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Great game. Cool and smooth VFX animations. It's impressive that you made a competitive AI.

И ни разу не удалось выиграть >_<

Cool game, but I'm stuck at the first guard which does not letting me pass. I can't jump so I can't collect some poaches of gold. This is great that you made all those graphics. You even made a character customization. That's impressive.

Great game. I like the unexpected parts of it. Also love the graphics and lighting.

Cute graphics. Too bad it lacks an attack animation or any other visual feedback (could be just a static slash/trail sprite).

Worked for me

Completed the game, loved the characters and quests.

Love the character's walking animation. Lol I didn't know that I can stop the time, so I almost completed first level without using this ability. It was pretty hardcore.

Cool chilling/relaxing atmosphere, good unexpected gameplay parts.

Love the idea where "loading screen" is better than "actual game".

Nice game. Cute graphics. The number of pixels is so low, but it fits very well.

This is a great game with a nice narrative. The character is cute.  Love the "unexpected" part of the game.

Cute and fun game. Too short but still good.

Great game. Looks cool and plays well. I like the colors and shading. It would be nice to see this one as a full game outside of gamejam with more content.

Great game. Looks cool and plays well. I like the colors and shading. It would be nice to see this one as a full game outside of gamejam with more content.

Make sure that you installed and starting the game with launcher app . app want's to install it on the first launch. It's used to run the games in restricted environment with limited access to the system.

I have refreshed the cache. You can try to update again.

Do you have any error messages before crash?

1. Да, есть баги в апдейтере. Обновить пока не могу, потому что апдейт игры залочен пока не закончится фестиваль. Игра также доступна в GameJolt лаунчере и планируется релиз в Discord Store, чтобы каждый мог использовать то что ему удобнее.

2. Оптимизация еще в процессе.

Ну и в целом многое еще поменяется, так как игра в разработке.

Игра может иногда крашится при обновлении и запускать нужно из лаунчера -

What is your GPU?

Not yet. The multiplayer is not opened yet. I will make an update post when it's ready for test.

I made a few updates. Now I've got into the state where I press the build/paint button and the Blender crashes with an error: module 'gpu' has no attribute 'offscreen'

The viewport drawing code in particular will need a heavy rewrite, because support was dropped for the calls sprytile currently uses.
Do you mean those calls to glBegin(), glEnd() and everything else gl-related? I've seen a lot of them. So they aren't work anymore?

Yes. You can try it too. I'm stuck at the paint/build tools. They doesn't works and tileset widget doesn't come ups. It's complicated because I don't getting any errors.

Sprytile community · Created a new topic Blender 2.80


I'm working on the update for Blender 2.80. You can track my progress here -

What I was managed to get work:
+ Addon load/unload
+ Loading and creating a new tileset (I'm using cycles nodes to store the textures for now on)
+ Grid list management

So everything else doesn't work including paint and build tools. I don't know how long it takes to finish it because I don't have an experience in Blender Addons. Any help with that would be appreciated.

Nothing changed. I think it always worked. The cycles just requires a material, which uses a nodes (my last screenshot).

Making a level for the third person shooter game.

I'm using a Cycles material and 2 separate UV maps for tiles and baked texture (megatexture).
I also using tileset in 2 separate sizes: 64x64 for Sprytile and 256x256 for Cycles.