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Wow, under 35s! I was surprised when someone finished the game in 90s, but you are really killing it! And in case you didn't read some of the posts I made, I will be making this game for mobile :). Also, wow, you played it for 5 hours! :O

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Unfortunately, there is a really annoying bug. If you click on the first frame of you spawning in (whether from the previous level or reseting) the placement of the bullet is very off and results in your run basically ending, as most of the time it causes you to rocket off in the wrong direction.

I used an autoclicker to get this screenshot, but I have died for no reason for this exact problem at least 50 times at this point.

Hmm... I will see what I can do about it. Tomorrow I should have a bit of free time to investigate this issue.


The issue should now be fixed :).


Thanks! :)