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Salman Shurie (Salman_Shh)

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refreshing should fix it! sorry


Thank you :D

thank you??

That's the plan! (☞ ಠ_ಠ)☞


once I get some free time, hopefully soon!


Not till Theres a post-jam version made


I'll think about it

that was originally a goal but then saw how much joy my little brother felt trying to beat a random test level I had been working on

thats legitimately surprising to me! didn't expect people to find that level so hard to 100%, probably should have allowed for a wider margin of error in that stage

I used Construct 3 for this jam game

yeap! , should be signified by the player character using their foot to push forward

This game is so friggin fun

can't be that hard to figure it out

Glad you liked it

weird of you to write this on an old game, comes off as incredibly rude.

Its not meant to happen, will be pushing an update soon that should hopefully fix that random bug.

My bad for forgetting to add a restart button to controller bindings. But glad you seem to like it

I believe it already does that if you press the grab button when the screen changes colour...?

sadly no, sorry bout that


throw your axe/torch to go the next level if you have defeated all the enemies in the stage

that doesn't sound right... You should be able to shoot left or right and switching between them by moving towards those directions


not gonna lie but the original comment came off as malicious to me. felt quite serious.

glad you liked it :)

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this demo was made nearly a year ago, if you are trying to insinuate we copied you are dead wrong lol


thanks for stopping by.

thanks for playing!

to be honest the only reason I even had it hidden was for recording gifs, had forgotten to disable the mouse hiding before the deadline. tried to upload an update that shows the mouse but... can't cuz of the rules

will be updating it to fix bugs and some issues people have encountered. should be fixed soon