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Anyone is free to contribute by forking the github repository : ) I'm not too far from having it fully ported, I'm now working on the viewport drawing part. Once that's done, I will have to do just a few adjustments here and there. Haven't encountered a show-stopping problem so far, but the port is proceeding slowly due to a limited free time. (And blender documentation is almost non-existent, especially for the 2.8 api, which further slows down the process)

Awesome! If you run into anything let me know. I'm looking forward to it thanks for all the hard work!

Hey! How goes the development process? Is there a devlog or something you post too? I've seen the git page get updated every once in a while. Thanks for taking the effort to do this!


I just update the git page whenever I do some progress :) Still working on it when I find some time.