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Really great game! Reminded me a lot of Enter the Gungeon, and the art is quite nice. A couple pieces of feedback I have are that the die rolling animation when you upgrade a stat is a little too slow, especially for the amount it's played throughout the game, and that I somehow got stuck and couldn't move when exiting the first shop in the game. Overall, this is very cool, nice work :)

This is a really, really cool idea. The game right now needs a little more polish, I think (the 3D dice mixed with the 2D environment is a bit weird to me, and occasionally one die would get stuck on top of another or on the wall and I'd have to wait for it to work itself out), but is already quite a bit of fun. Great work! :)

I think this is a fun start to a game with a cool idea, but definitely needs a bit more polish and some original assets. Nice work overall :)

Really fun game, though I found it very hard. I also think having to see the (admittedly cool) level intro every time I died was a little annoying. Overall, though, nice work :)

Really fun game! The combat is satisfying, though very difficult at least for me. The art and music was also very nice, though I think some sound effects would've been nice. Great work :)

I like the idea and the game's pretty fun to play, though fairly simple. I think the camera's too close to the player - it should be moved back a bit. Otherwise, nice work :)

I really like all the different effects, they help to keep the game interesting. I do think that the movement is a little slow? There were some gaps I couldn't get across at all (the first I had to use Moon Physics, but the second was impossible even with them). Overall, though, nice work :)

Super cool idea, though I found it a little frustrating to throw the dice, and the platformer controls were a little floaty for my tastes. Overall, though, this is really neat and definitely has a lot of potential. Great work!

The controls felt a little strange to me but overall this is really cool! Looks great and feels very polished. Nice work :)

This has a really cool idea and felt very polished. The graphics also had a very nice style. I think the movement could be tightened up a bit, but overall this was really neat! Great work :)

This is one of my favourites I've played this jam! Reminded me a lot of Mega Man, which I also love. The art was also really cool. I think a few more enemy types might be nice, but overall very nice work :)

I think this has a lot of potential as an arcade game! The idea is very cool and definitely has a lot of room to be expanded. Especially with the physics objects, I like how chaotic the game can get. One slightly annoying thing was that the camera perspective is a little strange - especially with the player being a capsule who can sort of slide off the edges of the map, it got a bit irritating. Overall, though, very nice work :)

Fun game overall! It's nice to see a genre that has been pretty under-represented in the jam. I agree that the die moves a bit too slowly, but it's not a huge deal. Nice work :)

I really like the idea of this, with focusing just on the shape of the die - it's an angle I haven't seen any other games take. It's also pretty fun to play, though I found it frustrating how I couldn't properly predict how my character would move exactly when rolling. Otherwise, this is really cool, and definitely has potential to be expanded into a larger roguelike game. Keep at it :)

This was really cool and fun to play, though I have to admit that at first I had absolutely no idea what was going on - a tutorial of some sort would've really helped. The art was also very nice, though I think some music would've been good to have. Great work :)

I like the idea but found the game really frustrating to play - maybe a bit of a tutorial or some way to ease the player into the gameplay might have helped. Once I got the hang of it I had fun, though, and the art is really cool - nice work :)

Simple but fun game. I really liked the upgrade system; it kept the game feeling fresh between rounds. The gamefeel could be a little better but overall very nice work :)

The fact that this actually runs on a real GBA is super cool! The game itself is really fun too - very confusing at first though. I think a bit more of a tutorial in-game would help. Overall, very nice work :)

Very fun and addictive game! Felt sort of like a cross between Sudoku and Tetris. Had a great time with this one, and it was quite relaxing to play. Nice work :)

Really like the retro style with PICO-8, and the music was nice too! I found it very confusing at first but it was pretty fun once I got the hang of it. Nice work :)

Enjoyed the game! Was simple but fun to play. I think there might have been a little input lag on the shooting, but it might be in my head, not sure. Nice work :)

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This was really fun and deserves way more than 5 ratings! Felt super juicy and satisfying to kill enemies, and I loved the particles. I also enjoyed the die mechanic, as it added some chaos that tied the game together nicely. One piece of feedback I have is I don't think you should be able to shoot over walls - it felt a little weird to me. Other than that, very nice job! Hoping this gets more ratings before time's up :)

I like the randomized element to this one, added some more replayability. I think a message of some sort when you die might be nice, as it's a bit jarring to instantly be kicked back to the menu screen. Nice work :)

Really nice entry! I liked how tight and responsive the controls were - for me that's really important to a platformer. I'm confused as to how exactly the dice come into play but the game was fun nonetheless.

I noticed that on corners you sort of slide off them, which is probably the result of using a capsule collider? It's not a huge deal but was a little annoying.

Nice work! :)

Really liked the environment, it looked really cool. I wish there was more to explore or do in it, but overall this was a nice entry :)

I think it's a shame that this game is unlikely to get many ratings due to the nature of it, because it's quite a bit of fun - I'm terrible at ciphers and these sorts of puzzles in general so I didn't get very far, but I'll plan to try again later to finish it. Great work :)

To be fair, I have played a lot of these games by now and am getting a bit tired of them, but this was well-made and I appreciated the spikes being added to keep things interesting. Nice work overall!

Really fun and relaxing puzzle game! Nice work :)

Felt super polished and was a lot of fun to play! It's always nice in this jam to see a dice-rolling puzzle game that has something to set it apart. Nice work :)

I loved the aesthetic of this game; it felt very old-school in a nice way. It was also very polished. Had a lot of fun with this one!

Simple but fun arcade game! I think some incentive to roll might make it a bit more interesting. Nice work :)

I liked the exploration-based approach this took. I do think that while the map isn't too big by itself, the world curvature made it feel a lot bigger and made it hard to find the items I needed. I think it might also be the reason the movement felt jittery and not smooth? Not sure.

Additionally, before getting the last chest I somehow managed to fall through the map, and was unable to get back out because of the gravity pulling me towards the center, so I had to stop playing.

Overall, nice work! It's a shame this doesn't have more ratings :)

I agree with everyone else about the confusion as to how to start the game, but I found the game pretty fun once I got into it. I think an animation on the rolling dice might make it a bit more readable, and some sort of in-game tutorial would also help a lot. Overall, nice work :)

Overall I had a decent time with this one, though I agree that the movement doesn't feel great. Also, I managed to beat the game by just holding right and jumping occasionally ;)

Nice work!

Enjoyed the challenge of this one! Took me a while to get to the end, but had a lot of fun. I do find the perspective can sometimes be a little confusing, though. Nice work :)

Glad to find a dice-rolling game with a unique mechanic - this was a lot of fun! Occasionally the transitions seemed to glitch out and take longer than expected, but overall really nice work :)

Really fun and polished game! I can see this getting released in the future as a full game. Looks great and is a blast to play :)

Nice work!

Sorry about the game closing - that was my quick solution as we couldn't get the title screen done in time :)

Found it a little confusing at first but really liked the game! The graphics were simple but nice and it was really fun to play. Nice work :)

Really fun and satisfying game! I think a bit more of a tutorial would have helped but had a great time with this one overall :)