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This was a really polished game with a really interesting mechanic. I loved the story mode too, it seemed to fit in nicely with the gameplay and didn't seem forced. The color mechanic and "what-does-what" is a bit hard to grasp though. I watched a youtube video of you playing the game beforehand, so I had a notion of how it worked, but i still found myself a bit unsure when i was playing it myself. Lovely game though, and really well put together!

i tried both. it gets stuck as an instance in task manager, with nothing happening.

Visuals are great, though if the ship would turn smoothly I think the impression would be even better. But the visuals set a great mood. I had trouble keeping track of my hp and amount of mines, since it was only visible when placing a mine or getting hit by an enemy. I was also unsure about the blue balls i could collect, i guess they increased my hp? Defeating the enemies was he best bit though - from seeing the lie when they spot you, to luring them into a mine you've just placed. It was very satisfying :)

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Wow. Great mood and what seems to me like a very unique mechanic! Visuals are great and the mario world-theme works great in contrast to the gory mechanics. Good work!

Was it just me - or was there no way to get back to the main menu or quit the game?

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The game didn't start on my computer... :( It's a self-extracting file i assume? And it doesn't seem to want to extract...

I loved it! The animation was very smooth and nice, and I also somehow enjoyed the punishing difficulty and always wanted to try again to see if I could get a better time! I was wondering about the shooting, though - if I made this game I would use just the right mouse button to fire, so i wouldn't have to keep track of where my mouse pointer was while i was running? 

I really enjoyed this game, though it lacked some nice sound effects which i think would make it even better. I was also thinking maybe the instruction graphic "How to play" doesn't need to show every time, maybe just the first time you play. That way i could get into racing and steering much quicker after loosing:)

Thank you! Glad you appreciated them :)

Thanks for the compliment though! Did your controller have 2 analog sticks like the Xbox controllers? 

You have a very valid point, thanks for replying. If this jam helped people evolve in their craft, who am I to berate them for that :) 

Hi all!

Not to be picky, but in addition to finally getting the incentive to finish my own game, I was looking forward to playing actual finished (albeit small) games from other people. After playing through some entries in this jam it seems to be a lot of "I'll finish this later"-mentality. In my humble opinion, learning to finish something, release it and walk away from it and onto the next ting is part of the creative experience and is something that we all should practice in order to get better.

Don't know if you all agree with me?

Nice graphics and a very good and interesting mechanic. I was a bit confused with whether I was supposed to click the left MB once to pick up a box and then click it again to release it, or if i was supposed to hold the left MB pressed while holding it and the release the button to release the box. Both ways worked, but the latter version worked with the most precision.

I liked the art style, but gameplay became a bit repetitive after a while. Enemies were easily avoided, and when I tried to explore the things in the world that weren't coins - I was punished with a game over I was unable to prevent. Zelda feeling was nice though.

Funny and engaging! And the mechanic seems original ad intuitive. I had expected  the controls for the car to be more like a proper car - being able to steer it while it's stationary felt awkward, and in my opinion it turned too quickly for me to be able to control it with precision, especially while towing.

Thanks! It was originally controlled by both players via the keyboard, but there were sometimes too many inputs for the keyboard to handle, so I ported it to a 2-joystick controller, which also had the added bonus of rising the speed of gameplay significantly. 

Very nice atmosphere and it was almost cookie clicker nice to click on the squares to plant and harvest, but it felt like the must be some obstacles to just accumulating a lot of money right away. 

Thank you 🤗 And thanks for playing! 

Mood was very good with the story attached, but the tutorial was only really necessary the first time around.  Music was very good and gave a nice shift in mood between normal gameplay and boss fight. Also liked the butterfly things, which forced me to leave the bottom of the screen, where I had been hiding out for too long :) 

Thank you :) 

Thanks so much for taking the time to write that, it made me really happy 😊 

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If Pong had been made in 2017 - this is what it would look (and feel) like!

- Score by getting your ball into your opponent's goal. 

- The first player to reach 10 points wins the game. 

- Players don't move while aiming.


- - - Credits: - - -

Art, Programming & Music - BOYMAKESNOISE

Sound Effects - Bfxr

Nice and clear graphics! I died a lot, so I had to sit through the UFO-scene a lot, though I like the original ways the game played out, going faster, backwards and so on, which were some great ideas!

Really good, polished and well balanced game! Really challenging, without seeming impossible. Walking controls feel a bit slidy, but slapping is solid :) Great game! I was sad that I couldn't watch the actual players slapping each other, though, because I was busy watching the letters I was supposed to press.

This is a really nice game! The goal was a bit unclear for me, but it got clearer as i played, and lost :) I played against an AI but I still appreciated the balance you had to consider between boosting you hp and gadgets and getting to your opponent. Nice polish with great powerups. Impressive for 48 hours!

Wow. The polish on this game is great. It feels really solid. Once i got the hang of controlling the lizard and the hotdogs at the same time, it could win the game, but it was still a challenge and I found myself with my tongue sticking out of my mouth :) It's always special when a jam game feels this solid with good, polished graphics and seemingly without bugs. Very well done!

Great artstyle, which gives the a game a very polished feel!

Great example of how a more "childish" artstyle can be used in a very professional and solid way! Great concept and execution! PS. aren't the clouds scrolling the wrong way? :)

Also, consider having the camera follow he mouse a bit (halfway between the player and the mouse) to make you able to look ahead a bit and have more information about the playing fields to help your decisions about your next move.

Lovely visuals and some weird and lovely banana physics. Gameplay could be improved by moving the camera a bit more ahead of the player, so you can see what's about to come at you.

Lovely take on Circa Infinity's concept! The karma-mechaninc where you can choose different ways to finish the levels - shooting or dodging - knowing that shooting might come back to haunt you later in the form of blood drops, is great! Great feat of programming with the zoom-in for each level as well!

Wow! Simple but effective concept, and the gameplay was solid and seemed to flow like a finished game. It was just challenging enough, and I liked that you had to balance the chance of getting hit by a robot against your desire to gain back some mana from an expired gun tower. Well balanced and challenging, which makes for excellent replay value. It did however freeze up my computer at game over, but I'm guessing that's a local problem :)

Simple, solid mechinc. Beutifully executed with cohesive visuals and theme. A great example of a jam game done right!

The look of the playing field in the thumbnail caught my attention immediately. I like the huge pixels and the palette! Gameplay was smooth and quite easy to understand, could really see this evolved into more complex levels actually requiring me to restart and try again.

When I saw that head-laser in the trailer, I knew I had to try it :) Took a while to get used to the controls and I'm still not entirely sure how to give the boats maximum damage when I ram them. But after playing a few times i managed to get the laser, and the fun went up by 10! I love the feeling of blasting the pirates instantly with that thing. Good also to have a limit on the amount of time you can use it. Thanks for a fun game!

This feel like an original idea, having to remember what the different items do to the ghost, i like it, brings me back to time when you had to have a pen and paper next to you while playing some games :) I didn't really get why some items made the ghost go in two differnet directions, so I would sometimes end up in the corner. Nice graphics as well!

The controls had me confused, it seemed unclear what on the screen was  a result of my input and what was the AI or game. The colors seemed to change between player and AIas well, wich made me confused as to who I was controlling. I like the "fighting on an island"-theme though. I would have liked some more visually striking weapons.

That over-the-top screenshake is a wonderful way to stop me from using the fire-button too much. Rami Ismail mentioned that in one of his talks - what's stopping the player from just mashing the fire-button and winning the game? Either leve the weapon firing constantly or come up with a mechanic for it. I think you did a great job.

Plus hilarious.

Love this idea. And also the fact that the juice makes helps the game give great feedback, even without sound.

That tickles my retro sense... Nice to see it wasn't completely broken, though I hope most people will be able to play it as-is.

Thank you. I lol'ed.