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The certificates got outdated.
You can download the file and copy it to the game's folder.
It will be fixed in the next version.

I see. It's not that bad. This graphics card supports OpenGL / GLSL version 4.6 (the app needs v1.5 at least). You just need to install the drivers. The last version of the compatible drivers is 418.113 from 2019-11-05.

What is your GPU?

I see. It's not possible because Apple dropped OpenGL support in Mac OS.

Now im in a mac m1

Is it still Linux OS or Mac OS?

I have fixed colors and skinning.

Where can I privately sent you the .vrm (or a link), ideally?

DM me on twitter -

It's possible to look up VTuber+Linux tags on Twitch, for those who use them.

I'm already using them xD

it appears none of the colors I picked in VRoid Studio is applied (different strands of hairs are different colors for example)

Are you using vertex colors or material colors?
Can you send me VRM file?

It would be nice to see this be open-sourced

I don't have such plans, but this could be changed.

Might be nice to add VR hand controller support (such as the Index controllers), for people who have them, but no Leap Motion. (Also, you've gotten Leap Motion to work on Linux? Wow!)

I don't have VR controllers. Leap Motion still works, but it stuck on old SDK 2, because developers abandoned Mac and Linux platforms. You can also use regular webcam for the hand tracking, it kinda works but still buggy and unfinished.

I could open source some plugins or API and make a documentation  for it in near future. The app is plugin based, so it's pretty easy to add more tracking devices to it. But I doubt there are more Linux VTubers.

There are two ways:

1. Using App
Download App -
Go to the downloaded file properties and mark it executable, then double click it to run the installer.
Open installed App, search for the VTuberWebcam in the in-app browser and click Install.
Choose VTuberWebcam in the library and click Launch. App can auto-update everything, most updates are just few megabytes,
so you don't have to download ~300mb archive again for the new version each time.

2. Run from manually downloaded archive
Download VTuberWebcam as ZIP archive, extract it.
Got to the file properties and mark it executable, then double click it to run.

Thanks. I have fixed it.

Thanks for testing. I have added missing "platforms" folder.

Nice. Thanks for the confirmation. I wasn't able to reproduce the bug on my system for some reason. I will patch the next version.

Mouth tracking will be available in the next version.

Can you delete the line "in int gl_VertexID;" in the file "plugins/avatar.vert.glsl" and try again?

Thanks for the testing. Looks like shaders didn't work. I'm doing the model skinning on GPU using GLSL shaders and this didn't worked for you. 

I think I have to add some fallback to CPU option.

What is your GPU btw?

Looks like that version of Qt is not compatible. I will bundle Qt libs that I use with the next build. But for now you can manually download and extract .so libs from anaconda package

Thanks for testing btw.

It's not open source. You can post issues here.

You will need to install app first:

I have updated the game. The post processing option now disables all post processing effects. You can now also disable shadows. Could you try the new version with all graphics options disabled? I don't have Radeon GPU, so I'm trying to cut the features one by one to figure out which one is broken.

What is your GPU? Have you tried to disable some graphics options?

Intel HD4000 is not supported atm, because it runs GLSL v4.0, but I need v4.2+. So you'll need at least Intel HD4200  to run this game.  But low graphics preset (for some low-end and older GPUs) could be added in future.

Great game. Cool and smooth VFX animations. It's impressive that you made a competitive AI.

И ни разу не удалось выиграть >_<

Cool game, but I'm stuck at the first guard which does not letting me pass. I can't jump so I can't collect some poaches of gold. This is great that you made all those graphics. You even made a character customization. That's impressive.

Great game. I like the unexpected parts of it. Also love the graphics and lighting.

Cute graphics. Too bad it lacks an attack animation or any other visual feedback (could be just a static slash/trail sprite).

Worked for me

Completed the game, loved the characters and quests.

Love the character's walking animation. Lol I didn't know that I can stop the time, so I almost completed first level without using this ability. It was pretty hardcore.

Cool chilling/relaxing atmosphere, good unexpected gameplay parts.

Love the idea where "loading screen" is better than "actual game".

Nice game. Cute graphics. The number of pixels is so low, but it fits very well.

This is a great game with a nice narrative. The character is cute.  Love the "unexpected" part of the game.

Cute and fun game. Too short but still good.

Great game. Looks cool and plays well. I like the colors and shading. It would be nice to see this one as a full game outside of gamejam with more content.

Great game. Looks cool and plays well. I like the colors and shading. It would be nice to see this one as a full game outside of gamejam with more content.

Make sure that you installed and starting the game with launcher app . app want's to install it on the first launch. It's used to run the games in restricted environment with limited access to the system.

I have refreshed the cache. You can try to update again.

Do you have any error messages before crash?

1. Да, есть баги в апдейтере. Обновить пока не могу, потому что апдейт игры залочен пока не закончится фестиваль. Игра также доступна в GameJolt лаунчере и планируется релиз в Discord Store, чтобы каждый мог использовать то что ему удобнее.

2. Оптимизация еще в процессе.

Ну и в целом многое еще поменяется, так как игра в разработке.

Игра может иногда крашится при обновлении и запускать нужно из лаунчера -