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The issue should now be fixed :).

Hmm... I will see what I can do about it. Tomorrow I should have a bit of free time to investigate this issue.

Thank you!

Sure thing! It will take a while to make it, though (I'd say at least 3 months) so you will have to wait a bit :)

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Wow, under 35s! I was surprised when someone finished the game in 90s, but you are really killing it! And in case you didn't read some of the posts I made, I will be making this game for mobile :). Also, wow, you played it for 5 hours! :O

Thanks! And no, this game is currently only on the web. I am working, however, on a mobile version, if that interests you :)

Yup, I meant a screenshot :) Only if you want, of course.

This game looks so cool!!! :D

Interesting game, but I can't really play it since it lags pretty bad... :( Also, it is quite a coincidence that pretty much everyone who commented here did it in the day they signed up, and all of them have a single post - here. If they are you friends, you could have told them to rate other games too :D 

Pretty empty around here, isn't it? Also, it is pretty impressive that you managed to get a perfect 5, to be fair. Also, I am a bit interested in this game's analytics :). If you could share them it would be perfect :D

The problem is that not everyone has a credit card or a way to buy a game, and they may want to try it. Also, the ones that have a credit card will have the option to remove ads by paying a small fee, so it is pretty much the same thing.

Well the thing is that if I want to make money from my game -at least to cover the time I will have spent- I will have to include ads (I prefer the free model over the paid one). However, I won't flood the game with them, since I want the game to be pretty chill, and ads don't really help with that. And yes, I will make improvements. The main things I have in mind right now are: more map features (for example a moving platform), more levels, and a level creator to make your own levels that you could share with others to play (clearly, you could play levels made by others too) :)

Thank you! I already started making it for mobile :)

Thank you! Yup, the game does get a bit frustrating, you are right :)

Thanks! :D

Thank you! I will probably implement the system you are talking about in the mobile version of this game :). And the auto-restart was already added, but only in the mobile version. The web will most likely stay the same since I am now using another language which doesn't let me deploy to HTML5. Thanks for the suggestions! :D

Thanks mate! :)

You can't do that, sadly. This game was not meant for mobile. I am working on a port, though :)

Thanks for playing it! I will check your game out when I have time :)

Thank you! :)

Thank you! This is a really great time :) I think my best is about 180s :))

Thanks! :D

Thank you! I will try to work on the wall jumping problem since I realized it is pretty hard to do it.

No, not really. I think there was a problem with the site for a bit since someone else complained about this too not long ago. Also, what the problem is?

Thanks! :D I will definitely add more levels in a later release.

Thanks you! :)

Yeah, now that I think about it (plus the requests and everyone that said that wall jumping is hard), a lower gravity/airtime should fix that issue :).

Pretty fun game! I think however that the first level is harder than the second or third level, and it almost made me quit playing. So you could change the order of the levels a bit, I think :)

Great game! Nothing to complain about, really, you did a very good job! :)

Thanks! :D I don't know if reducing the gravity is a great idea, since, sure, it would make wall jumping easier, but it would make everything else easier (or harder, depending on the level of precision you need in a certain level). 

Thank you! :) The vector arrow idea is great, I will definitely add it in a future release.

This is actually a pretty good game, good job you all! :) I actually really like how the game looks. Everything is "sharp" (the first word that came to mind), the font is great and the style of the assets is consistent (for example everything has a white border). But yeah, as others have said, the controls could have been better. I personally didn't manage to get used to the controls, thus not playing the game for a very long time. Also, I don't really like how the background moves a bit when you start moving. I would personally have liked maybe a bit of speed blur effect (or something like that), but then again, I don't know myself how to implement such thing and I think it would take some precious time :). This is a very small thing anyways. 

Thanks! :D

Looks interesting, but sadly, I wasn't able to play it since, as the others said, the controls are pretty bad.  Good job for finishing and publishing the game! :) You will definitely get better in time.

Nice little game! :) I actually finished it. I wouldn't have finished if the difficulty didn't decrease, so this was a good choice, at least in my opinion. But I doubt that decreasing difficulty would make for a great actual game, but for a jam game that you likely only play once it is great. One small problem was that I couldn't use WASD, since only D and S worked. But I was able to use the arrow keys. :)

Thank you for your feedback, Ben! I actually thought about limited moves/time, but I'd like the game to be pretty chill since I personally don't like to be hurried, so I doubt I will add this.  Also, I agree that wall jumping is very hard and I will see what I can do about that. Thanks again for your suggestions! :)

Thanks, I really appreciate it! :)

Thank you!

Interesting game, I actually enjoyed playing it! :) I have some small complaints however. I don't really like the font you used since it is too hard to read. You should be able to find other pixelated fonts that have a grater level of detail, so you can read them easier. Also, it seems like you can play the game only in fullscreen. Here is how it looks like if I don't make the game fullscreen:  While the controls weren't bad (I mean what could be bad with such simple controls), I feel like there was no need to be able to move your mouse all around the screen, since all you are doing is changing the angle. So what I was thinking about is that you could make it so you can move the cursor only in a circle movement. For example, you could only move the cursor on the outline of the red circle (so not inside the circle and not outside the circle): 

instead of the whole screen. However I did not finish the game so there may be a reason for being able to move the mouse on the entire screen. Also, this is just an idea (which may not be that great in practice, I don't know), you can keep it the way you want :).

I actually really liked your game. I never thought that the lack of ammo would be an interesting mechanic, but it really is. It makes you think about a strategy. Great job! :)