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A Blender add-on for building tile based low-poly scenes with paint/map editor like tools · By Jeiel Aranal

Blender 2.80

A topic by Yonnji created Mar 09, 2019 Views: 981 Replies: 18
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I'm working on the update for Blender 2.80. You can track my progress here -

What I was managed to get work:
+ Addon load/unload
+ Loading and creating a new tileset (I'm using cycles nodes to store the textures for now on)
+ Grid list management

So everything else doesn't work including paint and build tools. I don't know how long it takes to finish it because I don't have an experience in Blender Addons. Any help with that would be appreciated.


This is great! I wish I knew more about Blender Addon dev, but I can't wait to see this fully ported!

Thanks  a lot for your work, Yonnji!

Hey Yonnji,

I am also new to Blender Addons, but I am familiar with Python. Is there anything in particular that you would like help with? Your fork doesn't have an issues page, so I thought I'd try you here. 



Yes. You can try it too. I'm stuck at the paint/build tools. They doesn't works and tileset widget doesn't come ups. It's complicated because I don't getting any errors.


I am also working on porting sprytile to 2.8 when I have time here:

I think I will eventually be able to have it fully working, but it will take a bit of time, please be patient :) The viewport drawing code in particular will need a heavy rewrite, because support was dropped for the calls sprytile currently uses.

I made a few updates. Now I've got into the state where I press the build/paint button and the Blender crashes with an error: module 'gpu' has no attribute 'offscreen'

The viewport drawing code in particular will need a heavy rewrite, because support was dropped for the calls sprytile currently uses.
Do you mean those calls to glBegin(), glEnd() and everything else gl-related? I've seen a lot of them. So they aren't work anymore?

Yes they don’t work anymore because blender has shifted from opengl 2 to 3 and they need to be either rewritten in  gl3 or with the gpu module which is built on top of it. The documentation suggests using the latter if possible because it claims it will remain compatible when blender will shift again to vulkan.


I've made some progress and now all tools work (The ui drawing is not ported yet, so tiles cannot be selected). However in 2.8 these kind of tools are supposed to be in the new toolbar (solving conflict issues with other blender UI) which will require a bit additional work :)

Is it possible to install your addon?  I tried downloading the zip file and installing it on blender 2.8 but I couldn't get it to install.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  With the update to unity 2019, I had to update blender to 2.8 to get my models to import properly.    Thank you so much for all the work you're doing on this and any help getting it install would be greatly appreciated.

Yes, go to the link I've posted above ( and download the zip file from "clone or download", then install it from the usual Preferences -> Addon window (Be sure to use the latest version of blender 2.8 beta, it was updated today). Search for "sprytile" in the same window and activate it.

The sprytile tools have been moved to the new toolbar on the left (they popup in edit mode as usual). Keep in mind that the plugin is still unfinished and it is not very usable yet (tiles cannot be selected).

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Thank you so much for getting back to me.  I downloaded blender 2.8 beta yesterday, downloaded the zip, and attempted to install it through the addons.  I tried again today (downloaded a fresh version of 2.8 on my mac, yesterday I tried this on my windows machine), downloaded your add on, installed from blender.   I see at the bottom it says that it was installed.  Neither of us were able to get it to display in the addons list.

Sorry, I've got what went wrong. Once you download the repository first unzip it, rename the unzipped folder to "sprytile" and zip it again. (On windows, if you double click on the new zip you should see the "sprytile" folder, and the python scripts should be inside it). Then try installing that zip. I've tested it on a fresh install and it worked :)

Excited to see this. I am using Blender 2.8 a bit more so having tools like Sprytile available would be awesome.

Do either of you guys need any help? I don't have any experience with blender plug ins but if there's a need I can learn. This is def my go to tool for this stuff so I would love to contribute,


Anyone is free to contribute by forking the github repository : ) I'm not too far from having it fully ported, I'm now working on the viewport drawing part. Once that's done, I will have to do just a few adjustments here and there. Haven't encountered a show-stopping problem so far, but the port is proceeding slowly due to a limited free time. (And blender documentation is almost non-existent, especially for the 2.8 api, which further slows down the process)

Awesome! If you run into anything let me know. I'm looking forward to it thanks for all the hard work!

Hey! How goes the development process? Is there a devlog or something you post too? I've seen the git page get updated every once in a while. Thanks for taking the effort to do this!

I just update the git page whenever I do some progress :) Still working on it when I find some time.