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Inter Galactic Commute Jam EditionView game page

A Space Shooter were you can't turn left! - One Button!
Submitted by CitybuilderStudios (@Citybuilder14S) — 2 minutes, 42 seconds before the deadline

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I like the way this game depicts the jam's theme. By excluding a direction from the controls, and making the spacebar fulfill three mechanics (shooting, healing and turning right), you made an innovative shooter. I liked the visual style and particle effects. The slow-motion effect gives you time to plan, and it makes you feel skillful.

_φ( °-°)/ We'll appreciate if you rate and comment our game: Slow Ride.


Great that you enjoyed it! :)


really fun game




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great game and idea I liked art style and the charged shot mechanic this game just needs some little details like screen shakes and it will be perfect good job.

You can check out my entry if you pleased it will be appreciated if you rated and left feedback.


There actually is screen shake if you look really carefully (try with charged shot) but its very bad and need a lot of polishing and I its great you loved the charged shot!

Thanks for the Feedback and i'll totally check out your game!


Beautiful looking game with a cool mechanic! Here are my comments:

The good:

> I liked the unique mechanic. :)

> I like the fact that you can have a "charged shot" when you turn longer. Right now it doesn't make much difference though, if you continue with this game it would be nice to see situations that really make use of this mechanic.

> Because of the simplicity of the controls, this could really work as a mobile game! :)

Possible points of improvement:

> I think the camera moves way too much. It can sometimes make me dizzy (but maybe that's just me). Also, when I play in my browser I don't see my health bar. I don't know if this is a problem of my browser, though ( I am using Opera).

> Maybe if you continue working on this game you can add more game juice! (screen shake, explosion) to make it more satisfying to blast enemies.

Overall, good game! Thanks for this.

P.S. I also invite you to try our game and give feedback! We are in need of more ratings :)

Developer (1 edit)

The detailed feedback is really appreciated and I might even make this game for Android as of the feedback its got on itch and newgrounds!       Like I said in another comment I actually already have screen shake if you look really carefully but thanks for highlighting this issue it really helpful! 

By the way I'll definitely check out your game!

Edit: Also I added the charged shot as on impact it gives the play health (this also happens if you ram into enemies)


Interesting idea! I wonder if this could be extended with power-ups or some other state-changing mechanism, such that what your button does changes based on context (perhaps sometimes it turns right, other times left, other times gives a boost, etc). Overall very nice -and I especially enjoyed the art style, would love to see more of that.


Thanks for the feedback the art style is inspired by Gigantic!


Nice! Also reminded me of kurzgesagt.

Developer (3 edits)

Yes many youtubers use it i believe its called flat design :)

I'll also look into kurzgesagt for future inspiration thanks for the comment its really motivating! (your game Elfin is great by the way).


Pretty fun game! I think however that the first level is harder than the second or third level, and it almost made me quit playing. So you could change the order of the levels a bit, I think :)


After the jam I'll definetly change around levels. The walls in the first don't add anything to game play and don't resemble later levels, so will be removed probably.

Thanks for the Feedback!


Muy divertido de jugar! Buen trabajo


Thanks! Great that you enjoyed it!


It's very tricky to play, but I think it's an interesting concept. This might sound odd, but consider getting rid of the walls.

Developer (1 edit)

Yes I totally agree, whilst playing the game I found the walls to be very annoying which is why I didn't use them in later levels. Originally you  were supposed to bounce of the walls but i couldn't get it to work in time :(

Thanks for the Feedback greatly appreciated!  


Sorry, but the game crashed whilst building so there is no upload on the game page but please Play it Here!!!

Plus please give a rating and feedback!