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Thank you very much for playing! Glad to hear that you liked it :D

I think having 3 hours made us want to go for an "arcade-y" type game of high scores as that way gameplay can last longer, which means it can be challenging. Thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed the visuals :)

Woah! That's even better than our high score. Thank you so much for playing!

Yeah we realised that just squashing the enemies wouldn't be enough so we added the watering mechanic too :)

Really liked the colour palette and the game was fun to play. Good job for getting it on time :)

I really enjoyed the music and liked how you incorporated the theme within the dialogue (making it really clear how it plays a roll). Good job for submitting a game within the timeframe!

YES :)

really cute game! Impressive that you managed to do 3 songs within the timeframe. Congratulations for getting this finished :)

Really addictive game, and I liked the sound design too! Was a bit confused why there was an option to "continue" versus "quit" even though you lost a life, would that deduct points from your highscore?

Regardless it was really fun to play :)

Really liked the interpretation of the theme (and the icon art looks amazing!)

I did realise you can get pretty far through the levels by just button mashing JKL (although they don't give you any points for doing so which should be fine). Overall great job!

Aww thank you so much!! Yeah in a post jam update we'll probably have transitions between each room to make it less clunky (also a way to better explain the mechanics). I spent a lot of time on the opening cutscene art so hopefully that will be available in the post jam update too :)

Yeah that's something we didn't have time to fully flesh out, the default was "chase the player" but in a post jam update we'll probably make some changes to that. The blue one was a mix of a "blue slime monster" and an axolotl :)

Thank you for playing and the feedback! 

Great to hear! Thank you for playing :)

Really  love the art style! And good idea to use a bubble as "bouncing" it gives a different gameplay feel. I got 50 seconds :)

We have a working version of the upload, we're trying to get in contact with scorespace on discord to see if we can upload the working version.

Aww this was so cute! Just what I needed, a short and very sweet game ^_^

Really love the distinct art-style with the different textures mixed with flat/cell-shaded characters. This reminds me of a comic on itch called "lady of the shard" by gigi d.g. and would definitely recommend if people enjoyed this.

Thank you so much for playing my game! I'm glad you enjoyed the world and its universe :)

Haha the worm man's name I came up with last minute as I was writing dialogue, perhaps I should've made it simpler ^^'

Hi! Thank you so much for playing my game :)

I'm really glad that you're interested in this world (I certainly still am!) and even more grateful that you're thanking me for this content ^_^

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Thank you very much for playing my game! 

This was made very much with a larger world, characters and stories in mind. I'd love to return to it if people wanted to see more of it. 

But for now, I'm consumed by game jams and the need to improve my skills!

Thank you very much for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed my game!

Perhaps a more explicit tutorial is a good idea, I'd hoped to teach the mechanics through some really "easy" levels but maybe a bit of text before you begin could be implemented ^^

Thank you for playing and for the feedback.

Having a box that says "Time's Up" is a great idea! I'll definitely consider adding it after the jam :)

Wow, first off thank you so much for playing my game and taking the time to put in all this feedback!

I'm really happy that you liked my game and enjoyed it! This world is something I am passionate about, but because of the "time limit" of the game jam I wasn't able to fully expand upon it (perhaps it was too large of a scope for what it was).

I was thinking of adjusting some dialogues (especially the first one with Fernweh as people said it was confusing).

I did all the art/coding/writing but LGM did the music (you can find the full OST on his youtube). Sayumi101 also helped with the buttons on the main menu :)

We really put our all into this, and as much as I did it for the sake of the jam, it puts a smile on my face to know other people appreciate our work too!

Thank you so much for playing!

Pico-8 really is a gem of a tool for game jams :)

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Thanks for playing my entry! I'm glad you enjoyed the visuals.

Thanks for playing!

The fire line was added a little late into the process but I hope to polish it after the jam ^^

Thank you very much for playing!

I was happy to make something in time :)

Thanks for playing! I'm happy to know you enjoyed the art style.

The concept of the game is fairly simple: cut off the red threads of fate so that nobody will have love (reduce love of a level to 0). 

It comes from Eastern Asian mythology where it's believed an "invisible" red string binds two lovers together. Eris is the Greek goddess of strife and discord.  I came up with the idea that Eris had a relic of magical scissors, which are the only things capable of severing the red strings of fate -- and the protagonist somehow managed to steal it long ago :)

Thank you so much for playing my game! I'm really glad you enjoyed the art and "comfy" mood :)

As for you not using strife no worries! Most later levels were designed without strife in mind, but there are a few where you couldn't solve without it. If I could expand this game I would include more levels where strife is essential.

Thank you so much for playing ^^

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for playing and the feedback!

In terms of "what the player was doing wrong", I would've liked to polish more visual indicators. In the RULES on the game page, you either lost because time ran out or you ran out of power (shown on the top left of the screen) :)

Really nice and relaxing ambience, and the two little aliens are adorable!

Joining them together (fusing) for a new ability and the fact that the level design is reliant on both aliens working together are two ways this is addresses the "joined together" theme :)

Thank you so much for playing!

I'm in love with PICO-8, it may not be great for bigger projects but it's the perfect tool for game jams. With limitations of colour palette and memory, it allows for a lot of creativity.

I did want to add more levels with "strife lines" and expand on that concept, but I'm happy that I at least got to implement it :)

Thank you for playing!

I'm really glad that you liked the style, but it's partly a byproduct of PICO-8's forced limited colour palette (you only have a maximum of 16 colours). Lines getting closer means that the people are moving towards each other (so you can tell what's going on by the position of the people over the lines).

 I do plan on making changes after the jam ends and I did want to put more visual indicators (I used SFX to compensate!)

Thank you for playing my entry!

I took a lot of inspiration from GMTK's video on Mario (introducing the concept in a safe environment then developing it) so I wanted the game to teach you its rules through the level design.

You don't really need the "manual" but in case you got stuck, there's the rules  on the game page too :)

A really great take on the "multiple characters being controlled at once" mechanic. The ability to disconnect and letting connected minds shoot bullets are the two things that make this from me :)

Really interesting idea of the "joining together" being interpreted as "compressing" the metal scraps. There's also a neat dual purpose mechanic with the scraps being used as your weapon and the way you score.

 I love the low-poly art style and orange/brown hues for a colour palette! It makes it visually distinct from other first person games :)

Cute concept and I love the PICO-8 style of discord :)

Thank you so much for playing my game! I'm really glad that both of you enjoyed it :)

This game was made for a game jam, but I hope to create larger projects at some point!

Yaay an artbook ^_^

Congrats on the release! (also "pocket goods" is a really cute name)

Nope! Endings aren't dependent on the games "Kit-07" and "Lilypad".

Try saying different things and spending more/less time on the drawings :)