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Thanks for the feedback! A map screen is planned for the full release - updates will be posted in the devlogs section in the itch page, so stay tuned!

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Thanks so much! An undo feature (unlimited, like other sokoban games like Baba is You) is being worked on for the full release, and the light system will be looked at; I agree with you that it’s a bit annoying to have to wait. A fast forward might work, I’ll look into that :)

Thanks for the feedback!

Nice job! This has a lot of potential. I found that a lot of the game consisted of trying to count tiles - I would create distinct floor tiles to make that easier. I also thought that the levels were too easy to sight read and complete first try. I think it might be interesting to go in a puzzle direction, where you have to figure out when and where you have to use your extra control periods, which I didn't have to do in any of the levels you made. Of course, there are other directions you could take this in. It's a good idea, but the level design needs some work. Great job!

Incredible job! This is a Space Invaders style game done right. I thought the only difference between the ships was the control scheme, but I was happy to find that they all played completely differently! I found the red ship a bit hard to control, but that was only because I was using an Xbox controller - the D-pad and joystick are swapped :) The art is very nice and minimalist, and I love how bouncy everything is! Early in the game, I was only getting blue and green ships, and the yellow ship only appeared just as the enemies stopped spawning ... don't know if that was just bad luck. I did find that late in the game, there were too many projectiles to reasonably avoid. If you end up expanding this, I would suggest adding more cool ships with unique control schemes, and maybe some more enemy variety. Great job!

Thanks so much!

This is a cool little game; it was a bit confusing at first but I eventually got the hang of it. I think showing which part of the ship you're controlling would really help.

This is a great game! Simple but elegant and creative mechanics and well-designed puzzles. Good job!

This is a neat little rogue-lite game. It's a little bit finicky to play, but I loved the dungeon crawling parts of it! This is definitely really replayable. Good job!

This is a lovely little game! I love the art, and while it doesn't fit the theme *too* much, it's an original and fun puzzle game. Nice job :)

I liked the poem, but I just don't think this stands up as a game - there's no gameplay! I get what you were going for, but unfortunately it just didn't work for me. Good job, though.

Thank you!

Good job! I played for a little bit and enjoyed myself. I'm not *quite* sure what the goal of the game is - sometimes I would race past a finish line into a blank space before trying again, and sometimes it would send me back to the title screen. I also think some sort of visual representation for the health would have helped. Overall, though, nice game!

I'd appreciate it if you checked out my game, Mirage, as well! Thanks.

This is a decent arcade title! It has clean presentation and good game feel. One thing I think could be improved, though, is the "out of control" state. Just reversing the controls didn't do enough to really make be lose control of my character. Overall, though, good job!

I like the idea and it's aesthetically very nice, but it's quite annoying to actually play. Good job, though!

Make sure to play my game if you get the chance! Ratings are appreciated!

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Decent game, but I think it could've fit the theme a bit better. Was quite fun. though! Good job!

Thanks! I wasn't aware of the restart button bug, so awesome that you found that! It'll be fixed after the voting period in the bug-fix/polish update :)


Wow, this has really good atmosphere! And the gameplay is interesting as well. Unfortunately, the robots moved too slowly for them to really be a hazard. I could easily outrun them.

Otherwise, though, good job!

This was pretty interesting! I like the idea of losing control when you're a ball, but moving as the goat was a bit annoying (especially those annoying edges on some levels!)

Good job, though!

Wow, this is hard! Finally beat it though :) I do love hard platformers!

My main problem with the game is that the timing for the wall jump is a bit finicky at times. It also could have fit the theme a bit better, but overall this is a fun game! Good job :)

Sorry for that - in retrospect the button probably should have been space :)

This was such a cool game! Good job.

Alright, my problem before was that the menu didn't open, but it works now :)
It's a decent game, but was a bit frustrating as I never had time to plant (too many bugs).

Good job, though!

The concept is interesting, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to play it. Nothing I do seems to make anything happen on screen, and I just hear sounds randomly every ~20 seconds. If you could advise me on how to play, that would be great. Thanks!

Pretty fun game, but was often quite finicky, and there were one or two levels I had to skip. Good job, though!

This was a pretty fun game! I thought the mechanic was quite interesting, though it was a bit annoying to have to rebind my controls every time I died/restarted. Overall, though, good job!

Thanks for the feedback!

It's fine - I managed to get a decent time after a few tries.

Decent game, but the levels make it actually quite hard to lose control! I couldn't make it happen much myself.

Good game with some nice puzzles. However, the art is a bit uninspired, and it can get very hard.

This was a great game! The combat is really nice and juicy :)

Sometimes the game can get a little spammy, but overall this is a well-made and fun game! Good job!

I liked the art, but the gameplay wasn't very engaging.

Interesting idea! However, the game was extremely frustrating, and sometimes I would lose simply because of bad enemy spawns. Good job!

Hope you enjoy!


I'd really like my game, Jabberwocky, to be added. I sent it earlier, but it seems to have been skipped. The game meets all the requirements, so why has it not been added? I've sent a few messages (sorry), but I just really want to find out why it wasn't added and how to get it in.


I submitted my game Jabberwocky yesterday and, looking at the bundle and the games surrounding it in the thread, it looks like my game was skipped. Is there any reason why? My game contains no inappropriate content and is paid. Thanks!

How long will it take for our submitted games to be added?

I'd like to submit my only paid game, Jabberwocky:

If you haven't already, install AVBin ( before playing. That (should) fix it! :)

What problems are you having? I'd love to help :)