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Marshmallow needs a cure to their life threatening disease.
Submitted by arkicade (@arkicade) — 20 minutes, 37 seconds before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
The player character is constantly "growing" so their size is "out of control". Moreover, the antidote they need to assemble changes every 17 seconds (so the solution is never the same) which represents how volatile the cure is and how that is "out of control" too.

Did your team create the art for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all art during the game jam

Did your team create the audio for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We used pre-existing audio

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personally i wouldnt play it, but its a good game.


Very cute art, but IDK if it didn't fit my screen and I missed smth, or when we collect all the right pieces for the current condition something should happen? It crashed on me too...

Anyway, game Jams are hard, and you guys did a nice game, congratulations!


The concept is very good. But the winning conditions were changing very quickly. Also the camera was probably too zoomed in so most of the time I was basically randomly running around the map hoping to find the items I need. 


when i realized that i just have to do that 1 time it became a lot easier lol. great game!


Cool game! This type of game could actually make a really good educational game for children. Could teach them colors, shapes, etc!


Your game is so adorable! It's a really quirky concept and entertaining to figure out :) 


Love the artstyle, one of the cutest games of the jam!


Cute game, don't know how i won but enjoyed it


This game is super cute!! I like the hectic rush to find the proper ingredients to make the recipe to win!! The art style is adorable, and the simple puzzle is fun and engaging. I do feel like, especially before you are used to exploring the game world, the items in swapping positions with the short time limit and small camera view makes the game very difficult. Maybe there could be a way to either keep the items there for a few more rounds at the beginning, or to temporarily zoom out the camera for one round? Regardless, this game's cute, simple, and has a lot of potential. Good job! 


It’s fun ! A good “Simon says” game, my only issue is the lack of feedback. You don’t really “feel” when you grab a color or shape. But else I enjoyed it !


Game has a cute look! However I think there can be some tweaks to the gameplay and balance. I think the formula changes too quickly, especially since the camera is really zoomed in and the ingredients constantly change, so you're going to be running around the map a lot hoping for the best and to come across something you can use.

Maybe having the camera zoomed out but having sort other sort of mechanic counteract that would give more power to the player over where they choose to go but also not make it too easy?


Nice cute graphics, and the music fits it really well.

Looks like the inventory system could use some tweaking because I collected 3 pretty random items and won when the win condition rerolled. Maybe I just got really lucky, I'm not sure about the chances. 

Good job!


Really adorable presentation! I think the camera needs to zoom out with the player as others have said, since there's not too much point in the player growing at the moment other than restricting vision.


this game makes me go YES !


The game was definitely fun and the concept was very creative and original! My main criticism would be that I don't really see the point of the shape growing larger and larger. It doesn't do much except make it harder to see which is not generally very fun. I know it's part of the reason the game is "out of control", but I think the game would be fine without it. The music was very atmospheric though and I really liked the cute visuals, so overall, great job!

Deleted 3 years ago

Interesting idea that makes you think on your feet. I liked how the antidote ingredients left some room for multiple correct combinations. I really felt for this cube with gigantism!


i love the art very much it is very cure but yeah i think the camera need more futher away from the start.


Yes! I've been reading the comments and been curating a list of things that I need to change when I can update this. Camera moving away + larger screen is up there XD

Thank you for playing :)

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