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Oh yeah I felt the strategy of basically saving up heals, however on my 2 runs I would use heal on turn one (if I drew them at all) and then spam my damage spells on a single target. I felt that if I seeded my deck with only damage and never leveled up healing, then it wouldn't matter if the heals missed because the enemy would be dead. It was a glass cannon approach but it got me up to the ghoul with 2 skeletons at least.

If you consider developing this idea further, I think a lot of the trouble will be balancing the experience. The other issue is the massive influx of card based deck building roguelikes games on steam. You'd be in stiff competition with everyone, including granddaddy Slay the Spire.

There is so much creative room for new spells and flavor, but honestly good job!

Fun! This game feels very much like real life for me except the buying milk part.

I enjoyed it! I tried doing the levels as fast as I could, and even though I knew exactly what was going to happen when I hit the swapper signs, I still got turned around. Was a very fun game.

Thanks! I like this system.

I'm not sure if the keys were meant to exhaust themselves over time, but I imagine if I was having to constantly keep up with a changing control scheme it'd be super exciting. I really liked this game.

It's really clever! I'll hold off on "if furthered developed" comments, but I really like the idea of the haphazard mage. The decreased trigger probability was scary and I never tried clicking on it cause I felt the flat randomness of the cards was going to serve my luck better than decreasing the chances.

I'm confused because I'm at the game page of the 1/5 in my queue, but it won't let me review it.

This game was really fun! It was a good challenge to get 50 points.