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Nice little game. :) I'd suggest you work on making some easier levels at first, though. Also, I wonder if it would be easier to have the player sprite rotate to face the mouse instead of with key presses?

Interesting connection between the theme and mechanics (or maybe just the lose state). It could use some visual polish, but it's a solid entry!

I have to commend you on the originality of it. It's deceptively difficult (and unique!) for a one-button arcade game. I enjoyed it, but I will say I was praying for a taller, narrower screen the whole time. Seeing more of the horizontal than the vertical doesn't make sense in a game where you always need to know what's below you.

What a great little game! There are a lot of things I love about it, but especially the (ever-elusive) game feel. The animations, sounds, and effects all work together flawlessly, not to mention you included nice accessibility features! I only wish it kept track of my progress, but still, great work!!

Wow, this game is crazy hard. I couldn't get past the first room! Above all else, I'd suggest you try to incorporate an appropriate difficulty curve – start out easy, with no punishing red walls, then slowly introduce more hazards (along with checkpoints of course).

What a wonderful little game! The glitch puzzles were very interesting, and I could see the concept being easily expanded. I only wish there was more. ;)

(P.S. I had no sound at all during the gameplay, only the cutscenes. I played on Mac, if that helps.)

What a strange little game – I love it! Something about the minimalism really does it for me.

Please do! I really enjoyed it. It reminds me of, but as a two-player game, and much more contained (which is good)! Things like different game modes and powerups would be awesome, and I can imagine some really cute animation for all the balls and stuff.

I love the concept! But I was really hoping the swiping mechanic would evolve a little bit. Like, there are a lot of fun things you can do with swipes that you can't do with clicks! It adds sort of an RTS-esque element to the typical clicker genre. Very nice concept!

This is super polished, like what the hell. (It's really fun too!)

As mentioned, the controls could use some polish, but otherwise, I had a lot of fun! It's a nice concept and a well-produced little game.

Simple concept, but very fun! I want MORE.

My only suggestion would be to have the magnet move or be affected in some way. Otherwise the game gets repetitive pretty quickly. But great work!

It's very tricky to play, but I think it's an interesting concept. This might sound odd, but consider getting rid of the walls.

I have to agree with everyone else in saying that the art and music is great! I love the theme and atmosphere of it, even if it could use a little polish (but it's a jam game, so no worries)!

Simple, and fluid controls! Nicely done.

This is SO clever, and I love the MS-Paint art style (though the UI could use some polishing)!

Clever, simple design. Good work!