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Thank you so much for playing! I'm happy that you liked the mood, it was inspired partly from yume nikki and knytt :) 

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Thank you so much for playing!

I wanted it to be somewhat challenging so I made a lot of the challenges based on the wall jump. I'm very glad you liked it ^_^

Hi everyone!

For this game jam I decided to use this game cartridge below...

I originally was going to use a different case but the idea grew too large in scope so I wanted to make a game that was short and simple! I figured that I could make a quick game that was based on a singular dream, thus, I thought this case was appropriate.

The game engine I decided to use was PICO-8 which I had never used before and I am very glad that I picked it up! Unbeknownst to me, I purchased it from the bundle for racial justice and equality (so if you bought that bundle you also have PICO-8). It seems like an amazing engine to use for game jams or to develop prototypes for larger games.

I renamed the game [welcome to DreamSearch] because in the description of the game (which was in Japanese) the only English words in it were "DreamSearch" . Putting the premise through google translate gave me a direction to take the game and a lot of inspiration for the story :)

I have 2 videos documenting my work on the game that's available to watch on Youtube.

The first is more a general explanation of the game jam + a speedpaint. The second one is just a speedpaint (but also interpreting a specific scene from the game). Both of these can be found here!

Thank you very much for reading!

Hi there, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! This game was made for a game jam, hence why the content is fairly small.

There are no current plans to make more but if I had to return to any of my games, dreamsearch would be my top choice. 

It's definitely a future possibility :)

I'm completely addicted to this game... I've always had a love of deck-building board games. But the UI and rules are so simple that anyone without previous knowledge of the genre can pick it up!

Can't seem to get past the Gassy Bat (a combination of the bombardment of monsters from the "market" deck and her high attacks leave me dead before I have the chance to collect good cards)

It would be interesting to see if the "deck" you crafted from one boss carries on to the next one allowing for greater difficulty curves along with a sense of progression (or maybe you choose to keep 5 cards from that boss which is added to the "starting" deck).

Overall this game was really fun to play!

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A really intricate and oneiric world! It's so unlike everything else I've played in this jam and was quite overwhelming at first. But then everything settled into place and I began to get a grasp of the story. This narrative could easily be expanded upon to last a whole novel! :)

I feel like the music really added to the experience (and maybe art in the future could've enhanced that). I personally would prefer if music from one screen (or one "page") would last until the next page so it wouldn't be cut out so abruptly. Overall, it was a magical experience!

The story was short yet there was nothing superfluous. A simple premise with great execution: reliving a car crash (from an uber pool) over again until you change the timeline. I like how it at first adheres to the theme (the situation is "out of control" there's nothing you can do), but slowly, with time, you have to gain back your agency and make meaningful choices. Excellent job :)

I really liked how this simple "match 3" type of game escalated out of control with each new change! :) One thing is that matching the 3 golden tiles isn't as "strategic" as it normally would be, because in normal match 3 games, you can't swap 2 items unless it makes a clear. Here, you can swap 2 items regardless, so the minute 3 golden things were on screen, I just moved the 3 items close to each other so I could match them (instead of actually considering what moves to make).

But overall, this is very solid for a jam entry and it's good as it is ^^ But I would probably make it more challenging and introduce new mechanics faster if this were to get a post-jam rebuild.

Really fun to play! I liked the inclusion of other types of humans (shooters, large humans that ran fast) it made things more challenging :)  And I particularly liked your connection to the theme of the jam (being the one who controls the "out of control" rather tan someone who is out of control)

Gameplay is really clear but at some point there is not a lot of strategy, it's mostly relying on AI to collide with other humans. Overall great work guys! :)

on a few levels it felt like I couldn't really change direction (or gain momentum to change direction). This is fine because it's meant to be challenging, but if you plan on expanding this maybe making it easier to "have control" (which is funny because that's counterintuitive to the jam theme) can lend itself to a more rewarding player experience :) but overall I liked it!

I like how this time, you can *see* where the buttons are and what you can do with them. you can choose which ones to disable for the given situation. Extremely creative and a lot of fun! Well done :)

A unique concept and I really liked the color palette/ look of the game. The controls are a bit too "heavy" or too drastic though. But it's good that it proved to be challenging. Well done :)

Excellent first game! The controls were smooth and the rules were made very clear :) I especially liked how each level progressively gets more difficult by introducing new mechanics. Well done!

Deceptively simple and incredibly strategic! At first I wasn't sure of what was happening but as you play and things progress you understand how your previous actions have consequences for your future moves. Well designed and excellently made! Bravo :)

Really cute idea! I liked the pixel art style and the general look of the game was very polished :) Was not a fan of how you could collide with the cats (as you had to avoid those, the monsters and had to pick them up at the same time). Excellent job overall :)

I'm always a fan of environment changes being out of control (the lego part made me chuckle). What a great idea and great execution! I really like the character designs and the different "rackets" they use, I like how spawning monsters constantly keep you on your feet and I like the bar at the bottom of the screen and how it indicates when the arena is going to change. 

My only comment would be that the controls are a bit clunky (particularly the dashing and charging up an attack). I found myself holding the left click hoping to charge a shot, but only in game did I realize you had to hold still in order to make a shot (which makes it more crucial that you land in the same space as the ball, ie. dashing to get there).

Overall this is an excellent entry! And I really like this game (I would play a full version of this in the future) :)

The concept of managing your emotions from getting out of control is really interesting (and I really like the art that accompanies it as well!) One thing to note was that despite the text, I felt like a lot of the options were superfluous and weren't having an impact (doing stuff for happiness (exercise, eat) was still making the sadness plants grow). Perhaps it's a theme of existential nihilism? Either way I enjoyed myself! Well done to you two :) 

At first when I saw the cutscene I thought the game froze, but then it switched to the shot of the other guy's face and I started laughing. This game looks really weird but that's great! (kind of like hylics) and it reminds me of some of those roblox games. I found it to be a lot of fun :D

Wow what an incredibly unique idea! I really like how the environment is "out of control" and how the rules change depending on what is revealed in the world and what is not. The visuals are also quite cute! One thing I would mention is that with moving blocks, there are some times where there was a space I thought my character could fit in (ie. to move a block from the side) but I found myself unable to push it? I restarted the level which was no big deal but maybe make the gaps in the walls larger? That's the only critique I can really think of! Excellent job guys :)

The "player is out of control" idea is handled well, as you are timed as to when you no longer have control. However, I would say that maybe the black hole (or end objective) could have a larger collision detection/hit circle because I found myself often getting very close to the circumference but missing it by an inch. Besides from that it was a lot of fun! :)

Cute idea! But it would be nice if the switched controls were specified (ie. when the lights turn blue, it shows what each of the arrow keys does). There are some collision issues but I really like the art style and the game as a whole experience. :)

Very high level of polish, I like how each stage progressively introduces new mechanics (planets that spin into asteroids, bouncing walls) Great job :) (and the frog is super cute)

I thoroughly enjoyed the idea of music sheets that give you special abilities (it's, personally more interesting than the rage mechanic which fits in with the jam's theme). There was an issue in going to the next level but I found out how to do it :)   I will say that maybe for new players, (who don't read sheet music) they may find the notation confusing (e.g. for the healing spell they go by order of number instead of left to right) I really liked this game! Good job :)

Very unique take on the prompt. Clear rules are set in place, and the puzzles appropriately scale in difficulty. I like how the rules are always there above the board so you can re-think your moves (I found myself stuck at a lot of them). Overall, excellent job! :)

Yes! I've been reading the comments and been curating a list of things that I need to change when I can update this. Camera moving away + larger screen is up there XD

Thank you for playing :)

Yep! Definitely thought of adding in a tutorial beforehand.

Thank you for playing :)


I would like to thank my friends, family and all giraffes for this achievement :')

A lot of people have brought up the issue of the character covering the screen, but the solution of zooming out is a first! Thank you :)

I've also considered making the screen larger (so growing won't cover the screen as much). Thank you so much for playing! (and I really liked your entry too btw, super cute!)

"positive feedback loop" eyy! GMTK terminology (I first learnt of this from his video).

It's intended to have that effect as it gets harder to win over time. But to balance that, I hoped that having coins around the map (if you have time to collect them) means you can stock up on them and reroll the objective to end up getting something that matches your items.

Thank you for your feedback and for playing! :)

I originally had a larger screen (but there was some UI issues and I had to cut it down by the end). However! After the jam, I'm taking in all these notes and I'm making changes and additions to the game. The first thing on that list is definitely a wider screen (so growing isn't so bad) and making growing have a larger effect (also adding a tutorial stage explaining the controls).

Thank you so much for playing and your constructive feedback! :)

I should've put this in the about section (or in a tutorial stage which I've considered adding). But when the marshmallow panics you have 5 seconds left to get the items, and when it has a surprised face (with the exclamation mark) it means the objective has changed

But thank you so much for playing it! I'm glad that you liked it :)

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you appreciate the thumbnail (DO NOT FACETIME YOUR GRAVE AT 3AM *OMG HE ACTUALLY ANSWERED*?!) XD

For it being too random there's the roll option, but in the original build I made it 23 seconds (instead of 17) but I felt that it would be too easy? Maybe I should keep the longer time so the player has a better chance of getting the items they need. And yes! Visual feedback as to where items are is a great idea :) I'll definitely keep this in mind.

Growing does have an impact, but I do agree that it could be more obvious or have a larger of an effect. Growing larger covers up more of the screen (so you can't see) but on the other hand it makes it easier to pick up items (as you have a larger area). But also growing does slow you down more. Thank you for the feedback and I will definitely think about growing having more of an impact :)

Wow! One of the more underrated games of the jam :) At first I was intrigued of how with each stage, new additions to the rules are made in an intuitive way. But then when I died and restarted, I found out that these "different rules" are never the same in one playthrough!! This really adds a lot of replayability and is super fun. Compliments to the team, you guys did a fantastic job!

For a certain level I had a few issues. But I was really grateful for the X to skip a level button that was there. The cutscene was a really nice touch! Great game! One thing I would say is when it says "press any button" it doesn't work? But then I realized (by clicking on the side) that this "emulator" works with z,x,c and v. Really unique look and I enjoyed it :)

As someone who plays a lot of boardgames, I really appreciate the element of rolling dice to do actions. It makes the game more interesting whilst simultaneously allowing for there to be strategy. However, because the "handsome squad" sometimes won't listen to you, it renders the random actions unnecessary. But one thing I particularly like was how you could use the right click to "see" what the dice rolls meant. Clever design :) Overall I enjoyed it thoroughly! 

The coin system is to help "equalize" the randomness so you can invest in re-rolling. Also the "NOT" condition was added so that players wouldn't be looking for specific items all the item (e.g. "NOT green" means you can put both BLUE and RED). But I definitely will keep in mind that it may be "too random". Thank you so much for playing and I really appreciate the constructive criticism :) I'm really glad you enjoyed it!

Your work, sir, should be at le Musee d'Orsay. Thank you so much for playing and thank you for the fanart!!

yesss!! <3 Thank YOU for playing.

I've been seeing feedback and I realized that not everyone is going to read the rules before playing. So now I'm considering adding a few tutorial levels to get the hang of mechanics, and the levels can get increasingly complex. Maybe I'll make it longer in a REDUX version. :) Thank you so much for playing!!