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looks good. doesnt really have much to explore but it feels like a good base for a game

Really cool

One of the best games Ive seen so far in the jam! Very dynamic, nice difficulty, some stages.

What I really really loved though, was the instant respawn. I doubt I´d have played the game through without the instant respawn, being that its fairly difficult. Really nice feature!

I like the difficulty of the wall jumps, but could benefit hugely from a reset button

Really cool game! And a lot of content for two days!

Just an idea, if you consider developing it further, it´d be really cool if there were destructible blocks you destroy by growing. Walls and alike in a tight space, and they break when you grow


If youd like some thoughts on yours, its pretty good, and I like that you acknowledge the bugs (even if theyre minor and dont affect gameplay much). I would add jumps and change the camera controls, so that if you move your mouse left the camera turns left.

Pretty good all in all!

Hm, didnt account for that bug. You probably kept going right and fell on level 1, and when you spawn on level 2 the game assumes you´d be at the door. The door in level 1 corresponds to spawn in level 2. If you wanna try again the bug shouldnt happen if you stand at the door.

Thanks for playing it!

Here´s mine, 

anyone, reply if you tried it, Ill try yours!

Pretty cool. The art doesn´t really match but its a good concept and pretty adicting

I think the game could do better on the art but other than that what are some things I can improve? Ive been considering making a paid game (not this one) but doubt it would do well

Really cool

Very cool art, but I cant move after attacking (I think), just turm the camera around. Also no attack animation, which can be confusing

Not awful but not very good. The realistic map clashes with pixel art for items and enemies. There is no animation or way to know Im attacking, the enemies just die if I press space repeatedly. Some item textures are blurry and they play again button doesnt seem to work.

Ive seen the idea before and controlling the character is very hard but its still a nice project, a cool concept

My take on this is to move the player by the tile size, so if you have 5 unity units (?) long, you move the player 5 unity units. I do this by resetting the velocity every physics iteration, so it goes: key hit, velocity = (0,5), move, velocity = (0,0)

awesome game, super cool art and simple but fun

yea, idk if you read the devlog but its basically taken from a book, super cool magic system, much more developed than just the pushing

The idea is amazing,  might try something similar (without copying ofc)

I made the space-aim control as kind of a limitation, but while its interesting I dont think it was a good choice. Maybe in more even terrain-level where movement isnt as important. If I develop the game further the aiming is going away, normal click shoot.

Thanks! Maybe I´ll focus the game around oversized guns, we´ll see

Thanks! Any suggestions/opinions on the game?

I think Im going to do Black and White now, Im already late again but still got about a week and the theme´s cool

Pretty cool, simple but fun

Very cool game, cool art, cool mechanic, the enemies dodge annoyingly. Pretty much no complaints.

Mouse is a bit to sensitive but I´ll live

I actually thought of doing a game where the players body parts got damaged for magic and then he stole limbs from enemies. Couldnt do it so cool to see it done kinda!

I feel like attack sounds would improve the game a lot but overall pretty good game

Thanks! I had to submit in a hurry and forgot to post the controls, how did I miss that... sorry bout that lapse

simple cool game

Also really appreciate the feedback, thanks!

I agree with everything on your main comment.
On the web matter though, this was made with pygame, which actually can run  on the web but it does so very slow (outdated tech). Im learning godot right now and though I see your point, I still think pygame is good, despite performance limitations and no web support.

Yea I know it doesnt follow the theme, at first I was gonna do a tower kinda thing, going up the floors, but couldnt manage. I agree with everything you point out, some I even had planned and didnt get to it, though highlighting the bullet about to be shot is a huge oversight. Thanks for playing, glad you liked it!

very simple and fun, nice

sorry, meant ranked mathcmaking

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needs ranked matchmaking, badly

really cool game, realy polished and calm, if I changed anything it´d be just a tiny bit more ores and some companion, a dog or something

same problem :/ hope you can solve it, feel free to notify me if you do, would love to play your game

No worries, ideally I would have them on the game menu but I see how you missed them, also thanks!

Sorry, I really thought of showing a keyboard scheme with controls in the menu, but didnt have the time before the jam ended, The controls are on the game´s page though.

feels amazing

amazing mechanics and art

Really cool, feels super smooth and satisfying

Also really cool that it was made with Pyxel

Really cool game, teaching an AI to play it would be really cool