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My best guess would be that the force is being applied and then being counter-acted immediately by the Run. So, what I would do is create an option to lerp the player's movement like below for a short duration 0.2s to 0.4s, when you add the force :D. That should hopefully allow both forces to to apply but if you find the Y force is still much stronger one thing I've done when experimenting with adding a Dash is multipliying the Y velocity at the same time the run lerp runs out to balance the X and Y forces out. (Similar to what we do for the Jump Cut). Hope this helps!

Thanks a lot, glad you liked it :D

Love the car movement, feels really nice and smooth to control as well as the pixelated 3d style. Great Job :D

Really unique and cool twist on the theme! Great Job especially with the voice acting :D

This is awesome! Love the art style and player movement & abilities. The art style is super cute and the game feels really juicy. One of the best I've played so far :D

My main critique would be the enemies. They are all pretty similar in design and mainly just run towards the player. Usually, I only died if I accidentally ran into one.

Also making them less "bullet spongy" though with the other effects this isn't super important and mostly my preference (Btw love the way you've tied the permanence of their corpse and gameplay together with the bubble)

Overall I feel like with general polish (similar to Vlambeer games maybe) and more engaging enemies this would be fantastic. Amazing Job :D

Neat graphics and gameplay! Overall, the gameplay was really well polished and well-rounded. Being a top-down shooter I would say it can be relatively boring once you've played for a bit since it doesn't deviate much from a standard top-down shooter and feels quite similar to other games. 

A few nit-picky things I think would really make the game feel more exciting to play would be:

  • Screen Shake - always  good to have in any action game
  • Faster enemy spawning - helps keep the pace of the game up
  • BIGGER bullets (lol) - its weird but larger faster bullets usually work really well for arcade-style games
  • And of course some form of unique idea or mechanic that separates it from other games would be fantastic if you wanted to work on it anymore

Overall very polished, a neat cast of enemies, Great Job :D

How the music/sound design reacts to all your actions is really neat! Great hope, love seeing dynamic audio systems :D

Thanks so much, that means a lot!

(Haven't played many yet but when I get time I'll try yours out :D)

Thanks a lot!

Won't have time to play games for a while but I'll remember to come back here before voting ends :D

Thanks a lot :D

Thanks so much for all the feedback! Yeah, wish I had time to improve the tutorial and fix small details like the exit gates

Thanks yeah it was a massive inspiration :D

Thanks so much, it was heavily inspired by Ape Out  if thats what your thinking of :D

Thanks so much! Yeah, Ape Out was a massive inspiration and learning to compose music is something id love to do one day

Thanks so much!

Thanks :D

Thanks so much :D

Thanks :D

Thanks! Yeah the chaos elements/story could ve been comveyed much better, with some better levels and combat. 

Thank a lot! Yeah, wish I had time to balance the combat more and get the enemy behaviour right

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Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks so much!

Thanks! Yeah, improving the enemy behaviour would definetly help the comat feel much better and would let you play steathly or "run n gun". If I had more time that would probably be my main focus :D

Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed!

Thanks so much! Yh ape out was a really inspiration and I definetly need to watch venom

No worries! In the game, the only way hp is shown is through the size of the player so adding a color change would definitely help reinforce that, I think refining the movement and combat would help with your other two points about it not feeling great to control or feel chaotic enough. Thanks for the feedback :D

Thanks :D

Thanks, glad you liked you liked it :D

Thanks! Yeah, I was very inspired by Ape Out during the Jam lol

Glad you liked it : D

Thanks so much : D

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Oo well I loved being able to control a bunch of insects/animals so I think expanding on ways that can play out would be really interesting to see.  Trying this mechanic out with fish or another animal could also be really cool. One  suggestion could be to really focus on interactions between the locuses (loci?) since the game can get repetitive quickly

Btw all your games look really unique wondering if you use a game engine and which?

Love the simple clean art style and the gameplay really interesting for something made in only 10 hours : D

 Great Job!

Thanks so much! 

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Thanks a ton, glad you enjoyed it!

Glad you enjoyed it! My take on the theme was that some sort of genetically created creature had been released from its enclosure and is fighting through guards to escape.  "Let there be Chaos" being that someone has released a dangerous creature : D

Glad you enjoyed it! Yeah making the characters only unlockable later into the level ended up being a big balancing headache,  in foresight I probably should have made levels starting with different characters

Glad you enjoyed it, yh i didn't explain the gold system well enough in the tutorial (fyi you gain gold for killing enemies and lose it if you take damage, which isnt shown well). Luckily, with it being a topdown shooter everyone just knows to shoot at things so hopefully didn't impact most peoples enjoyment.

FYI, just to let you know once the final level is completed the game has an error and crashes, luckily all that you'll miss is the win screen