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Y.V is the best. When he dies he also just gets annoyed and teleports home hence the white explosion and no corpse on death.

This. It would be nice if it was a toggle.

Wait, mods on the mobile version?

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Wow...1 week. That's a bit much. Removes some of the pressure. But I guess so that it rounds off to the end of the month.


Sorry, :( I meant if you'll use email.

Thank you ^^No, I don't have discord. It doesn't work well with my mostly bad internet. :(

 If you don't want the link to be public (though only few people will ever open this page) then e-mail ( or post a comment in one of my game's pages (that I'll delete?)  

So I was planning to release for this jam and then something horrible happened... I got sick (like knockout sick, sick sick, rather not talk about it) for like three days so I wonder if the deadline can be moved by one or two days.  X(

If it can't that's fine too, I understand, but it's just that to see this specific jam, theme and all is pretty rare so...

Heheh...thanks moderator... I've been gone for a while but.....

Update soon, boys and girls!

What to expect:

I haven't complety finished the second area. Just added some guns roughly and fullscreen option and ...and ...yeah.


Wow, thanks a ton!

I want to add a new devlog post but I've been gone for 80 days (due to some life issues) and I thought auto archive was for 1 year. The post I want to make is about the same game so please can the auto archive be removed please?

I won't make the same mistake again :P

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The graphics are good, they remind me of noita XD.  This is a solid one.

I like the simplistic art style and you made good bullet patterns. Good job.

Cool games all around. Thanks.

Good game. The audio is cool and made even better by the fact that you made it yourself. One life seems harsh to get the whole experience though I understand if that's by design. 

(Yeah, and you better go make more of those interesting pancakes patterns!)

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Souk prisom Soul prison

It can work for Mac & Cheese. Just follow instructions pls.

Wow, you did art, sounds AND music!? Really talented. The art style is so nice, sounds cool, and game as a whole AMAZiNG! Really cool.

Please don't be put off by extra requirements and the potential imprisonment of your soul (also bad camera bug).

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Mmmm... bread bred.

Hahah, cool game! Awesome idea and excecution.

(Woah, so many ratings? How p? Twitter :P ?)

Yo, derp!

Really unique and it really created. An awesome game that your team created with such nice gameplay and a good atmosphere. Cool!

Rated, cool

Don't let the janky camera get you down (Me: proceeds to cry) It's a self-inflected bug I didn't remove at the last minute. :'(

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Ooh, broke the rules and added 2 pics, editted XD

Rated all the games so far. This bullet hell game jam really had the sauce.

Anymore are still welcome for rate-rate.

Needs some files to run but can go on windows

Cool art + loss of time = Bug filled Bullet heck.

Oooh, very crunchy game. You did well with your time on it.

Dang, I really wonder how some of you get so many ratings. But with that aside


it was cool.


I'Ll also always appreciate a nice tagline for a game

Wow (I proceed to cry) and I thought my art was nice. Dang, that art though. A lot of things were done nicely here, Good job!

I like the origionality it had being a platformer. Was fun overall. Nice!

Heh, nice excecution. And is that Mr. Muscle (I think, that's his name, detergent...? It's been a long time) in the youtube thumbnail. Wow, reminds me of ... older days.

Nice variety and unique gameplay.

WOW, tamagotchi - bullet hell - powerups. WHAT ELSE IS NEEDED.

Excecution was really nice and the graphics are cool.

Fun game that you managed to make in such a short time. If only it was harder XD

Wow, it really feels so ...goood. Nice work getting this done in a short time. You even managed to add proper background music (me: *cries*)

Time ran out before I could add a "pure" windows build :( . The love file can be run on Windows,, Linux, Mac, Android (yes...Android) with Love2d (safe and known)

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Wow, that art + the patterns really created this cool zen feeling XD.

Pretty cool this one, but yeah, some sounds would have been a nice addition, maybe it was becuase of time?


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(Love the stuff here on this thread :3)

Soul Prison: Incomplete Heart Edition. Let your soul be judged in an incomplete game XD :

(Works on PC and Android too!)

DANG ITTTT!!! I think I see the deal with the janky camera. I tested mostly on android and at one point I added a debug thing that toggled the camera locking on the player every time a key was pressed (in Android that was only the escape key) and I forgot to look back again since .... Nooo!!!! I have the worst luck. it's gross.

It's still playable though...Heheh.

My Undertale inspired Mess. Works on android too