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feels amazing

amazing mechanics and art

Really cool, feels super smooth and satisfying

Also really cool that it was made with Pyxel

Really cool game, teaching an AI to play it would be really cool

The combat feels kind of random, there´s no real skill to it so much as I can tell. The steps are way too loud and kind of annoying. There is absolutely no meaningful feedback when you get hurt, which is probably this game´s biggest flaw. Not exactly original either.

If you fix these things could be cool though

Here´s mine:

Its a downloadable windows game made in Python (source available). You run from this big monster chasing you while fighting flying enemies side by side with Tori, your spirit bird. 

Some tips if you have some time to try it.

-- jumping right as you land gives you an extra powerful upward and forward jump, 

--use the teletransportation of killing an enemy to avoid falling on chasms,

--jump against a wall to climb if you fall

--press space to dodge a near deadly bullet (a prompt will show up)

Coolest game ever but I´ll re label the diffculty settings:

Easy - eh, bit hard

Normal - This is hard

Hard - Impossible

Mine: has only 7 (less than half [all ratings/number of games]), so itd be a huge help if you could try it out!

Super polished game!

Thanks for your feedback!

The enemies was mostly because of the short time to make the game

The press space is exactly that, when a bullet is about to hit you you get a chance to press space to vaporize it

I never made a mobile game and this is in python, dont know if there´d be a way to take it to mobile, but its definitely an idea worth considering

very likely, I just havent found it yet

Im using py2exe so as far as I know the executable has to be together with all those libraries sadly, might find a way someday though

thanks! Im looking into fixing it up with a nice menu once the jam ends, glad you liked it and managed to open it!

there a and a, if you download and extract (non source) the extracted folder will have a "dist" folder.

In this dist folder you find Tori.exe and run it

alright I have no idea what might be causing this, try this last thing, you said you has slkscre.ttf on your pc, maybe the file explorer automatically chose not to copy it again, so try copying slkscre.ttf to the game folder

if this doesn´t work all I can recommend you is to get the .exe version, you can still read the script, and it has a script on this non-source version as well, but only the .exe will run

maybe I shouldve asked this first, but youre on windows right?

and it still doesnt work?

can you try installing the source zip again? then just extract all to a folder, and run the .py script from that folder, dont take it out or put it in an editor as it might not work. The reason for this is that my code assumes all assets are already in the same directory (folder) and the script, if they arent itll crash. 

You said it gave "slkscre.ttf missing" error, if youre running the script from the folder it should open up a console and close it as it crashes. If you managed to read the error somehow you arent running the script from within the folder.

Here´s mine:

rated yours and left some feedback

Really cool game and idea, the art was very impressive, here is onesmall thing I´d change, the shooting sound and animation, when I first shot I thought I was reloading by accident, the sound is very quiet/underwhelming for a shot, and you can see the bullet unless you hit an enemy

Here´s mine:

looking forward for feedback!

Original idea but I have a few nitpicks: 

having no color black is pretty confusing, when I read one of your replies saying  the ai decides the black I though it was kinda unfair

having to listen to the intro every new game is also a bit annoying 

at last, this is more personal but I didnt enjoy the music much, it felt way too repetitive

Here´s mine

are you sure you have pygame on your pc and not in a virtual envoirement? to check you can go "py -m pip install pygame" on your command prompt, it´ll let you know if you have it already. This command can vary a bit, like "python" instead of "py" or without" -m". Also please check if in the .py script folder are the game assets as well. 

Im sorry for this whole inconvenience.

So no then, how do I fix it without updating a new file?

did you extract all of the contents of the zip to the same folder? all the imgs, fonts, sounds etc have to be in the same directory

if the offer is still up here´s mine


Really simple and really cool, super satisfying game overall. One thing I´d consider is just removing/changing the bones, as they look like blocks you cant go through and quickly fill up the whole area.

Awesome game, really cool idea

Neat game, really liked the art and sounds

I dont know if this was some problem with my specific pc but I couldnt do much because moving the mouse a few cm would rotate the view completly, I tried to set my pc sensitivity to low but it didnt help much

I also think the player´s attack should be more obvious, there not crosshair and the kunai (?) disappears almost immediately

Other than that though it seems like a pretty cool game, from what I could see it had quite the world to explore and I like the upgrade scripts

I coded this in Python using Pygame, I guess it could´ve been lower level but not much, this way was lower level than an engine I guess. Thanks! The buidlings was kind of a bug, they sometimes show up way too far and it becomes unfair, I gotta look into it sometime.

 I didnt mean for the player to use the enemies to gain altitude but while play-testing the game over and over I did gain that habit as well lmao, its a strategy I guess.

Hah, the monster did give me anxiety whenever I fell and had to a buidling´s wall.

The closing on lose part is pretty much because I didnt have time/couldnt be bothered to make a menu, but maybe I´ll get to it, I can notifiy you when I do if you´d like, as this fix would come a long with a few updates possibly.

I thought it´d be a bit unfair that you get credit for Tori´s kills, but I guess its kinda offsetting at the same time, I´ll change it with the rest of the fixes when I do an update.

Thank you for your feedback!

Ah I see, that explains everything then, only thing I advise is to make bullets be drawn over the robots, to make it clearer that the bullets are going by the robot´s side and not perfurting them

The robots didn´t go where I place them (or do I only choose the column?), they shoot through each other, the tablet is kinda of a chore to open and close by clicking a button and at one point errors filled up my screen. These bugs impact the game quite a bit but if you could fix these things I think it´d be a pretty neat game

I thought itd be self explanatory since to the left there is a monster, but I might have only understood because I made the game. I see about the colors, youre probably right. The parrot is kinda transparent because he´s supposed to be a spirit, he does shine but I suppose I should´ve explained this a bit more.

I see, the holes were supposed to be small chasms but I do see that sometimes an unreasonable chasm is generated,  I have to look into it still

Game is really cool but its pretty hard, couldnt do any further than the green part

possibly the best game in this jam