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A memory game with eldritch horrors.
Submitted by Gunroar (@gunroar_cannon) — 2 hours, 8 minutes before the deadline
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Black and White#1374.4105.000

Ranked from 7 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Very original idea - I don't play any card-based video games, so this was very new all around! Pretty unsettling at points, though I know that's intended. I think starting with a 5 second timer for the first few challenges would be a better way to introduce the mechanic, just to ease the player into it before going full throttle. Otherwise, great art, nailed the theme, creepy music fit very well!


I really liked the concept, and the drawings for each card. As pointed out already, there are times when you have the same prompt twice (or at least some prompts that are too similar from each other) and once you loop to them, you’re not sure which action you should choose.

Other than that, the game felt somewhat creepy, which it may as well be what you intended. The sound effects really do the trick for this, so good job there!

Overall, I really liked it. This was a nice submission that I could even play on my phone, so extra points for that!


Thanks, funny enough I wasn't even trying to make it creepy, though once I added the eldritch thingies I had to try to go at least halfway. 

I guess not being sure wihich action to choose for similar prompts is part of the game? You know like how you can come across friends a bunch of times in a day or come across a dog multiple times. I see it seems confusing though,


A good twist on classic matching games. The sound effects really highlighted the atmosphere! Only thing is that it's a bit short.


It loops forever!!!!!!!!!It loops forever!!!!!!!!!It loops forever!!!!!!!!!It loops forever!!!!!!!!!It loops forever!!!!!!!!!It loops forever!!!!!!!!!It loops forever!!!!!!!!!...

Oh, wait ...sorry. Time portal sorry- I meant "It loops forever!!!!!!!!!" No please!!! NOT HERE! NOT NOW!

Atleast let me finish repl--


Wow didn't expect to feel stressed playing your game x)

The art is cool, the music is immersive, the gameplay is simple yet challenging and unique, well it's a really good game !

I would just say that there is maybe not enough time to pick the cards when you have to do the loop, and there is also a bug (or a feature you can tell me) where you can choose or have to choose multiple answers for a same situation, then when you have to do the loop there is this situation with both answers, but picking one up means not picking the other then you automatically lose ... Not a big deal but this is a little bit frustrating x)

Actually this game has a real potential ! I loved it ;)


Wow, thank you, For the time...yeah. I kind of made it hard becuase it seemed too easy..XD

And some situations happen twice. Is that not celar? Like even in real life you might meet 3 strangers in a day or change clothes :P Maybe there's a bit more I'm not understanding but I guess it does seem confusing.

Submitted (1 edit)

Yeah i  assume that some situations happen twice, I am not saying that there is no point having the same situation multiple times x) 

The thing is when you choose different answers for the same situation, for the looping part you don't know which one to choose between the proposals, and it is even possible to have all of your answers in the proposals. 

For example : if you meet a stranger 4 times, you greet him three times and ignore him once, it is possible that when you loop you have "greet" AND "ignore" as proposals, and then it is not possible to choose between them, because these two are answers. 

Perhaps i'm dumb and I didn't understand your game I'm sorry XD but this is a bit misleading I guess

By the way except this issue this game is really cool ! 

Developer (1 edit)

No, all in all you understand the game.

 you loop you have "greet" AND "ignore" as proposals, and then it is not possible to choose between them, because these two are answers. 

Ahh, that was intended. Some bad choices in design were  made that I couldn't test out a lot. With more testing I could have made this happen sparsely or have given better instructions. 

 So if you choose greet-greet-greet-ignore then it loops you have to choose the same things you chose  before, and the other similar choices are to confuse you, so you must still choose, in the same order (ignoring other cards in the middle), greet-greet-greet-ignore and choosing anything else will lead to a fail (e.g. greet-greet-greet-greet, or greet-ignore-greet-ignore). I hope this makes sense.

Thanks for testing it out!


Ahhhh this is clearer now, i didn't get that the order was so important ! I thought that i had to answer to the situations randomly, but i was completely wrong indeed xD

It makes sense now my bad !


Strange but I like it