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A jam entry

WorthlessView game page »

Prepare for your eventual evisceration
Submitted by randomphantom with 13 hours, 59 minutes before the deadline
Rated by 31 people so far
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Amazing game. Loosely reminded me of world of goo. Kinda felt bad at some points having to use my more docile friends as trap bait.


Cool that you felt sorry for the circles, totally intended ;) Thanks for playing!

The post process are sick. The gameplay is sweet. Nice job here


Thanks! Post processing makes bland shapes look great!

The monocromatic visuals really give the game an eerie atmosphere. Almost reminds of Limbo a bit if that makes. In any case, good going.

Also I remember you from gmtk jam 2017


Limbo was a direct inspiration :D I do recall playing your entry in GTMK Jam!

Wow what a great atmosphere and level of polish! I'm terrible at the game, but really enjoyed myself regardless! Really pretty great what you can do with just some simple shapes, amazing work!


Thanks for the kind comments :D glad to have simple shapes as a modifier as that allowed me to focus on the polish and level design as my 2D art skills isn't great

The music and level design were awesome.  I got far but did not beat the game (so this must really be a huge game.  I started off using the gamepad but later found the keyboard to be easy to control the jump.  Nice job on your game!!


Thanks for playing, had lots of fun playing hot dog boi too :D There's a lot of jumping later in the game which I thought gamepad would be better for, but spacebar works fine too!

Nice visuals and level design, the framerate really became an issue though. 


Thanks for checking it out, have added a Html5 version which hopefully resolves the framerate issues.

It was like limbo with eggs, i.e. super awesome!!


Thanks for playing :D 

At some point of the game, the screen was shaking a lot, and it didnt stop or got slow when I died. I liked the ambience and proposal of this game. Good work!


Updated the HTML5 to hopefully address framerate and excessive screenshake issues. Thanks for the feedback!

I liked the jumping animation, control, background particle effects, and mechanics. Great work, feels like an abstract limbo 


Thanks for the kind comments, glad you liked it!

Would push another blob to its death for my survival again. I really loved it. The atmosphere is amazing, reminds me of LIMBO there should be more like it.


Yes, LIMBO was my prime inspiration :D. Thanks for playing!

Not only is this game creative but its cleverly unique, it only use a few colours and simple shapes yet this game still looks amazing, the only issue I have is for some reason the camera or screen shake amplified and it felt like a giant was dancing nearby otherwise good job.


I think there's a bug where the camera shake might go haywire sometimes (still haven't figured out why) but hopefully it was not too jarring!

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This is the most impressed I've been with a jam game in some time. Great atmosphere and polish like some other people have stated. My graphics card was struggling a bit to keep up, but I still enjoyed it immensely. The fact that you mostly succeed by stepping on the other "creatures", or by sacrificing them by pushing them in front of you in this meat-factory-like place, contributed greatly to making this a truly impactful game. And I was expecting a simple platformer :)


Thanks for playing and its real cool that you appreciate the dark undertones :D Guess it needs some graphic options in a future update.

Really scared me quite a few times! Love how much further you took it since I last played.


I had your idea of scaling a wall worked in as well, thanks for your suggestions :D

Wow, I wasn't expecting that level of polish in a jam game!  Love the Limbo atmosphere.  Fantastic job!!


Thanks :D gotta say your game's polish was off the charts!

Wow that was amazing. I love the dark atmosphere, reminds me of Limbo. Really great Job with the art, sound, and especially coding the game.


Awesome work capturing that dark/lonely feeling just with simple shapes!


Perfect excuse for hiding my lack of 2D art skills