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This game was absolutely pleasant. Everyone did an ame-zing job! I really want to see what comes next! As it happens, I set myself the challenge of making a game every month for this year and this release has given me an extra dose of motivation to see through the first game til the end. So thank you!

Fantastic execution of an original idea!

Absolutely fantastic! The game does seem to freeze when you die as the green controller. But other then that, its brilliant!

Please work on it more. I would love to see what you had in mind.

Was not disappointed. was exactly what I expected and more.

A good game.

I had the same problem, until I put it in full screen. There is a timer and UI that shows the controls and when its going to change.

Please polish this game. The idea deserves it.

Fantastic primary game play loop! The music restarting after every death aside, you have a fantastic idea here that needs expansion! Don't give up on it!

Very good job! I encourage you to complete it!

Restarting just takes you back to the game over screen.

Other then that, it is quite interesting.

Fantastic Game!

Please continue to improve on it!

Very nice game!

Its quite good. I wish the trail disappeared after a few seconds when I cut myself off from the exit. 

The swim bar goes down too quickly, which is a problem when you need to make tight turns in such a small map.

Very nice short horror. I appreciate you not going the cheap route of jump scares.

Very nice game. Although no mana spawned for me on the second level. I just ran around the zombies for a few minutes.

I don't know how to play, no controls work.

Very nice idea. Its quite hard in the beginning. dodging that first wolf. but it seems the game slows down over time. IDK if that's intentional. Also pressing space to replay does not work. I have to refresh the page. I would love to see this idea improved upon.

Its how many enemies/friendlies there are. You lose when one of the armies on your side hits 0. You win when one of the enemies armies hits 0.

Very nice game. Although, I cannot tell whether or not this game had coyote time. 

This game has a steep learning curve, but it is great none the less

Rest at bonfire intensifies...

In all seriousness, This is quite a good game. Somewhat relaxing, yet engaging.

Very cool Blackthron! I hope you make a dev diary video on it!

Very cool concept!

won't you please try my game?

This is certainly something that can be improved upon post-jam. In fact I hope you do. Add more levels and mechanics as well as a story, then it might be a product worth marketing :) Now you probably already aware that its not original, but don't let that discourage you. Very few games come out that truly offers something original. Instead its different takes on old mechanics. I hope this helped.

Try out my game:

won't you kindly?

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Very cool! I did a game jam where I made a game that featured Morse code. I hope to complete it in the future and you gave me the inspiration. thank you!

Why don't you check out my submission?

Something to do post-jam :)