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Oh wow this is so fun ! Wasn’t sure what to expect, but it definitely wasn’t this :D

While the gameplay and story were a bit confusing (and repetitive), I loved all the wordplay and little references in the text. Never knew you could do all this with IFs !

Overall a good entry, I’m close to the target audience so I really enjoyed it :D

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That’s good feedback, thanks ! I’m aware of all these issues, but didn’t have enough time (and energy ;-;) to implement everything properly.

Most of it is fixed in the post-jam version, didn’t take too long ! If you liked the game, I can only recommend to come back once the jam ends :)

I’m kinda frustrated with the randomness of the objects, I found myself forced to lose 1 or 2 times because I didn’t have the right object. But when you do, the game becomes very easy.

That said, I really like the idea and you managed to set a mood immediately ! Good job ^^

I really liked it ! Sure, the collisions were a bit wonky at time - got me frustrated on the walljumps - but it was a pretty solid game, congrats on submitting :D

Fun game ! But it gets repetitive after a while. The frogs crossing the road were also very slow, which made them unpredictable as they could be mid jump when you reached them.

This was super fun to play ! My friend destroyed me ;-;

The control scheme is a bit weird but you get used to it pretty quickly, my main issue was how sometimes it can be hard to see what mode you’re in (lose or win) or who gets the point.

But overall very solid entry, needs a bit more polish on the sound and visuals (the transition rectangle wasn’t large enough to cover my whole screen)

Haha thanks, everything is actually in a single scene ! But I messed up the death zone’s movement at the last moment, so it’s very broken in the jam build. Took me 5min to fix it in the post-jam build :’)

Still, thanks for playing ! Hope it wasn’t too frustrating

Ahhhhhh I love the idea but I’m way too bad at this !

I like the musics and the visuals, but the gameplay was less engaging :( I didn’t really understand how to play at first, but then I just started to spam the same button and it was nearly a guaranteed win. Congrats on the submission tho, you have a very distinct style !

Yep, there are a lot of issues with the wall and the design of the last screen since they were added way too late :/

Thanks for plaing tho, still hope you liked it !

So good ! You nailed the voice acting, the visuals fit perfectly and the theme is spot on.

Also omg the drawing feature had me on the floor, it’s so nice to be able to draw your own thing and see it in real time in the game ! The puzzles were perfect too, not super hard but great at selling the idea.

Overall one of the best entries I’ve seen, really hope it gets noticed !

Didn’t go that far, but I LOVE the concept ! Also that might’ve been a nightmare to code so congrats ! The end result is very polished, although the difficulty curve didn’t feel very linear :)

Impressive polish on the visuals and music ! I agree with other comments that the heroes kinda… ignore us, which makes it feel like we have to take the hits. But apart from that I had fun ! I liked frantically running around, collecting stuff to craft swords :D

It’s fun ! Tho after a while I could just tank the damage and spam the spacebar to stay alive

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Love the fast-paced gameplay, kinda like a gross and juicy golf game ? Amazing work :D

The only thing I had a little bit of trouble with was the random movement of the guards messing up your shots, felt a little bit unfair sometimes. But it spices up the gameplay, and that’s reeeeeeally minor

So simple but so effective, and I love the idea ! I probably would’ve liked a bit more signalling to find the WASD letters, but I guess part of the challenge is to find them in the text :D

A super fun puzzle game ! The idea is very original and it makes for some hilarious moments when the platforms start jumping like frogs x)

Very interesting sokoban game ! I like how having a cursor gives you much more freedom, but also constrains your movement so it brings an entirely different challenge ! Took me 2 levels to get used to it, but it was fun

The game has an incredible visual polish ! I felt a bit aimless when dropped into the game for the first time, but had fun building my dungeon :) It’s too bad the jam build doesn’t have audio - nice that you managed to fix it on the post jam version tho !

It’s amazing, the mechanic is very clever and I love the puzzles you made with it! It’s strangely rewarding to see the end result play out with everything making weird moves, knowing the whole mindgame that created this result :D

Okay once I understood the swapping mechanic it felt SO GOOD to play ! The movement and shooting are super responsive and I love it

Thanks a lot for playing ! The sound effects were made by Celesti, they did an INCREDIBLE job in just a short time :o

The game has been designed with mobile in mind, don’t hesitate to try the web version on a phone ^^

It’s been designed with mobile in mind - you can play the game on mobile with the web version !

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Amazing game, it’s both silly and complex and I love it ^^

Close to getting blue skull on every level, in the meantime enjoy this fun one :D

Yeeeessssss ! I love Magic Eye pictures, never thought I’d see a game made with them!

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Hey there! Sorry for the late reply, but I thought I’d answer this :) The most important thing is how to setup your background and banner, I’d recommend checking out Easy Releasy by Jannik Boysen

Here’s what ours looks like:

It’s brilliant! While being simple in appearance, the game has a lot of depth depending on the enemy stats, the dice you get at the start of the fight and the shape of the terrain. The mouse-only gameplay was very easy to understand and handle, so for me that’s another win!

I lost pretty quick (floor 2, to the Shield Hoarder) but that’s the level where I really understood the relation between the dice you get and the enemy itself :)

Haha I’m actually really bad at this! I feel like the mechanic is interesting but not used to its full potential: since you need to move constantly to not get hit, having the damage change depending on the face you’re on becomes more of an inconvenience than a strategy. But apart from that it’s agreat game! The animations flow nicely, the VFX and models look great and the sound is just right. Good job overall !

The main problem is the validation of the dice, I couldn’t use them if they didn’t land flat or if they clipped with each other. This made the game very hard, and even unplayable when the dice spawned inside each other several times in a row.

The rest are minor issues (spiders slowly flying off when you lose), but more feedback in general could be nice (getting hit, hitting an enemy, blocking…)

A common theme, with a good execution. After a while you can get a nice timing going, but there doesn’t seem to be a difficulty curve ? Welp anyway it’s nice, good job !

I gotta say, this is not a game for me… but I appreciate the work ! Nice player AI and simple-yet-interesting rules :D

The core gameplay was good, but it lacked a lot of polish. There were a few bugs that made the game very difficult to play, that’s too bad !

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I loved the symbolism. I can’t describe the feel I got from playing this game, but it was good. I stopped pretty early though, I don’t think I could enjoy the whole scale of the tower… but I loved everything I saw :)

Loved it ! I struggled a bit with the mechanics at the start but got the hang of it :) I think the snake fight was especially difficult if you don’t know how to handle it.

But in the end good job on, well, everything !

Incredible. This is so polished ! The pixelart is super clean, the movement feels good and the idea itself is simple but very well executed !

I had a hard time on my 3rd run, after getting 5 ones in a row xD

That was amazing ! Very good puzzle design, I loved it :)

Hehe, thanks a lot ! That’s exactly what we were aiming for, thank you so much for playing !

It’s an easter egg I put there :)