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Hello! Will you be updating this lovely addon for use in 2.8? Thanks!

Ample's Gimp link is the way I work around the issue generally: 1 or 2 extra pixels surrounding each tile. In the created gutter the outermost line of pixels immediately neighboring the border are duplicated. That's pretty much it. :)

I noticed this issue as well both when rendering and using BDX. Bleed border would be much appreciated! :)

Nice job! Did you see this? SPRyTile -- Tilemaps For Blender by GameFromScratch on You Tube

Really great addon! Are you planning on adding more features? I would like to suggest a function to remove tiles in build mode, perhaps something similar to the "s" cursor snap key (Perhaps "d" and a left click).

Also, you should post this to the Blender Artist forum if you haven't already!

Anyway, keep up the good work!