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Samurai Drop - only jump to move!View game page

Submitted by Salman Shurie - (Salman_Shh) (@SalmanShhGames) — 20 minutes, 52 seconds before the deadline
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Samurai Drop - only jump to move!'s page


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Feels quite nice to play. And it's very polished overall! The only thing that bothered me is the necessity to use the mouse wheel to know the cursor position. I switched to full screen because more than often my cursor was stuck in a corner.

But that detail aside, it's really great! The mechanics is fun, and the level-design well done. Congrats!


Beautiful. Simple. Challenging. The mouse interaction feels a bit wonky at times, but it's not too bothersome. Well done !


Nice idea with a pretty art style and good gameplay. However not seeing the mouse makes itreally hard. Also the collisions seem a bit weird at moments.

Anyway, good job overall!


Super Sweet idea, i agree however, eventually you lose the mouse position, and it becomes impossible to aim with any real accuracy, but that should be fairly simple to fi

Love the look and the mechanic but the player should aim where the mouse is and not in the same spot.


Hmm, might be an issue with my system, but after a few jumps I run into situations where I can only aim between certain angles, usually straight against a wall. The concept seemed intriguing, but this issue always makes the game unplayable for me within just a few jumps.

Great art style and build. Could use a little more depth in both UI and gameplay. The stretching of your jump giving greater speed isn't immediately apparent so it makes it very hard to approach enemies before they shoot you. On the same note, it's impossible to approach an already shooting enemy because you eventually fall into their arrows. There's also a missed opportunity with your jump deleting the 'blocks' where they only delete one with each jump - you could maybe provide more audio feedback of the blocks being crushed for more satisfaction, and maybe having multiple blocks delete depending the strength of your jump.


Great art style and really fun gameplay : congrats on making such an awesome job !


First off, I love this idea.  This simple mechanism for movement is interesting and intriguing and I can think of a hundred ways to expand upon it.  Nicely done.   I have only two real issues, which I'm sure you would have gotten two had you more time.  The first is that the characters arch doesn't match up exactly with the arch that is drawn on the screen.  This wasn't a big deal once I figured it out, but is kind of just a quality of life thing. 

The second issue was that there doesn't appear to be a real limit on how far you can launch the character.  This was funny and not a major thing either, but just something I thought I'd point out.   If I could keep dragging my mouse, I could keep extending the distance the character would launch.

Love the art and aesthetic too.  I could get into this one.  

As mentioned, the controls could use some polish, but otherwise, I had a lot of fun! It's a nice concept and a well-produced little game.


The controls were a bit annoying and it didn't flow as expected... But everything else is super good :)

I'm guessing this is meant to be a mobile game thus you removed a cursor? If not that needs to be there because removing it  didnt add to the design it just created frustration.

Other than that i really liked it! Cute graphics and the levels were creative. Wouldnt mind playing again if you tweaked and added more levels.


to be honest the only reason I even had it hidden was for recording gifs, had forgotten to disable the mouse hiding before the deadline. tried to upload an update that shows the mouse but... can't cuz of the rules


Good game. The art was very good.

I personally didn't have an issue with the controls myself but I'd agree that the cursor should probably be shown. Also the arc didn't seem to completely match up with the end result (it was always a bit too high). 

I liked the level design here. The games about a samurai (although I'd say more like a ninja) and I felt that was represented in the level design with the enemy mechanics.

Interesting mechanics and ideas, and the graphics were great, but how the mouse wasn't visible before aiming, and could only go so far on the screen was frustrating.

Great game. The art style is great. A lot was accomplished in two days. The game does fit the theme even though I don't think it is the most innovative game. Another criticism would be the controls. I think having a cursor present on screen at all times would have been a huge benefit.


will be updating it to fix bugs and some issues people have encountered. should be fixed soon


Really nice aesthetics, controls were tough though