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Ben Rose

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Fun combat and HUGE amounts of content, especially for a jam game. Enjoyed this one a lot!

This was awesome fun, great concept, looked amazing and even had a Zelda reference. What more can a man want?

Really enjoyed this one! Nice break from the panic and madness of other entries. Could see this working as a great mobile game, in fact.

That's definitely my main regret, they're not as threatening as they should be!

Nice one! Interesting concept which led to some tricky moments. Personally I'd have liked a bigger screen, as it's quite tough to see what's going on when it's small, but I enjoyed my time with this!

Pretty genius concept! Your actions in the first few seconds dictate how the rest of the level will go. Great stuff!

You shh

Great concept, with the potential for expansion into a full game I'm sure. I enjoyed the tactical depth that comes out as you progress through upgrades.

The twist was great, managed to win on my second try. Good job!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks! For some reason I always end up making really dark games at the moment. Next time I will force myself to use colour!

Thanks! Yeah, I realised far too late that the tree physics were broken. Ah well!

It's supposed to be glowing a little, sounds like that's a bug. Thanks for playing!

Thanks! That's definitely something to consider if I were to go back and add more to this.

Absolutely love the style for this one - the Devil Daggers influence is clear. Great work!

Possibly, it wouldn't be for a while unfortunately.

Thanks for your comments!

I included ADoIaF in my first roundup video: 

I included GENERATOR in my first roundup video: 

You are very right! There were a selection of melee weapons which somehow stopped working about an hour before I had to upload. I couldn’t fix them, so i turned them into a crossbow instead.

(1 edit)

It has come to my attention that the upload failed, and no downloadable files are available. Obviously, this is a mistake. will no longer allow uploads as the jam has ended.

I have uploaded the file here instead:


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I'm very proud to announce that my first game is now available for download!

OverHeat is a top-down side scroller. With a laser that increases in damage as it gets hotter, can you balance your firepower and reach a high enough velocity to catch up with the alien mothership?

Features include:

- Three unlockable ships with different special abilities

- Modular powerups that interact with each other

- OverHeat laser blaster - the hotter your weapon, the more damage you'll do - but if you overheat, you'll need to wait for it to cool down

- Literally no context for your actions

- Score-modifying challenge modes that unlock on completion

- A secret cheat button. Warning: Pressing the secret cheat button might break the game. I am not responsible for this.

You can download the game right here!

OverHeat is free to download, but if you really enjoyed it and wish to make a donation to support further development of this and other projects, I'd be incredibly grateful! No obligation, of course.

This is my first start-to-finish game project. I'd love to know what you think! Comments are welcome here, on Twitter (@BJRose) or on my personal blog ( 

Whatever you think, thanks so much for checking out the project!

This is very cool! A neat little challenge that evokes emotion, all done in about two minutes. Nice work.