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This is soo cute, love it! With a few tweaks, I would happily pay for this. 

An undo button would be amazing, and possibly a new approach to levels and progression. The core mechanic is shockingly simple and complex. Great Ludum dare entry!

Thank you :D

Thanks so much, I completely agree. Music will have to be something I try out next!

Thanks, will do!

Thanks a lot!

Thank you!

Thanks a lot, will do!

Thanks a lot, music is definitely something I should try soon!

Ah it's a shame I didn't spend some more time balancing the enemies and really reinforcing the theme, happy you had fun anyhow :D

Thank you, I 100% agree

Thank you! Yeah I should've done a far better job of explaining those :D 

Super happy you like it regardless

Ah that sucks, it seems a few ai bugs crept through

Thanks so much! It's awesome to hear you followed development, happy you liked it!

Thank you!

Exactly! Super happy it helped you out, love those takeaways 

This is a really interesting concept! It took me a while to realize you had to program the turrets, but after that (and especially once I started using the turn up/down commands) I really liked the concept. I will definitely say the lack of polish is really hard on a game like this, and also personally I think the idea may be more suited to a top-down perspective, so consider trying that out if you want to build on the game more. Overall, love the idea and programming turrets behavior is a super interesting twist on the tower defense genre. With more content and polish this could easily turn into a fantastic full game, I truly think this has heaps of potential! Great job!

Love the take on the theme and the creative design. I feel like this could have a ton of potential!

Neat, really interesting take on the theme, love how you tied that into the gameplay.  I think some extra polish (screen shake, particles, permanence) would be the obvious improvement. Though I would say with a variety of enemy types and a bit more feedback when playing on the money system, this would feel super satisfying to play

haha, thank you!

Solid entry! I'm surprised by how well you've executed this simple concept. Going into this I assumed the "AI shoots, you move" idea might end up dull, but this is a fantastic take on this. I felt like you hit the perfect balance with the AI's skills they don't feel frustrating to work with but also require you to consider how your own positioning and situation will impact what it goes to target. There were a few times where it went to aim at someone behind the central wall which I found really interesting and felt like an intuitive natural outcome to this system. Great job!

Wow! That was awesome loved it. At first, I didn't entirely understand the controls and your overall goal, but after that, I really enjoyed the levels. I think these simplistic levels could get boring quickly if the game was longer yet for a short jam entry, these are perfect! I'm surprised by how fluid the player felt to control as well. Can't picture exactly how you could expand on this but I definitely feel an expanded game taking inspiration from Celeste's movement design and feel could be fantastic. Great entry :D

This is awesome! The level design was great and I love the art style, super polished yet incredibly simple. The SFX and music are fantastic, my only critique would be that you can't replace blocks and the health system which made trial and error a tad frustrating. Aside from those minor issues, great job!


Definitely, in hindsight I should have spent a few hours extra balancing the game

Thanks, yeah music would've been a great addition

Thanks so much! Yeah, sadly my horrible jam isn't great for performance

Thank you :D

Great! Thanks a lot

Thanks so much! Yep, sadly my spaghetti jam code came back to bite me :D

Thanks a lot! That's great to hear, happy you enjoyed it

Hey there LinkBlade! Thanks so much, yeah for a future video on jumps recreating Celeste's wall jump more faithfully is definitely on my to-do list. So happy you enjoyed COSMOS, thanks! 

My best guess would be that the force is being applied and then being counter-acted immediately by the Run. So, what I would do is create an option to lerp the player's movement like below for a short duration 0.2s to 0.4s, when you add the force :D. That should hopefully allow both forces to to apply but if you find the Y force is still much stronger one thing I've done when experimenting with adding a Dash is multipliying the Y velocity at the same time the run lerp runs out to balance the X and Y forces out. (Similar to what we do for the Jump Cut). Hope this helps!

Thanks a lot, glad you liked it :D

Love the car movement, feels really nice and smooth to control as well as the pixelated 3d style. Great Job :D

Really unique and cool twist on the theme! Great Job especially with the voice acting :D

This is awesome! Love the art style and player movement & abilities. The art style is super cute and the game feels really juicy. One of the best I've played so far :D

My main critique would be the enemies. They are all pretty similar in design and mainly just run towards the player. Usually, I only died if I accidentally ran into one.

Also making them less "bullet spongy" though with the other effects this isn't super important and mostly my preference (Btw love the way you've tied the permanence of their corpse and gameplay together with the bubble)

Overall I feel like with general polish (similar to Vlambeer games maybe) and more engaging enemies this would be fantastic. Amazing Job :D

Neat graphics and gameplay! Overall, the gameplay was really well polished and well-rounded. Being a top-down shooter I would say it can be relatively boring once you've played for a bit since it doesn't deviate much from a standard top-down shooter and feels quite similar to other games. 

A few nit-picky things I think would really make the game feel more exciting to play would be:

  • Screen Shake - always  good to have in any action game
  • Faster enemy spawning - helps keep the pace of the game up
  • BIGGER bullets (lol) - its weird but larger faster bullets usually work really well for arcade-style games
  • And of course some form of unique idea or mechanic that separates it from other games would be fantastic if you wanted to work on it anymore

Overall very polished, a neat cast of enemies, Great Job :D

How the music/sound design reacts to all your actions is really neat! Great hope, love seeing dynamic audio systems :D

Thanks so much, that means a lot!

(Haven't played many yet but when I get time I'll try yours out :D)

Thanks a lot!