This jam is now over. It ran from 2022-04-01 14:00:00 to 2022-04-12 14:00:00. View results


This is the Black and White Jam. 

The main condition is to create a game that uses any two colors. 


If your game does not follow the rules, it will be deleted.

Your game must be created during the jam

 You are allowed to use media that is not subject to copyright.

You must also match the theme that will be announced when the jam starts.

Games containing 18+ content are not allowed!

No manipulating votes.






 Black and White*




Is post-processing allowed? (YES)

Are other two colors allowed? (YES)

Is switching between pallets allowed? (YES)

Is anti-aliasing and alpha channel** allowed? (YES)




Chat and vote for a topic on our discord server.

(The winners will receive the "WINNER" role on our discord server.)



About participating in game jam. 

You can create a game on any game engine (unity, godot, unreal engine, game maker, and others) or just write a game in any programming language. You can create a game alone or as a team. Basic requirements for the game: the graphics should preferably be black and white, the game should use the jam theme, it is desirable that your game can be played in the browser. Pixel graphics can be drawn almost anywhere, for example, even in MS Paint.  You can also create a game in any language. 

*5 - if there are only two colors in the game(black and white or their analogues), 4-if there are three colors in the game, 3 - four colors, 2-five colors, 1-more than five colors. (The same color with different alpha channels is not considered separate colors.)

**Transparency should be implemented at the engine/code level.