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I bet you look good on the dance throne (GMTK Jam 2018)View game page

Annoy people and use their bullets to destroy them.
Submitted by Suzuka (@SuzukakDev) — 10 minutes, 30 seconds before the deadline
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I bet you look good on the dance throne (GMTK Jam 2018)'s page


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Amazing visuals! I love it, although with that being said, gameplay can get chaotic very fast with a positive feedback loop in the sense that enemies that get killed don't necessarily die but split into 2.

By the way your visual style and gameplay is quite similar to mine, check out my game Crossfire! :D


Thanks for playing and for your comment

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Interesting concept. Quite fun game. Great music and the sound ring feels right to controll.

It is clearly visible that these are placeholder graphics. Good choice to focus on gameplay for this jam! Worked out great.

Edit: Definitely better to play with a controller


Aw, thank you so much for the nice comment and for playing the game, d1245660! :)


This was very trippy, liking all the little stuff like trails and particles, the music is the star here, and of course the combination of the music and unstoppable multiplication of the enemies tripped me out, felt like a feverish dream. Very nice job!
My only complaint is that the character is a little too fast on the keyboard, but I guess the game was calibrated for the stick.



Oh, yes, controls with  keyboards are super fast, I was testing it always with an analogue stick

Thanks a lot for playing it and for your comment! 


This is a fantastic game.  I love the sound design.  I don't think the visuals are ugly at all, they are great. However, if you did change the visuals that would be a big problem as the game was crashing my laptop as it is.  Once I got to the stage where there were no big squares and just small squares, the number of small squares kept increasing all the time until it crashed or I died, and the whole screen was white cuz of all the squares.


Thank you so much for playing it and for your comment! :)

Aw, sorry for the freeze mate, happened the same to me on my laptop. There is a bug I didn't had the time for solving it, on the enemy spawn, that keeps spawning foes until infinity.

My original idea (and future builds) is meant to be more tactical with not so many enemies. And also there is a lot of room to optimization, so it'll run smoothly. 

Thanks again! :)


Ahaha, what a neat idea! :) The visuals, while simple, actually felt appropriate and the effects were fun. It felt a bit hard to control the annoyance-bubble at times. Overall, well done! :D


:D Thank you so much for playing it and for your comment, voithos!



I love this concept! I'd love to see more of this after the jam, annoying your enemies into shooting themselves is so fun and cool.


Thanks a lot Devonte, for playing and for your comment! :D

Yes, I want to continue developing it! There are so many things that I couldn't add and balance :)


I like it ,the music is great,   but  it is too hard


Oh, yes, I didn't had the time to adjust it. Thank you so much for playing it and for your comment!! :)


UI is too minimal, and it doesn't really adhere to the theme, but IT'S GREAT OH MY GOD I LOVE THE LITTLE SONG THE CIRCLE SINGS AND THE SCORE SYSTEM IS THE BEST 

it's really addictive, i could be playing this for hours


Thaaank you so much for the critique! :)

Submitted (1 edit)

Great game! I love the design and gameplay!

What excactly is the machinic you are doing without? Is it Bullethell without non-stop?


It's a top down shooter (like Nuclear Throne) where you can't shoot, only annoy the other people by dancing/singing bad, in order to get shoot and use their bullets to destroy them all :)