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Heheh…it’s a very …very …long and complicated method that requires lua knowledge :). And it also crashes a lot. I just wish the creator would just make an official version :(

Oh, wow. Thank you for wanting to support me (^w^).

I kind of fixed the problem now and put it on $0 or donate, then after tomorrow I’ll probably set it back to its original $1. (^w^)/

I just found out in settings that my paypal is even connected. Does it just not work because they discontinued my country (2021 I think) or maybe because of another problem? (I keep hearing things like paypal can still be used to recieve, but I don’t know much about all these companies).

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Do I have to complete the tax interview or can I do it later before itch collects money for me?

Thank you, thank you very much.

Oh, sorry. It seems that paypal doesn’t support my country since 2021 (around the time I last checked it XD).

I just made it free for now, thank you for bringing this to my attention (no wonder my downloads have been low recently :P)

So … no? I once thought there was an option for itch to hold purchases that were made to you until you get an account fixed up.

So … no? I once thought there was an option for itch to hold purchases that were made to you until you get an account fixed up.

I think sometimes when games are put in bundles they don’t make profit from the bundle, especially if said bundle is for charity.

I think sometimes when games are put in bundles they don’t make profit from the bundle, especially if said bundle is for charity.

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One guy actually wanted to buy my game (:D) but it seemed my paypal wasn’t connected (:(), so I tried to connect it but it doesn’t work.

Can any other apps similar to PayPal (e.g, Opay) be used? My country isn’t allowed to use Paypal and Stripe doesn’t support it either.

Images :)

Hey, Fluttermind, I don’t know if you remember me but I was one of the first people who replied to your topic when you release Moonring back in 2021 (or 2020? I don’t remember :P).

Glad to see the game is getting more well known (especially with a small engine like Love2d :D).

Anyway, if you remember back then I talked some unreasonable things about an android port XD. But the game had to much typinis what you said (+shaders and it would run slower on android). (Of course I mean for tablets, because phones may be too small.)

Well yesterday, after remembering the game, I was so desperate to try it even though my PC had been broken for a while, that I downloaded it and tried to run it on Love for android! :P

After opening with your game (I hope that’s okay for now, heheh. No distribution of course) I messed keypressed to translate to keyboard.isDown and disabling shaders + forcing the game to ignore some errors I didn’t understand (line 16600, dang. 😅) I got it to run!!!! (Nice work with the mouse support! :D). I can fight and lose a game and move around and even shout when insane!

Anyway it still has a lot of bugs, but I love the aesthetics. I wish you could release a .love file version that just fixes a few stuff for a touchscreen device (like entering downstairs and map gen stuff).

No matter what in these jams I never make it (x-x) Well maybe next time…

Good job to those that made top 20! (And others too (>w<))

Cool. Since it’s inspired by brogue … android … version? :P

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Came back to check your page. Seems like your “quick” game is really loved. >:3 Nice job!

(How many ratings did you get btw? XD)

Aaww, thanks. I tried to imbrace my inner kawai when making it (>w<)/

(Tip: try being extra - extra mean to all the questions >:) )

Thank you :)

Heheh. And no, he didn’t. He was too shy (0w0) (Though I didn’t have enough time to fix his dialog propally).

Thank you (>w<)

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Love the atmosphere. Would appreciate a rating to my game too :3

Nice small concept for a jam, I liked it. (Please rate my game :3)

Love the ice cream design of ironmouse. Nice. Also please rate mine :3

Thanks? :D

Add some screenshots. Pretty cool game even th unfinished otherwise. Nice.

Also rate me game :3

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Ohh my … that srt … I mean .. that aht … I can’t even type pjopally becautse of how awesome that … tah ..arrtr is. Awesome ART!! And nice story/synopsis.

Edit: pwease rate my game too if you have time :3 Edit2: oh, you plan on rating all the games. Oh. What a kawaaaiiiiiiiiiii–[Error 404]

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Wow, this is legendary. Your chats really smoke mine. Came here again to day that.

edit: rate my game?

Heheh … thank you, white developer.

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Awww man. That’s really weird. Thanks for trying it out :3 (Thos it run well if you dun it as admin, as another guy said)

Heheh. (>w<)

Ahhh, no. :( (But I bet you’ll also get wanwan mouse :3)

Out of curiosity if you run it again does it still crash?

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Yeahh!!! Roguelike :3 !

Cooo~~~l. Very charming. :3

Nice music as others have said. But I also really dig the art.

Here’s mine

And a devlog !

hmmmm … :P

thanks :3

It’s wierd, the game is so short and never crashes for me…does it crash with a blue error screen or just close. If the latter then it might be from the engine I use or something.


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Wow, nice. I almost missed this! (Add more screenshots to the page :3) . The art was so … NICCEEEE. Gave me good vibes.

EDIT: Oh, yeah. Pwease wate my gwame!! 😬 (And yes, that theme reveal was kinda confusing. If I had known I might have started making my game before the jam started :P XD)