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Rated! I love the artstyle and how polished the whole game is. Really simple idea but the excecution made for a really cute and chill game!

Interesting idea! If development on this continues after the jam ends, I'd love to see more fleshed out controls to the drunk thief, maybe have the thief bump into a bookshelf, dropping books, or have the thief trip over stuff. Nonetheless, I thought the game was hilarious, and the cat exploding in the tutorial got a good laugh out of me because of how unexpected it was. Really cute artstyle, good music, good game overall! Rated.

Simple presentation, EXTREMELY addictive gameplay! Lasted about 200 secs before dying to a ghost enemy. I liked that there was a "Normal" modifier that restarted everything in case it was getting too crazy. Sometimes the modifier would repeat, I'm not sure if that's a bug or if that multiplies the modifier's effect. 

I really enjoyed this one and I feel like I could play for a while. Rated!

Oh this one is great! Big props to the composer that worked on this entry, the track fits the whole chaos in the game really well and I'd love a release of the track on Soundcloud or something.

Presentation wise, I like the minimal use of red to signify both good and dangerous things. I think the hitboxes might need some work as most of the enemies that touched me didn't hurt me (Unless this is meant to happen) and a few of my shots seemed to go through enemies at times. Nothing that took me away from the experience though, and I had lots of fun playing this one! Rated.

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Rated! This one is super hard, I think the game could benefit from a better explanation of the mechanic, for a while I thought "Right arrow" still meant "Right", but instead all directions are the same, it's just the key used that changes. I'm aware this is explained in the game's description, but I still think a tutorial screen on the menu would make the feature a lot more easy to understand. 

Besides that, I really like the amount of polish it has and the minimalistic presentation! 

Simple idea, really effective execution! I feel like my dino could reach people it wasn't supposed to reach due to weird hitboxes, but it's nothing that took me away from the fun I had. Rated!

Rated! The idea of keeping a computer clean from viruses has already been done, but the idea of having the computer run someone's pacemaker made the whole thing so much more tense! I really liked puzzles like typing one of 3 passwords, and the "Install malware" popups that fake you out. Short but fun game!

Rated! Loved the cute artstyle, and the mechanic was really well thought out! I think a power like the teleport can be even better if you showed an outline of where the player will teleport to, that way it's easier to use. Besides that I think my favorite power is the gravity pull. Really clever idea for a game!!

Love the sounds and the minimalistic graphics! They work really good together, and the mechanic worked perfectly! Really fun, simple game that can get really addictive. Rated!

Rated, loved this game! Really enjoyed the rage mechanic and how it's not necessarily about reaching max speed, but rather just finding the sweet spot of speed to get through the level. The collision detection was weird at times but not bad enough to ruin the experience. Overall great idea and great excecution!

I like the idea! I think getting used to the controls can be hard at first, maybe having something like an outline of where the bee will go would help make the controls more intuitve. If development on this continues after the jam's over, I'd love to see the bee's circle get bigger the more points you get, targeting bigger objects, similar to! Love the cute arstyle too!

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Rated! The levels with enemies got very difficult as the game went on, having to take care of multiple enemies while also keeping my character safe got chaotic quickly! I also liked that you could crush enemies with your blocks for a quick disposal. I feel like the puzzles themselves could be a bit harder because in the levels without enemies it felt too easy. 

Fun game overall! I liked the usage of the Gameboy palette.

Interesting control scheme, I found it to be surprisingly intuitive! The puzzles were good, though the platforming was weird at times due to the collision detection. Overall a good idea that can become a fleshed out game!

Rated! I like the idea, though I think the main mechanic can be explained better, as I thought the chances of controlling someone were totally random. The presentation was nice, and I liked the music / artstyle!

I really appreciate how much feedback you've given us! Things like the manual having filler text and lacking a pause button were, as you mentioned, in by design, but it's understandable how these can be overwhelming to some players. In the future we might look into making the controls stand out more as it's also been something many players mentioned. The fullscreen scaling issue is because Unity automatically applies antialiasing on fullscreen if the window resolution is too low (Wing It runs at a windowed res of 1280x720), so that is also something we might look into fixing in the future.

Again, thank you lots for the feedback, and I'm glad you still enjoyed what the rest the game has to offer!

Glad to hear you liked it! The blurry issue is because Unity applies antialiasing on fullscreen if the window resolution is too low (Wing It runs at a windowed res of 1280x720). In the future we might increase the resolution to get rid of the blurriness. Thanks for the feedback!

Rated! This is quite an unique idea, and it feels really good to play. I think areas that might need improvement are the levels, but I'm aware the programmer had very little time to work on them, so it's forgiven. Definitely something to keep in mind if this game continues development after the jam, though! I'd also suggest making the Match-3 grid smaller, because at some points the tiles you need are on each corner of the grid, making you spend too much time getting them to connect.

Besides that, I really enjoyed the slow-pace of it and the music was really calming!

Rated! This was one of the most addictive entries I've played. The presentation is simple yet really effective in hooking you in, and most of the modifiers worked really well with each other. One thing I'd change is the "Some keys are not to be trusted" modifier, in my playthroughs that one always meant a game over because I'd never get the right key and I think instakilling the player doesn't mix well with randomness, especially with a lives system. I think if the fake key did something like randomly teleport you it would work much better.

Overall a very addictive and fun game!

Rated! This is a short but charming game! I also beat the developer's time ^^

Simple but fun idea! I think areas like presentation and explanation of mechanics could be improved, it took me some time to realize clicking a spell card and clicking a character were different things. I think with some polish this could an even better game!

Really clever idea! I liked that the randomness of the cards never let you plan out a route to take, it really fits the theme! 

Pretty fun game! My poor lab didn't stand a chance, once I got the shotgun spread upgrade that lab was DONE for! This game has some good puzzles too, I found myself shooting buttons around corners, making sure I didn't blow myself up.


Rated! This game has such an interesting idea, and great excecution! I really liked the minimalist artstyle, and the fact that I could choose my own palette was a nice touch. The grappling can feel weird sometimes, but most of the time it works great. Super interesting twist on the jam's theme! 

Reading the manual in real time is a feature, but it's become a focus point in player feedback, so in the future we might give the player more time to read the manual, while still feeling fair. I appreciate the feedback!

Thanks for playing! Reading the manual in real time is in by design but it seems like it's the common critique of the game, unfortunately.  In the future, we might change it to allow for a bigger time window while reading. Thank you for the feedback!

Great game! It's good at slowly increasing the difficulty adding more things to manage, I like that you leave some breathing room to the player while texting your girlfriend by still letting you shoot asteroids in the way. The art is really pretty and the song's a catchy one! Loved it.

There's an incredible amount of polish in this game!. I'm seriously impressed at how well everything works with such a short timeframe to make it. The level design is a big highlight of the game and it really makes the "timed controls" feature shine! 

Rated, I'd love to see this as a full game!

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I saw the development of this game on Twitter, it's really fun! I like how you expanded on the "grabby arm" mechanic on the level where you grab boxes as improvised cover from the turrets, I think that's my favorite level. The platforming opens up near the end, but I think in the early stages it's too cramped and hard to navigate. Overall a charming game!


First impressions, this game messed with my head many times. Very interesting idea that has a lot of potential to become a full game, and I enjoyed the minimalistic artstyle and sounds. 

Very hard but super rewarding game!

I actually haven't posted the game on reddit, I'd love to see the post if you can find it, though! Thanks for playing!

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Super fun game! It's a good twist on the "action is timed" mechanic, and the key blocks you have to blow up are a great way to expand on that mechanic. I'd also love a Soundcloud release of the BGM, it's so catchy!

Rated, great entry!


I love the contrast between the cute artstyle and the creepy story, I thought the game was gonna turn to horror at the ending. I also like how everything animates to the beat, reminds me of SMB Wii.

Very charming game!

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

I noticed I can't move at all after talking to Fatuu at any point in the game, it's like I'm stuck in place. Pressing "Restart" does nothing, the only way to fix it is to go back to the main menu, start over, and just not talk to Fatuu. Regardless, the game looks and plays great, congrats to you and the team!

Thank you! Really happy to know you're enjoying it!

Thank you for your feedback! The final score display is something people have suggested, and I will add it in a future update. I'm glad you enjoyed the game!