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It's really hard to tell a story and express with such limitations, but IMHO you did well with the level dessign.

I specially liked the lvl 7and 4. I liked the metaphor that "reaching" someone, could be bad/hurt sometimes (lvl 7), but sometimes is necessary/good to trust in others (lvl 4) for moving on. Sry for my english. 

I encourage you to explore the idea and continue with the game, I'll be glad to play it.

Oh,you are right.  I'll keep in mind the suggestion for a future update :). 

I had to sacrifice the sound a bit to be able to finish some mechanics.

I'm glad you had fun! :)

Thank you so much! :)

It's very satisfying to just move around.

It's awesome! I love the drifting effect.

IMHO (as a creator of another game of the jam that uses angular velocity), I think the car would feel a bit more responsive if the velocity to spin is reduced. But I also love  hard games, so it's ok.

The graphics are also very good, Congratulations for the game!

I'm impressed you made such demake in just a few days. Ignoring the obvious lack of a second stick for aiming, it feels like playing TBOI.

And the music it's superb! Really, love it.

I love the graphics and the mod you achieved with the snow! Just walking with the scroll parallax feels great. The animation of the dog is very good, and the dash effect is really cool. I also liked the effect of shooting when you bark from behind, feels very powerfull.

At the beggining the snow looked a bit strange for me, but after playing, I think it has a lot of personality and it gives the game an unique style.

The idea of the bottom text  is great, and I think it has potential to tell a good story, I hope you continue with the idea! Congratulations for the game!

PS: Did Insterestellar inspired the song?

PS2: I liked when you barked the human and appears a heart :)

Thank you so much for your kind words! :)))

If I'm not wrong, the clouds are not sprites, they are procedurally generated. They look awesome!

I really liked the aesthetic, and I loved the dessign of the monsters. And also the detail you took for adding the death animation! And the melody of the song, its very catchy.

Very complete game. The only thing I missed it was some kind of score or monsters killed.

As a suggestion, if you still working on the game, it would be cool if the butterfly could interact in some way with the monsters.

PS: I liked a lot the text after game over screen haha.
Congratulations for the game! 



Really, I was expecting dying at least 100 times, but it has been a bit more xD. Took me about 5~8 min to complete, thats about more than 100 deaths per minute :o.

What I liked the most, it's the sensivity of the jump (you can jump higher if you hold the key). That's cool.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I got the feel that if there is some kind of "ground checker" (that enables or disables the jump), its positions is some "steps" forward than the player position. Sometimes (well, I can speak with numbers xD, about 859 of the times) when I tried to jump on a platform, near the edge, I wasn't able to jump.

First of all, I like hard games, but I was a bit frustated, but at the end It was fun!

And I'm happy to be able to beat it!

I love the endless mode!

Really, I found the game really balanced, and feels challenging and fair (I love the datail you got drawing the anticipation of attacks)!

Great job! 

Aww, yes, you are right D: I got the error when dying. :(

I think it's exactly the last line I added before uploading. I was nearly the dead end, and I was making things fast..

Thank you so much gymcrash for reporting it :)

Sinceramente, mi juego favorito de la jam. Lo he disfrutado bastante.  Al principio me chirriaba un poco el no poder girarte para poder disparar a donde querìas, pero una vez avanzas y ves que es parte de la mecánica, se vuelve incluso más chulo, ya que te obliga a pensar más.

Y que encima venga con un editor de niveles es ya... Enhorabuena, de verdad, muy buen trabajo.

Cosas que personalmente mejoraría:

Movimiento un poquito más rápido del personaje (a veces, cuando sabes que te has equivocado y quieres volver unos movimientos atras, echas de menos que vaya un poquito más deprisa (esto puede que sea porque yo soy algo o muy impaciente)).

La única pega real que podría decir de él es el diseño de ciertos niveles muy concretos (creo que el 15, por ejemplo, en el que me ha parecido que has añadido muchos elementos para despistar. El resto de puzzles por el contrario están MUY bien diseñados, y por eso, cuando te topas con uno así, te rompe un poco la buena sensación que te dejan los anteriores.

Pero esto al final es una pequeñez, más que algo malo lo considero como algo que no está al nivel de lo anterior.

Aún así, has hecho muchos niveles, y todos están bien introducidos, presentando los nuevos elementos poco a poco.

Lo dicho, enorme juego.

Una lástima que no haya música