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Possibly, it wouldn't be for a while unfortunately.

Thanks for your comments!

I included ADoIaF in my first roundup video: 

I included GENERATOR in my first roundup video: 

You are very right! There were a selection of melee weapons which somehow stopped working about an hour before I had to upload. I couldn’t fix them, so i turned them into a crossbow instead.

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It has come to my attention that the upload failed, and no downloadable files are available. Obviously, this is a mistake. will no longer allow uploads as the jam has ended.

I have uploaded the file here instead:


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I'm very proud to announce that my first game is now available for download!

OverHeat is a top-down side scroller. With a laser that increases in damage as it gets hotter, can you balance your firepower and reach a high enough velocity to catch up with the alien mothership?

Features include:

- Three unlockable ships with different special abilities

- Modular powerups that interact with each other

- OverHeat laser blaster - the hotter your weapon, the more damage you'll do - but if you overheat, you'll need to wait for it to cool down

- Literally no context for your actions

- Score-modifying challenge modes that unlock on completion

- A secret cheat button. Warning: Pressing the secret cheat button might break the game. I am not responsible for this.

You can download the game right here!

OverHeat is free to download, but if you really enjoyed it and wish to make a donation to support further development of this and other projects, I'd be incredibly grateful! No obligation, of course.

This is my first start-to-finish game project. I'd love to know what you think! Comments are welcome here, on Twitter (@BJRose) or on my personal blog ( 

Whatever you think, thanks so much for checking out the project!

This is very cool! A neat little challenge that evokes emotion, all done in about two minutes. Nice work.