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Phew, I managed to rate this in time!

This is really creative! I love how it turns Snake into more of a puzzle game, and the atmosphere is top-notch. Enjoyed this a lot---good work.

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Had a lot of fun with this! The puzzles were very well-designed, though quite challenging by the end, and the mechanic is clever. I like sokoban-style puzzle games and this was a neat twist on those. The art is also very cute, though I do wish there was some music (unless there is and it just didn't play for me---I'm not sure). Great work.

EDIT: itch was bugging out and somehow this comment got posted three times. I deleted the other ones but I apologize if you got multiple notifications :)

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Neat entry! I like how much momentum you can gain, and how you bounce off the walls. The game looks great too. I managed to catch the thief, but unfortunately couldn't figure out how to actually crush them. Well done on this overall!

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Like some others here, I didn't make it very far into the game. I think the pace should definitely be sped up a bit. I do like the idea here, though!

This is really neat! I love the music. The gameplay did feel a bit luck-based at times, but would probably be a lot easier without that bug, so I won't hold it against you. The game is simple but interesting, which is what you want for a game jam. Well done.

Really unique concept! It gets sort of puzzle-y at times, which I like. I found the bouncing a bit annoying, though, as it sometimes made the game eat my jump inputs. Good work overall.

Neat entry! I like how you can see all the player's movements in advance, though some of the levels just felt like trial-and-error. I also wish having the player die didn't delete all your placed platforms, since it got annoying to keep having to place them again. Overall, though, nice work on this!

Really interesting concept! I love the "behind the scenes" nature of it, and the game looks and sounds great too. I didn't end up doing very well (honestly, I'm not sure what I did wrong, but I got fired), but found what I played very charming. Nice work!

Simple, but well-executed. I somehow moved myself into a wall at one point, but was able to get out without any issues. The puzzles have a good difficulty curve, and make creative use of the main mechanic. Good work!

Yeah, that makes a lot more sense. Thanks for explaining!

I don't usually play games with a ton of ratings, but this one caught my eye, so I decided to give it a try. I'm glad I did---it's very polished and elegantly designed. I like the subtle animation everything has, as it adds some liveliness to what would otherwise be a pretty barren game. The puzzles feel fair, though it was often frustrating to move the cursor out of the way to push boxes onto buttons; it wasn't usually hard, at least in the earlier levels, and instead just felt tedious. That became less of a problem as the puzzles became more complex, though. Great entry overall.

This feels really polished and I had a good time with it overall. My final score was 2220, though I'm not sure if that's good or bad. A lot of the time the game just felt like random chance, since you only get three objects at once and they're usually not the ones you need, forcing you to waste some an archaeologist's energy. The core of the gameplay is quite good, though, and I can see this being a lot of fun if worked on a little more! Nice work.

Neat entry! I do feel like many of the levels devolved into just moving the platforms from behind the robot to in front of the robot repeatedly, so maybe some more mechanics would help to make the game feel a bit more interesting. I still had some fun with this, though, and it felt quite well made for 48 hours. Good work!

Enjoyed this a lot! Short but sweet, and the levels felt well-designed apart from the one with platforming in it, which mostly just felt awkward, though the puzzle behind it was neat. It's cool to see such a competent physics puzzler in the jam.

This is one of my favorite games I've played this jam. The puzzles are well-designed and the mechanic is really creative. A couple of the puzzle solutions felt a little awkward (where I found them by just randomly trying things, which isn't very satisfying), but the majority of them were good, and it's not a huge issue anyway in a game jam. Great work on this.

I like the physics-based gameplay, though with only a few levels I feel the game never went anywhere past the tutorial. I'd be interested to see a longer game made out of this concept, though---I feel there are lots of fun ideas for levels that could be explored!

Pretty solid entry. The physics can be a little buggy at times, but overall the game is really fun, and the levels feel well designed, starting easier and slowly introducing new concepts. I wish it wasn't made in Unreal, though---it takes up a lot more disk space than it should and as mentioned earlier uses a lot of system resources. That's not entirely your fault, though. Well done on this!

I like the mechanic in this, it's very creative. I wasn't able to get past the long row of spikes (I'm not sure how long since it stretched off-screen) in the snow area, though. I think the game would also be a lot more pleasant to play if the jump used proper momentum, since it's quite sudden and jolty right now. Nice work on this overall! It definitely has some potential you could expand on post-jam.

I tried quite a few times, but even with the explanation in the description I wasn't able to get to the boss. Otherwise this game is very good, though! It looks great and it's very impressive that it works on an actual Game Boy. Good work overall.

I like the concept of this, and how there were multiple bullet patterns able to be used, but the gameplay mostly ended up devolving into spamming the number keys. Keep working on this, though; there is some potential here!

The art is incredibly good. I also experienced bugs where I could no longer move---I tried playing a couple times but wasn't able to get past the second pot-building phase. I see what you're going for with the gameplay, though. Good work overall.

This is really interesting. I found it difficult to focus on more than one car at once, but I enjoyed the feeling of juggling all the cameras. I also liked the inclusion of the slower car as a sort of tutorial. Good work on this!

I liked this a lot! It maybe could have done with some sort of tutorial, but the explanations of the blocks were good enough for me to generally figure out how to play. This feels very polished, which I like. Great work!

That makes sense, thanks for letting me know!

This is really cool! I think I got the right car over the finish line but the game said a different one won, so maybe I did something wrong? In any case, this is very creative and works pretty well---nice work!

I love the switch in atmosphere between the shop and the cave. The cave feels very foreboding and there's a great contrast. I wasn't sure how to get more slots than the default twelve, which became annoying since I would pick up food in the cave but it would then be discarded for lack of value, meaning I had nothing to give to people who wanted it. I agree with others that the font is hard to read, but that's easy to change. Nice work on this!

I liked this a lot! Feels very polished, and the puzzles were well-designed. Sound-wise the game feels a bit empty---I think it could definitely do with some music, and sound effects for the player. I also think the help system, while nice to have, is a bit too tempting, and sort of ruins the level if you do use it. I do see the point of it, though, since it might help some players to see the later content in the game even if they get stuck. Maybe it could only show up after a certain amount of attempts? In any case, it's a small issue. Great work on this; it's a very solid entry.

This is a really impressive entry! The voice acting is very well done and the writing was funny and surprising. The PICO-8 game especially was crazily well-done. The Stanley Parable influence is strong, but obviously you know that since you referenced it in-game. One of my favorites I've played this jam---great work on this.

This was a lot of fun! The timers are extremely tight, but there were enough spikes that they weren't too difficult. I wish there was a bit more of a tutorial, though---I was stuck on level 2 for a while before realizing that the spikes heal you, and I only figured it out by accident, which isn't a very satisfying way of discovering mechanics in my opinion. Overall, though, this is a great entry, and I enjoyed it a lot.

I really like the idea here, and the game looks great! I did find it to be a bit too easy, though, as I just flew above the level and won without any problems. Collecting the presents added a bit more gameplay, but I still never really felt challenged. This definitely has potential, though, and overall I liked what I played. Good work!

This game looks and sounds great and has a really interesting concept. I also enjoyed the puzzle aspect to creating the right weapons, though I found it non-obvious which materials would do which things. I agree that the font is a bit hard to read, but it wasn't overly bad and I could still play the game fine. I think the battles could be more interesting, as right now they're pretty much just spamming left click until the enemy dies, and they got quite tedious after a while. I didn't end up finishing the game, but overall enjoyed what I played---nice work!

I tried for a while, but wasn't able to complete the level. The controls just didn't really work for me, with the rotating being at fixed intervals. I think if the rotation were smooth the game would be a lot less frustrating to play. The concept has some potential, though, so I might work on this post-jam to polish it up a bit.

I like the idea of this a lot, and enjoyed some of what I played, though it unfortunately was too buggy/unpolished to really get a feel for what it was like (eg. no feedback for hits, clipping into the hero and becoming softlocked, minions leading the hero into the walls, messed up pathfinding). I might try to fix this up post-jam if I were you, to try to get it into more of a playable state. I do like the art and music, and this definitely has some potential.

I really like the concept of this. The AI was hit or miss for me, though---sometimes it would behave realistically, and sometimes it would refuse to move anywhere and just sit around getting bored. What you've made is quite impressive overall!

Very short, but interesting! You should add more levels in the future. It also sort of seemed like it didn't have an ending; I just walked off the screen at the end of the level and nothing happened.

This is super polished and a lot of fun. I found the left-side gameplay to be difficult to find a strategy for, though it reminds me of Puyo Puyo, which I like. I ended up with a high score 3413, though I only played twice. The tutorial was very nice to have, and in general this is just a really creative idea. Great work!

This is really fun to play. I think maybe the physics are a bit too fast, though, and the fruits too small---though that might just be the small size of the web embed. The game also seems to be too easy; I got to 50000 points before stopping. I'm not even sure how you lose, honestly. This is a great start to a game, though, and is quite satisfying. Nice work!

This is really creative. The pause mechanic I found especially clever. I think the game could have used some more difficult levels, though---I never felt particularly challenged or puzzled by any of them. Good work on this!

Simple, but fun, and has a good challenge. I like how, with some clever maneuvering, you can actually skip all the blue windows and never have to deal with reversed controls. Nice work!

This was a lot of fun. I like the minimalist art style, and the mechanic is very interesting. I did find it a bit annoying to have to constantly press myself against walls to get the room far enough to one side to move to the next one, but it wasn't a huge deal. Nice work on this.