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very interesting and enjoyable game. I liked that you kinda had to plan out your route and leave your robots in strategic places to aid you in your path. Good Job!

I really liked your game, the level design is really nice at teaching players the fundamentals of all the game rules, and the puzzles are a nice challenge at times. Good Job!

very nice and relaxing game to play, i had a good time. Good Job!

This is a very fun and extremely game, it reminds me of the time I had playing super meat boy :D the UI with sharing photos of your experience. Good Job!

Thanks for taking the time to play my game. The brightness was something I was quite indecisive on and on reflection I agree it’s definitely too dark in some areas. As a result I have raised their brightness in hopes the levels will be more visible. Thank your for your feedback!

Thanks for playing my game, glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for playing my game :D

Thanks for taking the time to play my game! :D

Thank you for playing my game :D I believe that bug occurred to due how spawning is being handled in the build, I’ve tried to sort It best I can for my polished version. Thank you very much for the feedback!

Thank you for playing my game! The quit button not working was due to me forgetting to attach a script my bad lol, I should have it fixed in my polished build. Thank you very much for the feedback!

Thank you for your feedback, i completely missed that I’d forgotten to attach the right script to the quit button :p I’ve tried to sort these out for my polished version. Thanks again for playing!

Thank your for taking the time to play my submission :)

really smooth gameplay that provides an interesting challenge. Once i got the hang of the controls, i had a fun time. Good Job!

very difficult yet engaging game, I think the controls could be improved slightly but they also help add to the challenge of the gameplay. Good Job!

very cool game, I really like the aesthetics and the creation of your character, adds a nice touch to the game. The gameplay is quite fun and I'm sure it's even better with 2 players. Good job!

cool use of the theme, I liked the strategic nature of the gameplay, It is a very interesting concept. Good Job!

liked the atmosphere and the concept of leaving behind a part of yourself after every death. I feel the health, stamina and sanity bars might've been better horizontal but regardless the game is good, great job!

Really loved this, all the characters and their lines were great. Great Job!

really nice game, I liked the art style and atmosphere, felt really eerie at times. good job!

I had a great time trying to survive the whole 5 minutes! it was terrifying when my match ran out while a dozen wolves chased me. Great job!

The visuals and scope of the project is great, the controls are a little puzzling at the start but that doesn't take away from the experience very much, great job!

I had fun playing your game, the concept, visuals and audio are quite good. However, i wasnt quite sure how to pick up more weapons after you run out. Good Job!

Thanks for taking the time to play my game, i am glad you enjoyed it :)

Thanks for playing my game. While the controls and mechanics are explained in the how to play section i agree that they teaching of these controls could be greater implemented into the level design, ill keep that in mind for my next project :)

This is a really impressive game, i think you did a great job with the visuals and the design. I had a great playing your game, good job!

This was a super fun and visually game, i really loved this creative take on pong, good job!

cool graphics and fun engaging gameplay, this a fun game. Good Job!

Interesting to see another take on using vision as a resource that only be used one time. i really enjoyed playing and i think the audio was superbly well implemented into the game, great job!

cool game idea, i struggled to figure it out at first but i eventually got the hang of it, good job!

very fun puzzle game with nice music. the visuals and UI/UX are also very good. While i had some issues understanding the arrow key directions, i quickly figured it out. Good Job!

Very good writing that pulled me into playing more, good job!

quite a fun experience which easily explains all the controls and mechanics quickly and with ease. It was very enjoyable to play. Great Job!

cool looking concept with nice visuals, it was a bit difficult to figure out how to play but regardless, good job!

interesting game that fits the theme well, good job!

Interesting game with very nice visuals. I was a bit unsure about the goal of the game and how it fit the theme but regardless it was a very aesthetically appealing game to play, good job!

great game! really enjoyed the gameplay and the artwork, very creative. Quite a challenge to finish but i enjoyed it a lot!

very interesting game, quite creepy. I like it a lot, good job!

pretty fun puzzle game, I had fun trying to solve each puzzle! good job!

really beautiful and polished submission, really had fun traversing upwards, great job!

ofc :) cant believe i never realised that lol