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James Assayag

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I really enjoyed the game. Some really creative levels! The only thing that felt off to me was being able to "stop" by jumping in the no stopping zones. But other than that it was crystal clear. Great job!

This has been my favourite game I've played from this jam thus far. Really made me think hard at times haha. 

Lovely concept and execution! Both the running away and blasting away were just the right amount of frantic. I agree with another commenter that a scoring system would have been great, as your game is very addictive haha

Loved the concept of switching the controller orientation. The UI was great as well, clever to have the controller as the ship as well. Overall I found it a bit hard, but it was very fun to play. Great work!

Great job, everyone! This game was super polished and I loved the art direction. 

Loved the visuals and audio. This would make a great mobile game! Awesome job

I'm sorry to hear that. Thanks for coming to check it out though!