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Sorry that you feel this way.

Stamina actually makes you unable to attack if you get below a specific point, I decided to not include the roll in stamina due to balancing. Stamina also makes enemies be able to attack x amount of times until they need to retreat and recharge. Not all enemies dies in 1 hit, there is further down in the quest line multiple enemies that need multiple hits. Yes I could have spent more time on actual gameplay and mechanics, but writing an AI, quest system, event triggers, combat with multiple types of enemies... Actually building quest line, that also is about 2-3x longer than you played as "everything dies in 1 hit" would indicate. The enemies is 100% dodge-able and due to having immunity frames during roll, as can the enemies dodge your attacks.

But yes, I could have focused a bit on gameplay.

Well done, nice art, bit hard to click through bigger building.

Hi found the game through your videos (cheating with those subs)

Anyway, the game looks cool in-game, I had some issues with elevator going so fast my character would get stuck making it very hard to repair top part of the machine. 

Main menu looks great and fantastic voice acting :')

It is very hard to make a 3d game in 48 hours so good job on you guys!

Keep joining game jams, you will learn a lot of new ways to implement different features, you just earned yourself a new sub!

Nice little robot, would have loved more levels :) Took a while to get hang of controls (I never really did, but eventually I beat the game).

Hi, thank you for your input, I have seen the movement bug appear a bit more recently, I have not yet been able to track it down sadly :( I think it might be something with how I handle slopes. 

Me and my friend is discussing if it's worth taking it further after the game jam as building an RPG require quite a lot of investment and time. (and we would need to scrap this anyway)

Thank you, 

Yes I do agree that the theme was a bit slapped into the game, as you progress the world got more out of control and spawns more and more skeletons to stop you from completing the quests. (but yeah, bit slapped on) 

I did write all of the behaviors, movement, attacking, AI and ofc questing system.

The few thing I have since before is a lot of extensions and tools that makes coding a lot faster. One great example is myArrayOfSomething.RandomElement() <- returns random from array. Some conversions between Vector3 and Vector2 that makes it 1 line instead of multiple.

It's about 2900+ lines of code for this project without the toolkit I was using.

I guess that's one way to play it. It's a valid strategy to kill the last boss as you need to get a lot of hits on it.

Thank you :) 

There is some animation bugs, but very hard to get all of them working in such short time. 

Thank you :D 
I can 100% tell you I did forget to normalize the vector of the movement, just hoped no one would notice. 

We used Synty Studios assets. They are top tier and highly recommend

Fantastic visual, nice controls, feels like a lot of time was spent polishing the game. Bit short, would have loved some more complicated maps!

Really cool idea, was a bit clunky at times but worked out! Great job

That is possible, I think I never actually tried tilting the boxes. Worked most of time anyway except when I got stuck at lava lake double boxes. 

The main screen looks amazing. game play was interesting but sometimes boxes got stuck in corners and couldn't use them :( 

Nice work... They kept escaping for me! But really like the character and idea! 

Nice platformer, only thing I got a bit annoyed about was how characters died if gone under the screen, due to it always being water it only really happened when going down, so feeling like it wasn't needed. But otherwise fun game.

I died pretty fast due to my lack of experience in this type of game :O Moving away to simulated battles helped me at least deal some damage and fit the theme. Well done!

Loved it, an interesting twist on dungeon crawler. Choosning character to be the looter is cool!

Noticed some issues if enemies hit first, your characters would keep missing, same opposite around.

Nice simple console game, long time since I played those, always nice. Great job on the timing and pace of the game.

Noticed you said "limited coding skill" in earlier comments, this is a great start, especially getting the timing on messages and responses. There is also visual novel tools if you ever want to continue doing these types of stories without a huge investment.

Interesting platformer, took a while to get used to how to get control over the rotation :D Well done!

Fantastic art, was very stressful to switch around and remembering the new input constantly. Fantastic execution!

Liked that the jump wasn't floaty as many platformer usually becomes. Really nice art. Would have loved some sort of animation/particles at the liquids lava and water. Character looks aamzing! Well done!

The malfunctioning turret got my off guard so many times... Damn I was bad at aiming with a faulty turret :') 

Wooh, an other RPG game !!! Hello!!!

So we didn't make pretty much any of the art assets, the way I write code allows me to write a lot of functionality in a very short time. However it basically is a giant mess right now. 

I like the concept, a bit easy in the end, but mostly because not grabbing new cards and just keep scaling damage ended up being very stronk :D Great idea otherwise!

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I am very happy you got a run at it, still learning about game jams, this is first global game jam, otherwise we always made a short party game.

However, this was a challenge to hit 10 hours of quest line in 48 hours :')

Really beautiful artwork and well done, nice and touching story! Great game!!

Fantastic concept, well execution. Really solid game!

Interesting combat and movement mechanics, really well done. Also voice acting!

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Art and music fits together, enjoy the game mechanics, it's very unique and interesting, well done! Edit: Also love the quacking

So cute fps, enjoying the music and shooting... The sensitivity is a bit fast, and would have loved some general feedback on the time as you rarely look at the time while shooting. Otherwise nice work, keep working and improving :D

Nice small, very very stressful trying not to hit all the wrong things, realizing you press "roll again" and you get new set of rules and sadly dies... However I won at least once!

Nice small frogger game, however couldn't get past the water due to the rings not spawning in any quantity

Yeah, tried to get the theme bit more through the story of the game and raining skeletons as you lose more control over the world. However its super vague and kind of bad compared to a lot of other games out there.

Wow, well done and interesting concept! Having to switch around the buttons while avoiding some stuff felt great. Awesome work!

100% added the theme as second thought in the end... It was a problem through out the whole project as this was not the original plan to build. We did a pivot late into day 1 and didn't know how to get theme in very well. 

Fantastic visuals, interesting game play, just great work! Solid game!

I liked it, played through it quite a bit as apparently there is 2 endings on it... Basically got the bad ending 3 times because what does one do when they get the bad ending, they do exactly the same but expect a different result!

Really nice feel on characters, punch and animations... All feels polished. Only thing I miss is some sort of dash or roll to get some more mixed movement into the game play, otherwise great work!

Very nice, always fun to race around :D