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Submitted by Cloudium (@Cloudium_) — 5 hours, 48 minutes before the deadline
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Nice game. The only thing I would improve is the UI, it looks kinda out of place (perhaps it's because you didn't have enough time to make it?). It looks weird how the buttons are pixelated but the checkboxes and dropdown menus aren't.


My only suggestion would be to have the magnet move or be affected in some way. Otherwise the game gets repetitive pretty quickly. But great work!


i actually was going to add that but at the end it didn't get in because i didn't have time enough.

Really nice! I like the concept and it was executed pretty well! I think some kind of feedback when you hit and/or kill an enemy would be good. Also i am not really a fan of how the dash... feels (but that could also be just me).

All in all a good game with some room for inprovement.


Really cool! I like the idea and it was executed pretty well! It could use some music and better sound effects tho. Also, I think there needs to be more feedback when you hit/kill an enemy. Good job! 


Great idea! Restrictive, but not to the point that it gets boring. I also like your risk vs reward structure. As you have to "pull" your enemies to the center to be able to shoot them. Just maybe add a timer at the start of each round so that you don't randomly get hit.

Developer (1 edit)

You shouldn't be able to get randomly hit as they spawn at least 64 pixels away from you (about 4 times the player) 


Yeah, I noticed that. It's probably just me being totally bad at your game, but those 64 pixels are like 0.5 seconds of player movement, which means that you can easily move into them.

Deleted post

not bad

Submitted (1 edit)

Really neat concept, and it's confusing in an musing way as you're trying to use the mouse for aiming, even though you can't :) The dashing and bullet-attracting mechanic work good together too. I also agree with other comments that this seems like a really good foundation for expanding with more levels with things moving, going different speeds and getting in the way etc.

This is a really good start to a great game!  It's a simple game that is already addictive and could be made even more addictive with a scoring system, more guns, more enemies, and moving magnets!  There is so much to do here so the only reason I'm giving it a 4 out of 5 is because there's so much that can be expanded upon.  


I just want to say that is says submitted 5 hours before deadline but it was changed multiple times after that


A good foundation for a game! I'd love to see more added on top of this: more weapons, more enemies, a moving magnet, or maybe some kind of cover!


This is extremely fun!! This game definitely deserves to be polished and developed further.


I though this game was super cool. I would have loved to see the bullet trajectory get even weirder. Like orbiting or pushing in addition to the pulling. Or even have friendly fire turned on so you have to avoid the chaos that you're creating. Just the fact that this game has got my head churning like this proves that it has loads of potential

Love this game! Really awesome concept, turn on auto shoot (if your headphones don't break!), loads of fun, very creative idea with loads of potential.

Would have loved for the level itself to have been circular as well, movement would be so more intuitive this way. As a side note, possibly adding different enemies or guns would have made this super addictive. Better still making the centre of your fire change as levels progress, maybe the position of this could be drawn towards the direction that the players fire upon every missed shot. This would also encourage planning and reduce the amount of "spray and pray".

All in all, a very different submission that brought a smile to my face as I zapped cure, little, red cubes.