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GMTK Jam 2020 - Jump from spaceship to spaceship and master their different controller setups! - GAMEPAD NEEDED
Submitted by notapixelstudio (@notapixelstudio) — 10 minutes, 6 seconds before the deadline
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Ranked from 30 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How does your game fit the theme?
By doing something out of the box with controller gamepads! Each ship in the game uses the controller in a different orientation and setup. Also, the game features a spaceship often running out of control.

Did your team create the art for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all art during the game jam

Did your team create the audio for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We used pre-existing audio

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Absolutely fantastic! The game does seem to freeze when you die as the green controller. But other then that, its brilliant!


Oh... whoopsie! XD

Thanks a lot for playing and commenting!


Incredible job! This is a Space Invaders style game done right. I thought the only difference between the ships was the control scheme, but I was happy to find that they all played completely differently! I found the red ship a bit hard to control, but that was only because I was using an Xbox controller - the D-pad and joystick are swapped :) The art is very nice and minimalist, and I love how bouncy everything is! Early in the game, I was only getting blue and green ships, and the yellow ship only appeared just as the enemies stopped spawning ... don't know if that was just bad luck. I did find that late in the game, there were too many projectiles to reasonably avoid. If you end up expanding this, I would suggest adding more cool ships with unique control schemes, and maybe some more enemy variety. Great job!


Thanks a lot for playing the game!

We wanted to introduce all the different enemies and ships gradually, but we ran short of time... the third (red) one was rushed and the fourth (yellow) was slapped in at the very end of the jam, leaving the level unfinished. Also, we wanted to introduce more enemy types, and the shooting flowers were also rushed.

The idea was to introduce each new ship before a dedicated enemy wave. Unlocked ships would then appear  even in non-dedicated waves.

Glad you had fun with this proof of conceot of ours! :D


absolutely loved this submission probably my favorite game of the jam definitely worth getting out my controller. the ui and artwork was also brilliant. overall great game concept, good job!


Thank you very very much! :D We had a lot of fun trying to execute this whacky concept!


Loved the concept of switching the controller orientation. The UI was great as well, clever to have the controller as the ship as well. Overall I found it a bit hard, but it was very fun to play. Great work!


Thank you! :D

Yes, the game is waaay unbalanced... we leaned on the hard side to encourage switching ships more often, but a proper execution would have to smoothen the difficulty curve a lot.


Really cool concept! A bit hard, but after several tries I've been able to reach the "end" of the game (I wish I could have put that score on the leaderboard! :p). What caused me the most troubles were the swarm of ennemis and projectiles in the second half, the short range of the bullets and impossibility to aim (except for one ship), and the lack of time to discover and learn the last two ships (too many ennemies on screen)

However, despite this difficulty, I really enjoyed the game and its concept! Holding the controller in different positions is fun (wow, it reminds me of the Wii era), and it's cool to discover several way of playing. The count-down before dying is also an excellent idea, making the game a bit forgiving while still creating tension! As for the art, it's simple, but it does the job! Especially with the different ships design, really well thought.

Globally it's a fantastic idea, with great execution. Well done!


Thank you for playing and commenting! :D

You are correct, there's no time to learn the third and fourth ships. There should have been more content, and the third wave should have been more balanced. As you can imagine, we ran short of time at the end of the jam. :/

Holding the controller in different orientations and switching between them is the core idea of this game. We believe it strikes a good balance between making the player feel the ships are out of control, and helping them remember the four control mappings with muscle memory by tying them to the four holding position. 

Thanks again for the review! :D


By the way, why you didn't put your score on the leaderboard? Did you encounter some kind of issue?


Well, once the ennemies stop spawning, there is no way to die, so we can only roam in the vacuum of space before closing the game!^^' Unless there's a way to self-destroy, but I didn't find it.


Oh no, you are perfectly right! XD Didn't occurred to me at all... Well, that's another hint at how rushed the last two hours of developement were...

This is a fun concept! I wasn't expecting to need to dig up my actual  controllers for it lol.


Thanks for digging the gamepad out and giving the game a try! :D