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That is a lot of potential tags and buzzwords... Well, we are living in a world of hashtags and buzzwords. 

"Should I put #machineLearning #deepLearning as well ? " cit. Someone

Anyway. Hi we are @notapixelstudio we are hobbyist game developer and we are great fan of the paradigm fail and learn .

We could not go to GDC, because ... money .. and distance. And since we are fan of NOT-<insert-stuff> , we could NOT miss NOTGDC . 

We've been working on this project for a few month and we just reached alpha2.

I wanted to put to your attention the existence of this little game that with its frantic pace will give you some laugh and fun. Superstarfighter is a fast-paced local party game for up to 4 players. Outmaneuver and shoot your opponents in a 2d top-down arena, and become an intergalactic champion!

The game supports 2 to 4 players. Each player starts by choosing an alien pilot of their liking to enter the Superstarfighter league. The goal is to take the crown at the center of the arena and to keep it for as long as possible. Sounds simple, right..? Well…

You can give a try to our game here:

Give it a try, if you can :D 

Thank you for the bug report, and thank you for the great suggestion! Losing lifetime when damaged is a really good idea. We'll definitely look into it when we will revisit the project (I hope soon).

eheheh! I wish there was a version for mac as well :D 

cool stuff. The music is awesome

Thank you! We hope to find the time to bring the project on :)

Thank you, that's hilarious, and that's exactly the feeling we wanted to give! XD

It is way too rough, both in graphics and controls, but we focused on designing for the theme. We hope to have the time to release a more polished prototype in the near future :D

Thanks a lot! We hope to find the time to release a second, improved prototype :)

Thank you for the feedback, and of course thanks a lot for your platformer implentation! :)

In the current prototype, two mating beings generate three children according to a random genetic combination of their abilities. It is possible to stack all abilities in a single being, but there's also the possibility of losing an ability in the next generation. We wanted to have three different characters to choose from each generation, and we also wanted to make them "adapt" to an environment rather than become all-powerful beings. :) The current implementation is not ideal though, leaving some players baffled about what happened to their wings... Let's see if we can improve that in the future! We also have in mind way more abilities...

The huge map is indeed made by hand, but as you could experience is not finished. Not by a long stretch. :D That is the reason behind the never-ending emptiness, we didn't want that by design.

Ehy, thanks for sharing this awesome asset pack. But can I suggest you to put everything into a .zip folder and there put a README.txt or license? In this way it is more easy to credit you in case someone will use this asset pack somewhere :) 

we actually didn't know about that app. But I guess it is for mobile and this game is not made for mobile, sorry. I guess you should try on PC 

Thank you! We are aware of that hideous bug... And we are also aware that the gameplay feel is bad, the character is almost uncontrollable at times. We ended up using some example code without polishing it, and we didn't have the time to do some proper level design. Art and sounds are at the bare minimum.

But, our intention was to experiment with these mechanics (limited time, generations, adaptation to the environment) and we are happy to hear you liked those ideas, even if controls were far from ideal. :)

Smaller pieces would both lower the difficulty and help the player experiment with the pivot in a simpler situation. Maybe in a future release :)

Thank you! It is intentionally challenging (it's inspired by the backflip trick in the original tetris), but we believe that we can help the player in many ways to improve the experience. For instance, we can add a few smaller pieces to the classic tetris ones, pieces that would eccessively lower the difficulty of the original game, but that could have a place here.

Thank you! It was very challenging trying to finish the prototype on such a tight schedule, but it was a very fun and enriching experience :)

Thanks a lot! :) Given our tests and your feedback, we can conclude that the speed is indeed too high. We'll tone it down after the jam enables uploads again.

Thanks! We hope to make it less hard to understand, but still challenging... in a fun way :)

Thank you! :D Maybe the speed should be slightly tweaked... we find it very difficult too. It would be nice to find some time to record a gameplay video...

Yep, you are right... We have no game over state as well. We joined the jam too late to even implement the basic stuff.

Woah... We too made a tetris-without-moving! :D

The line clearing logic of your game seems a little strange to me, but the physics-based interaction makes it very fun to play with!

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I think that's a very good suggestion! ...maybe we could even use some kind of flick gesture to rotate the piece. Thanks!

Thanks! We would like to add a hint or something to help the player... any ideas? :)

Thank you! :) The pivot mechanic ended up being very frustrating indeed, but we think there's room for improvement. It can be satisfying to complete a line by performing a series of complex maneuvres... but we should help the player feel more in control. And maybe tone down the speed a little :D

Thanks! :) We wanted to show and try out the concept, but we joined the jam very late... It definitely needs polishing, especially on visual feedback and responsiveness in our opinion.

Nice suggestion, we were thinking about something like that... but we ran out of time. We coded this prototype in about three hours :D

I like this game so much, you cannot immagine :)

I won! :D

this is really interesting. But I think it needs a bit of explanation of what the move does and what is the purpose of the game. but truly appealing. Good job


Awesome @Devil

Hi! Is anyone still able to help me out for a project we want to submit to this game. We need an artist in order to create different chess pieces and some variations. Might be pixel, or just 2D graphic, animated or not? 
You can contact me here. We would really like a hand on this :) 

Thanks a lot for hosting this jam! This is our first game, and we learnt a lot making it. We too hope to go on with the developement! :D

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Simple and fun! I think 60seconds is not scarce enough. I tried the hard difficulty and I had plenty of time to finish the race before running out of time.

- I want to win! how can I win?

You should add that to the FAQ :) 

Thank you :) The art style for the Dragon was not supposed to be like that, but we didn't find the time (nor the ability) to draw one by ourselves. It is a placeholder image. But I'm glad it worked somehow as another meta feature! :D

We planned to have at least an idle animation for the hero, but we didn't make it for the same reasons mentioned above...

I love Reigns and Lapse (similar games) and I actually wanted to submit a sort of game like these. Glad I didn't because your game ended up being better than what I had in mind. Wonderful set up and pretty good realisation. Kudos to the artist :) 

All the achievements for every single actions seem annoying though (but I guess is a way to mock all the games' achievements).  

Unfortunately the colors of the bars are not enough to make clear which "field" they are attached to. I would suggest to make it more clear, for example with a icon or a short explanation at the beginning of the game. 

Fun and nice looking game! The concept of a vampire's thirst is very interesting, it reminded me of an idea of ours for a game we hope to make some day.

Very repetitive but also very original! The idea of collecting colors to form pixels to light up tiles you will walk on is brilliant. :)

We too used Godot to make our game. It's a bit rough for some aspects, but very good in our opinion. And open source is the way to go :D

Very gorgeous art, and very weird setting! :D I also really liked the jokes in some item descriptions, "this backpack has another backpack inside it" being my favorite.

At a gameplay level, I get the idea about having a limited inventory, but since you have no risks to avoid when moving from one place to another it seems just busywork to carry stuff around.

The controls are very good, moving Rumbo through tunnels feels very intuitive. Cool submission!

Funny concept! Maybe if you add a countdown and put less useful buildings here and there it would become more challenging. :)

Taking part to a game jam with your kids is very sweet. I read that this is the first jam for you... I wish you and your family to continue having fun making games! Me and my friends just started too, and we can't stop already...

Nice concept! Like others, I was puzzled by the rabbit and the mysterious crafting table at first, but I managed to survive the first three rounds.

Maybe, if you work more on the crafting system, adding the ability to craft water tanks would be nice, to reinforce the water-based survival aspect.