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About your last point, in the latest version I am working on you retrieve all keys on death and at a checkpoint, so it’s way more practical. For the rest, I prefer to keep the control scheme as simple as possible (which makes it way easier to design with) and focus on external mechanics, like the shooters, that makes you use the keys in a new way. Thanks for the suggestions !

Hello, I don’t use Instagram, but you can find my twitter on my Itch page.

No, this can be played with a mouse on PC !

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Hey there !

So, there are a few things that can be clarified and I’m working on it. In the game, you can click the empty slots in the bar to retrieve the keys even when they’re off screen (it should be specified in the tutorial text).

About new mechanics, I want to keep the core gameplay as simple as possible, but still fun to use - the idea is movement, and sacrifying it to unlock paths.

Adding an item the way you suggest it would make the game a hassle to play, by slowing down the gameplay even more since you’d need to constantly swap items along with controls, and doesn’t fit with the core idea of the game.

Either way, thank you a lot for your comment, I really appreciate it ! A big update is coming soon (probably in a few days) where I fixed most of the problems that came up often.

Until then, don’t hesitate to follow the game or the Github repository ^^

Thank you a lot for your video !

Not for now, I will update this page progressively until I settle on a clear objective for the game.

Oh, but I am ! You can follow development on the github repository of the game or on my twitter (see the game’s description and my profile)

You can retrieve a control by clicking the empty slot in the bar ! I should specify it until there is a proper ingame tutorial.

Thank you a lot for your feedback ! I updated the game post-jam to implement and fix most of the feedback I had, and a better collider and movement was part of it. Feel free to try the update, even though the level is the same length ^^’

Hum… The game was nice, however I feel like there was a lot of polishing to do. Also, having invisible walls wasn’t a good choice - at first I wondered why the physics engine was going wild. Something like glass, or some kind of visual clue would’ve been welcome ! Still, good job for finishing it.

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It was fun ! Good take on the “indirect control” concept ^^

Well balanced, it was a bit tight in the last level so perfect ! I’d just say the indicators on the map were a bit too dark, but still good job !

It’s great ! The gameplay is simple yet polished, I really had fun ! Got swarmed pretty quickly after getting inverted controls, but I regret nothing ^^ Good job !

Yeah, I had a hard time settling on a name that clearly represents the game, so I defaulted to this ! I don’t know how changing it will impact the exposure of the game, so I’ll try to change the name only after the jam.

Great game ! A good take on the “sacrifice a control to progress” concept. The puzzles were interesting and well-balanced, I loved every second of it ^^

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Haha, car go brr

Really good game ! I was confused at first, but when my car started and went RIGHT into a wall it was great fun :D. I like the idea of having to prerecord your inputs and see the mayhem that ensues, and the execution was good.

Think you may need to make the player able to control the car directly just a bit at the start, to “feel” how it controls, and then remove it, but discovering it works too ! Overall great job, I’d love to see more of it.

I think you need to add ways to show info to your player (how much health they have left, when the controls change, what are the new controls…). Else, the idea was good !

I liked it ! The only complaint I can have is that the player’s hitbox is a bit too high (perspective would place it only at the player’s feet) and the movement a bit too slow sometimes, but else it’s great, good job !

Haha I love it ! There are no real stakes, just a doggo running to the sea and I think it’s beautiful. Although there were some features in the world, I feel like you ran out of time ? Still, good job.

Welp, that was good ! In my experience a little feedback would’ve been nice, because most of the time I had no idea of whenever I was managing to keep the animal under control or just pressing keys randomly (same for the jumps). Apart from thet, great game ! It perfectly nails that old arcade game feeling.

Ok, The art could be improved. But for the rest it was ok ! The shooting minigame was mostly flying in circles while keeping your mouse at the center of the screen, but I liked the craft games since it was a good variation on inverted controls. Welp, good job.

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Even though I’m a super slow typer, I managed to have fun so I think you made a great game. Good job ^^

I loved it ! The story was simple, interesting and engaging, and I definitely wanted to explore more. Good job ! Also, great use of Twine it seems.

It’s fun ! A good “Simon says” game, my only issue is the lack of feedback. You don’t really “feel” when you grab a color or shape. But else I enjoyed it !

Just staight up loved it. I do think there needs to be a tutorial, or some sort of progression tree because you can loose simply because of lack of directions. And the movement inside the house is really messed up. But otherwise… loved the art style, loved the ambience and music, loved the idea of a rolling house that you can stop and the general chill of the game. AMAZING JOB.

I think it was ok. The core mechanic is done, but there is no feedback and no proper indications. However, the gameplay loop works and is interesting, it’s a good way of using probability and risk. Just hoped there would be a bit more “juice” to make it more interesting ! Still, good job for coming up with the concept.

That was fun ! (I think the boxes were already sorted ?) Anyway, good job to you !

Hello, thanks for your comment ! THAT is quality feedback right here :D Here’s what I have to say about your different points:

  • Right after the jam, I reworked the block placement mechanic to make it snap to the world grid. This way, it becomes easier for the player to place the blocks in the right place, and reduces the uncertainity in the level design. A win-win ! And there already is a small leeway, as the collider to detect valid placement is a bit smaller than the physical collider, which means your player will automatically be placed on top of the block if it overlaps. But I can make it a bit smaller on the top so it’s more forgiving.
  • The time factor has been suggested multiple times, and I thought of it - just didn’t take the time to actually implement it (and it’s only 2 lines of code !). I agreee it would make the game way more enjoyable, not only for advanced techniques but also fast sections.
  • The player collider is a capsule. WELP, that’s a problem due to fixing bad level design with bad feature (it’s already changed in the post-jam version, by the way).

Thank you a lot for this comment, you basically broke down every problem of the game and that’s great input for me ! And yes, the intent in that section WAS to teach the player to place a block while jumping, but I guess it was a bit too violent.

Cheers !

I really liked the game ! Some bugs and dev paths, but overall a nice experience, great job !

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Shame on me for playing it but not rating it ! It’s beautiful but lacks a bit of content, and a few more feedback in the game would be welcome. But I liked it, good job !

Loved the game ! The sprites are simplistic enough to be directly recognizable, and the levels are neatly designed and short enough. Great job !

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Fun game ! it wasn’t too hard and the movements of the aliens was speedy but predictable enough to still be manageable. I just don’t know if it was intended that the cats have a hitbox ? Good job !

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Great game from every point ! I like a good pixelart puzzle game, and this one is really well-made (okay, except for invisible spikes). Good job to you!

Great game ! Loved the lines of the ghost, and even if the house can be a bit hard to control at times I’ve had great fun. Congrats !

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It’s great, but I’m not sure how it fits the theme… either way, congratulations it has amazing visuals !

(fr) Bravo ! J’adore les graphismes et le tower defense est très bien géré. Il manque juste des petits truc (un écran de game over, un UI plus clair) mais globalement j’ai passé un bon moment !

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This game was good ! I liked the style and the idea was well executed. Really, good job !

The plane controls ok, so it wasn’t too hard to get the hang of it. Though I think the collider is too large, the challenge was mostly fair. Good job.

It was good in terms of art and movement, I just felt like there was a lack of objective. There didn’t seem to be a health indicator, and the ennemies weren’t so dangerous. Too bad, I feel like it could’ve been way better !

Thank you for the feedback ! It’s my fault for using a capsule collider in a platformer :’) It’s already changed in the post-jam version (not published yet)

Great idea, perfectly polished, good and consistent graphic style, interaction with other players… what can I say except that’s perfect ? Great job !