match others. For example, your character is pixel art while some of your background/collectibles/enemies have a higher resolution, making them feel out of place.

Overall, I really enjoyed my time with this one. Great job!

Loved the detail of being able to push the UI text. Not sure if intentional, but was something that felt inherently funny.

For being an action game, I’d suggest improving the jump. It was a little bit floaty, which made it hard for avoiding bullets in later stages. Also adding the ability to do short jumps/high jumps depending on how much time you hold the jump button is a welcomed addition for games like this one.

Congrats on your first finished gamedev project!

I can totally relate to that ending. It was a nice entry, the assets were both visually pleasing and easy to understand, not having an issue that many black and white games can suffer.

It was a little bit laggy though, so there’s probably room for optimization, but overall, I liked it!

Awesome game, even though I definitely got lost in those damn mazelike hallways.

The increasing difficulty of the puzzles, on top of the presentation of the story through really nice visuals, and the amazingly well-made controls, makes this game a solid experience.

Congrats to both of you on submitting such a great submission, you’ll definitely get far on this game jam!

I’d appreciate it if you take a look at my submission!

Grapple Jones

Thanks! I’m looking forward to your video, and your game really looks amazing, I’ll definitely check it out

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Thanks for being in the stream! It was great getting to know you and playing your games, which most of them were coincidentally the best games I’ve ever played from any game jam! You guys are really talented!

I tried to prioritize rating the games from those people that were on the stream, but I’ll definitely going to try to rate all games from this post.

I would also appreciate it if you take a look at mine

Thanks for your support! and let’s keep rating games! :D

BTW, I’m about to begin the stream now. I’ll try to go through all of the games that were listed here. Thanks for your suggestions, and congrats on submitting a game!