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A Blender add-on for building tile based low-poly scenes with paint/map editor like tools · By Jeiel Aranal

General Help and Support Sticky

A topic by Jeiel Aranal created Apr 07, 2017 Views: 13,542 Replies: 133
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Developer (1 edit)

Please post here if you have questions about Sprytile. Also feel free to contact me on Twitter.

Hey! I love the tool so far! Thanks! I did experience the bleeding issue when exporting to Unity (following the guide and using the guide tileset), but I'm going to try following the advice in the other thread for that. 

In the meantime, there was another issue I haven't read about. Within Blender, each tile/plane renders on both sides, however, when I export the object to Unity, each plane only renders on one side and the other side is invisible (as expected for a plane). Do you know how I can view this true render state in Blender? And is there any way to automatically place two opposing planes so that it renders on both sides? I have a feeling if I just try creating two tiles on the same vertex but on each side, it'll just replace the first one I place with the second one. Does that make sense?


Thanks for trying out Sprytile! You can see how Unity will render your mesh my turning on Backface Culling. In the right hand side panel of the viewport (press `n` if it isn't visible) expand 'Shading' and toggle Backface Culling on.

There's a way to make faces double sided using a utility that comes with Sprytile, covered in the advanced documentation.

Hope to see the cool stuff you make with Sprytile!


Fantastic! I think this is how I'll spend my weekend, can't wait to get home. Thanks so much!

I feel like I'm so close to getting this working! I finally got bleeding turned off, finally got the textures to stop being blurry, and double sided planes all work... but now when I actually import the .obj into Unity, I get the weirdest layering issues!

I feel so close and yet so far away! I haven't seen anyone else mention this so I'm guessing it's another thing I messed up :P

Developer (1 edit)

That's a pretty neat thing you're doing. This issue should be fixable on Unity's side. What is the material you're using?
For reference, I'm testing on Unity with an "Unlit/Transparent Cutout" material and the sorting on the guardrails work correctly.


You're right, I feel like an idiot. I stayed up all night playing with Sprytile so my brain must be fried, sorry! I had it set on the Standard shader with the UV map set for albedo but the rendering mode was set to fade. I've set it to opaque and it works  mostly great, with the exception that it did something weird to the transparent tiles (the image on the left is before, on the right is after). I'll keep playing around with it within Unity and figure it out, thanks so much!


Cool! If you come up with good settings for the standard shader, could you please share it in the Unity Import Settings thread? Would be nice to have alternatives to unlit materials in that thread. Thanks!


Sure! OK, so I finally got a perfect result I'm happy with, but I'm going to play with it more before I post to that thread. I think it was just another case of me being dumb. I'm using the "Standard" shader with the "Cutout" Rendering Mode--the fatness/weirdness of the wooden bars were due to Alpha Cutoff being set to 0 (I progressively feel more like an idiot the longer this thread lasts, haha, the DEFAULT is .5, not sure how it got set to 0). I set the Alpha Cutoff to x >= .5 and it renders perfectly. I can't use unlit since I have a day/night cycle in the game, and the light adjusts accordingly.

I combined this with the technique posted about in the other thread describing the GIMP script that automatically spaces and margins the tileset and I get zero bleeding / perfect rendering. I'll post all the stuff I learn about the Unity workflow after I finish one full asset and I have a bit more experience in this--I don't want to post something incorrect. Thanks again for all your help and for making this and sorry for all my stupid questions!


Glad you figured it out!

Is it possible to repeat textures?

Usage example


Hi. There isn't a way to repeat the same tile on a single face because it wouldn't be technically possible without a specific shader.

What you could do is use the set normal mode on the face and use the build tool to create to roof tiles along that normal. There's a written explanation of set normal mode in the advanced documentation.

Hope this helps!

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Noob question sorry, I'm new to 3D in general and wanted to bring my pixel/tile art to the 3D field
So, I made this little, pretty bad test map and I'm trying to render it to see how the pixel textures will behave on a pre-rendered, PS1 style map...

But when I render, it ignores the textures and just tries to render like this! I dunno what's the matter, but I'm eager to make maps with this and I wanted to get the simplicity of this map building with the PS1 RPG aesthetic so ;v;
Pls help?

EDIT: Actually, nevermind... i deleted the project, reopened blender and did another one. it worked fine, until i tried to subdivide the tiles in that closet to add detail, then it went all bonkers. also, it started creating tiles only facing a specific direction no matter how much i turned the camera around... so, its probably because im a blender noob and it's such an arcane, mystic tool @_@

(yours is not tho, so sweet and intuitive <3)

I saw your Twitter post so this might have been sorted out already, but replying in case it helps other people as well.

Which renderer are you using? I've only really tested with Blender's internal renderer and the quick material setup is really designed for an unlit look. The material settings may have to be changed to use the Cycles renderer or for a differently lit scene.

The work plane being stuck on a single axis sounds like Axis Lock might be on. It's not covered in the basic tutorial but the written advanced tutorial does. Basically the toggle on the left of the axis indicators in the Sprytile panel.

Sprytile's tools are untested with subdivided meshes and is not really designed for that use case.

This style of rendering is really neat and an unexpected use of Sprytile for me! Would love to be updated with how you push these renders.

Thanks for using Sprytile!

Whenever I try to create something using Sprytile, it displays an orange color instead of the tileset I'm using.

However, if I render it, the tileset shows up like normal.

I'm still learning the ins and outs of Blender, so it may just be a problem on how I set it up. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks for taking the time to check out Sprytile!

Can you please try going back to object mode and pressing the "Set Material to Shadeless" button in the Sprytile panel?

This might be something to do with your Blender system settings. Can you open your user preferences window and switch to the system tab? For reference, this is what mine looks like.

You can also try deleting the lights in your scene.

I switched over to cycles and added an image texture and then this worked in cycles but upon returning from this back to blender render. I found that this made my screen do this whole orange thing too. It may be related to this that caused you this issue especially if you tried experimenting around in cycles and then switched back and so on.

I tried everything you said above, but the tileset still doesn't display right. My settings seem to be the same as yours.  I found a temporary fix where you set the objects viewport shading to rendered. It displays correctly, but the grid is disabled and editing is a bit slow.

I'm not really sure what the problem is. 

Thanks for the help!


This might be a more general Blender issue, but to be sure I'd like to take a look at the .blend file. There might be a material setting the setup function isn't taking into consideration. Would it be possible to upload your file somewhere? Or if not, it could be sent through email.



I installed Sprytile on a different computer running the same version of Blender on this computer, and it works just fine. Maybe Blender didn't install correctly?


What a strange error, glad you have a usable copy of Blender to use at least. You could also try downloading the portable builds of Blender to see if it helps. Have fun with Sprytile!

(1 edit)

Hello, i use Blender 2.78 , and look at the beginer video for your addon.

You press "Set Materialto Shadeless" , but i have an error

I used also Sensei Format addon, dont know if it's the problem.

Edit: I found the problem. Your addon hate Sensei Format addon :(


Thanks for reporting this error, I'll add this to the bug list and look into it.


I just discovered that, if you select Cycles Render, the tiles won't appear. It`s important to note because some people might run into trouble because of this.


Thanks for letting me know, I don't really use the Cycles renderer myself. It's probably something to do with OpenGL access being different when Cycles is active.

(1 edit)

No, you can just add as an image texture and it seems to work.


Came across this too when I tried to reproduce the issue. Textures not showing up seems to happen when you start a new scene with Cycles on before using Sprytile. It's a little strange that it continues to work when switching to Cycles after setting up Sprytile, but this issue has been noted in the recent docs update :)


Hello! I keep getting PayPal's vague error when trying to buy this. I'll try again but have you had any problems from anyone else?

"We can't process your payment right now, so please try again later. We're sorry for the inconvenience."


I haven't had PayPal errors reported to me yet, but this sounds like it would be better reported to itch. Thanks for your interest in supporting Sprytile!


Hey! loving this so far, only problem is for every other scene I make the textures end up blurred, I made one and it was fine, but upon opening the file, the textures were blurry


It sounds like the mipmap settings weren't saved in the blender preferences. Go back to the user preferences step in the tutorial about the mipmap settings and make sure to press save preferences on the bottom corner of the window before closing the preferences.

I get seams when using this and rendering in blender. Is this to be expected and how do I render without showing the seams?


This is using Blenders internal renderer? I've been rendering using that and don't remember having to take any extra steps, the material and texture setup should theoretically take care of it.

I'm afraid I'll only be able to help with this tomorrow since I'll be AFK, but try searching for mipmap settings, either in the system settings or the material.

The same method that fixes this issue on other engines fixes it for me so I'm currently using a script to convert the tilesets and it's probably for the better anyways since it seems to be an issue outside of blender even if it isn't an issue internally for everyone. I've also had to start unchecking transparent after setting the material to shadeless which I do not recall having to do before (I also recall the first time [before this shadeless issue], I tested this that it just worked without seams as well not sure if the two issues are related or if im just having a false memory though.

hey! so, I found an issue (probably some easy fix) but for some reason sometimes transparent tiles work, while other times they don't, and I have no idea how to fix that. I followed the tutorial through but I couldn't find anything


Hmm, a bit difficult to diagnose this without more to go on. It's possible the problem is the viewport shading mode, which I do need to highlight in the next documentation pass.

Make sure the viewport shading is set to material when this happens next.

Hey, this might be a blender issue as I just started using blender for this particular addon, but it seems I'm not able to build on the sides? Anyway I try to rotate the camera it keeps painting in the ground, 

I'm moving using middle mouse if that does anything...


The axis lock button is pressed. Turn off the button under “auto merge” and you should be able to paint on the camera view axis again.

Thanks for trying out Sprytile!

I've been trying Sprytile and so far I love it!

However I have been wondering about the workflow tab, mine is empty. Maybe its a setting I can't find? I have blender 2.79.


Well, now I feel silly. I updated sprytile and there it is.

Sorry for the inconveniance :P

(1 edit)

Hi there, is there a key to delete tiles?

Also: [There's a way to make faces double sided using a utility that comes with Sprytile, covered in the advanced documentation.] - This link is now broken. :(

Deleting tiles is done using Blender's workflow for deleting faces.

  1. While in edit mode, change to face mesh select mode by pressing Ctrl+Tab
  2. Select the faces to delete by right clicking
  3. You can also use paint selection by pressing `C` and painting the selection. Scroll the mouse wheel up and down so change the brush size
  4. After selecting the faces/tiles you want to delete, press `X` or the delete key and select `Faces`

The documentation has moved to a different URL. If links to documentation are broken, you can probably find it in the new URL.


Very interesting and well thought out addon you made! However I am having a slight problem, don't know if I'm doing something wrong. When in build mode tilesheet preview/palette does not appear in the lower right corner. Do I have to enable it somewhere, or could have I maybe closed it by mistake?

I am using blender 2.79, blender internal render and am in material display mode.

Thank you for the great addon and help.


Hmm, you shouldn't need to be doing anything else. I can't think of any settings that would do this. When you enter build mode, do you see the tile preview in the viewport? Are you still able to create faces with the build tool?

(1 edit) (+1)

Hi, here is a screenshot. I'm in the build mode, there is no preview in the lower right corner. I thought that maybe some other addon is in some sort of conflict with sprytile, so i turned of bPainter and HardOps addonsm after i took thes screenshot but it did not help.

Not visible on this picture is the fact that i can build as intended, i even get semi-transparent preview of the tile, offset works so I can pick the part of my tile set manually via offset but is not the most comfortable workaround.

As far as I could see other features of the addon work as intended.

Thanks for the help.

edit: just to add.. I am using a 2k tileset that I made, for testing, as I do not intend to use Sprytile for pixel art style.

Developer (1 edit)

Hmm. I've not tested the UI with a texture that large, I can imagine it bugging out when handling textures at that size. Can you open the system console to check for error messages?

(1 edit)

Thanks for support!

Here is console readout, after starting on a new file, loading tileset, and pressing "build"

edit: i tried laoding 1k texture and it works. However, it would be cool if bigger textures could be loaded for uses beside pixel art


Thanks for the console dump. It looks like there are no overt errors, I just never considered the use case of very large textures.

cool, are you planing to make loading 2k+ maps available?


It will go in the todo pile, how soon it will be done will probably depend on the complexity

Great! good luck with your future work!


Hi Nikola, the latest version of Sprytile supports 2k+ tilesets. I'd like to get feedback if possible, I don't really have high res tilesets on hand to test it out myself. Thanks!

Hi, apologies for this but as a *complete* beginner to Blender I've been unable to follow some parts of the quick start - how exactly do I extrude edges the way shown? I've looked at other tutorials but I can't seem to get the edges to stop snapping to different angles, how can I freely move edges as shown in the quick start tutorial video?

Sorry again!


No need to apologize, the tutorials really didn't consider people completely new to Blender which I hope to address in the next documentation pass.

I'm probably not moving edges when tiles are moved at angles, it's more likely that they've been rotated. There's a section of the text advanced documents that shows how to do this.

Hope this answers your question, have fun with using Sprytile!

Deleted 4 years ago

The file that you downloaded is the zip file, you're looking at the contents of the file because Windows has a built in zip file viewer. Just use Blender's addon installation as shown in the tutorial/manual.

Unreal Engine wants a lightmap for the exported mesh, but unwrapping messes it all up.  You guys have any tips for dealing with that?

ah, thx for the other reply :)


I'm not sure how it would be setup once imported in Unreal, but you can add a second UV channel for lightmapping in Blender through the data tab as shown in this video:

You'll probably want to play around with the smart project settings to add more padding between UV islands or even manually unwrap the lightmap, but this is the basic idea.

Man this tool really rocks.  If I can figure out the lighting and some camera issues, it will totally transform my project.  Thanks for sharing with us all!  I'm looking forward to donating when I get some money ... :)

When i Try to load a tile set it gives a error,

It gives says context is incorrect 

i gives this message when i try to use a png file as a tileset

I had this error too. Just create a material first, and it's works !

Hi, first of all, thanks for the tool, I have been using it extensively.

I have one issue, when using the paint mode, often times I am unable to paint certain faces unless I flip the normals. Is there any easy fix to this?

To be clear, the normals are all "outside" normals, however for some reason it just doesnt want to accept the face.



I had the same problem. I tried exporting the mesh as an .OBJ and reimporting it and then recalculating normals which seemed to fix the issue. Hope this helps.

Is it possible to export a texture file from the mesh i have created with sprytile? Because every time i save it as OBJ in blender, when I open the file in any other program it never has a texture.  Just a shape.


OBJ files need to have MTL files to tell other programs what texture to apply to the mesh. You may need to set the Blender OBJ exporter settings correctly:

Thank you!

So it looks like this in blender:

But it looks like this in godot. Still not rendering some of the sides and the textures

I downloaded this 

and tried to import it this way in a different format and failed


I'm not sure how Godot sets up materials, but you probably need to import the tileset into Godot and assign it to the material.
For the sides, it might be that the normals of the faces need to be flipped.

(1 edit)

Is there any way to export the texture as a image file? How would i go about flipping the normals?


I'm wondering if there's a way to turn off texture rotation based off of view angle. Basically to turn the left side of the image into the right side. I hope this makes sense...


Rotate the camera and work plane to your desired position and then press the axis lock button.

(1 edit)

Hi, I seem to be having some trouble getting this to work. I import my tilesheet (six 64x64 tiles), create a plane, go to edit mode, click paint, and then Blender crashes.

I'm using Blender 2.76a on Windows 10. Is there a recommended version of Blender I should be using?

EDIT: So I tried updating to the latest version of Blender, and it works now. Fantastic tool btw! It's perfect for my PS1 style game.

Hi, whenever I try to create a project I can't scroll on the tileset UI in the bottom right corner to make it bigger.  Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Hello! Will you be updating this lovely addon for use in 2.8? Thanks!


Yes, I plan to update it for Blender 2.8, I'm starting to look into it now that the beta is out.

In build mode, sometimes, faces disappear when I create new ones.

I do not know if it's a bug, but it's pretty annoying :(


Entire faces being deleted sounds like a bug, although I'm not sure how that would happen. If possible a video of the bug might be helpful.

In Blender Render I had some lamps set up,  but the sprites don’t want to be lit up. I’ve tried all the different lamps already, but the lamps  just won’t lightup the scene. 

I also tried Cycles Render after building my scene in Blender Render, but the textures won’t show. How do I fix this? (I don’t know if the lamps work in Cycles)

Sorry for the inconvenience!

(1 edit)

Do you have some ETA on the update for 2.8 ?


Unfortunately not, there are some APIs that I've not figured out yet and might take some time to work it out. I've also been unable to find the time to work on Sprytile recently, which sets back the update further.

(1 edit)

For some reason everything i do in blender ends up with theses white lines in the seems. even if i load it into unity

i know this post is a few months old, but what i found to fix the issue is to open up the uv/image editor and resize the uvs to be smaller so that they don't take up the whole tile! i think it's because of bleeding issues or something, but i'm not sure. hope this helps!


After installing Blender reports that an upgrade to 2.8 is required. Is there a version for 2.8 or is one being worked on?

Heya! Ender here! Everytime I want to use Sprytile and I load in a texture to use, I get an error message. I don't get this in the 2.79 version of Blender, and I'm fully upgraded.
No screenshot because of personal info I don't want to share.


So, it is abandoned?

Probably :( What we have left is Crocotile 3D probably >< lame....


Last commit on github was 15 days ago (2.8 branch). Doesn't seem dead to me.

Found it! Thanks! I didnt check github  and thought they updated the download link or something :)
For everyone who`s wondering why it doesnt work, you hav to download the latest version!!

Total n00b, here.

I recently just downloaded Sprytile and I am going in totally blind, I'll admit. I feel that I need a rundown of how everything works with this Blender add-on. I need to know how to create my own textures for tiles and such, and if it is possible to model unique low-poly characters with this add-on. Everything is all set, I just need some extra guidance.

Thank you for taking the time to listen.

Hello, I've just purchased this, I love the idea, but at present I am unable to run Blender 2.8x. Is it at all possible to get the 2.79x version of this addon?


Thanks for your support. The lastest version that supports 2.79 is version 0.4.5 and you can download it from the GitHub releases:

Thank you very much.

Hello, I'm working on a game done in the style of N64 titles such as ocarina of time and this tool looks like it could speed up my workflow. I'm curious to know if the way it generates the UV's can be made to add some small padding to account for bleeding. I need to use mipmaps as the blurriness is more consistent with the n64 look. The way I make my texture atlas I leave a several pixel border around each texture to avoid bleeding, but that means I can't snap the uv's exactly in the middle between two textures, they need to be inset by a specific number of pixels to ensure consistent tiling. Is this possible with sprytile or would I have to manually go in an resize the uv's? if so, that would defeat the purpose of the tool for me.


Sprytile applies subpixel padding by default, you can adjust the amount of padding in the Sprytile panel, under Extra UV Grid Settings.

This is more of a blender-question, but as Sprityle heavily relies on the cursor: Is there a way to dircetly move the cursor on the grid? Aiming and then using Shift-S-4 to correct my aim works but is kinda cumbersome.

Is there a built-in-tool to delete a tile? Currently I go back to select-tool, face-mode and delete face.


In the sprytile build tool, holding down S will snap the 3d cursor to the vertex nearest to your mouse cursor.

You can configure it to snap to vertices or the virtual grid in the workflow panel.

Turning on cursor flow will make the 3d cursor follow along your tiles while you build.

Good point about delete face. In 2.79 Sprytile was integrated with geometry manipulation so you didn't have to exit out of build mode to delete things, but 2.8 changes the workflow so maybe its time to implement a delete shortcut.

Thank you.

(1 edit)

Under Blender 2.8 in the most recent version, I am not able to select the normal under the cursor ("N" key I suppose?) to continue building tiles along that normal. I followed this tutorial to paint tiles along a slope: . Any suggestions?

Oh and another questions: In Paint (not Build) mode, I thought I was able to paint another layer on top of the existing one? But when I paint something with transparency on an existing tile, the tile underneath gets replaced (so it seems to be behaving identical to build mode).


N key should be working while you're in Build mode in 2.8.

The decals system isn't working in the 2.8 port, that will have to wait for a future version.

I consider the documentation outdated for now, especially with the 2.8 update.

so basically after making all the models you just export it as fbx to use in unity?

Hey, just started getting into this and I really like it.  I do have a random issue where my tilemap disappears.  As in, when I am in Edit mode and click on the Sprytile Build I do not see the tilemap.  I was able to see it, but going into layout mode and then back to edit mode, it disappeared.  Is there anything in Blender that would cause it to disappear?

Hey! Is there a way to resize my sprite sheet without it messing up the UV mapping on my scene in Blender?


If you only resize the sheet on the Y axis, this can easily be done with Blender's existing tools. In your image editor, resize the image upwards by 2x. For example if your sheet is 256x256, resize it to 256x512. In Blender load the resized sprite sheet and go to the UV editor.

In the UV editor, set the 2d cursor position in the 'n' key sidebar, by going to the view tab in the sidebar. Set the position to 0,0 and select all of your mesh faces. Set the pivot to the 2d cursor, and use the UV scale tool. Press Y to restrict the scale to the Y axis, and type in 0.5. This will restore your UV map to the original setup with the larger sheet.

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Hello, I need help I think. When I try building anything with Sprytile textures don't load. I follow the exact instructions from the Sprytile Quick Start tutorial video and when I got to the point where I can build using the Sprytile build tool it creates a blank, transparent face, evin wit Material or Rendered view. I tried changing shader, tried different tileset but non of that worked. I don't have any other addons installed and am using the newest version of Blender (installed yesterday). Is there any way to fix this? I have some experience with Blender but honestly not much. Thank you for a quick answer :)


Sprytile hasn't been tested yet with 2.92 which is the latest current version, so there may be issues.

Just tried using Sprytile with Blender 2.83.13 with the same result as before.  

Hello and thanks for making Sprytile! 
Is there a way to turn off backface culling in blender with the current version of sprytile? I couldnt find an option on the material following blender infos ( i m new to blender too).

Welp, not sure where else to get help on that. :l

(3 edits)

Hey, thank you for your amazing work. The tool might really help with my level design workflow.

I am experiencing some issues with the texture rotation, as the tile is automatically rotated based on the viewport rotation. In some cases, this also leads to UVs being incorrectly generated. Is there a way to turn off this rotation or do I just need to be careful while editing?

Looking at the video, I now see that the orientation plane changes just like if I place a new tile, but in paint mode it still let's me paint on tiles that don't belong to that rotation. That might be the cause of the collapsed UV.


You can lock the view rotation by clicking the lock axis button, as shown here: Feature Reference - Sprytile Documentation

Not sure what I'm doing wrong, I'm a blender noob. I'm trying to export the model and its missing the texture that I painted on it. I've tried both fbx and dragging the .blend file into unity


You'll need to make a material in Unity that is assigned to the model and uses the texture: Unity Settings - Sprytile Documentation

how the hell do I add a tileset? the UI for the Sprytile tab looks different from the tutorial on my screen



i think you are in edit mode

after I made this post I did manage to get the tile palette to show up... sometimes, but I couldn't paint a pre-existing object, and the tile palette was prone to disappearing in a way that required me to restart blender

Hello there lovley people,

im new to blender and i dont really know wht im doing but after hours of research i havent found a solution to this problem. so please help.
In the mesh there are these lines wich look really bad, in godot itself its even worse. the material seems to be at an ofset and creates gaps in the intendet look. how would i go about fixing this? thanks

video for clarification:


There might be unmerged vertices, try using Blender's merge by distance function. Go into edit mode, press Ctrl +A to select all and then run the operator. If successful, there should be message in the Blender status bar about how many verts got merged.

thank you very much. this fixed the seams in the mesh. unfortunatly the ofset material thing isnt fixed. i think it has something to do  with my godot settings.  i will post my solution :)

Deleted 234 days ago
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Hello, I really like your addon but I am running in a couple of issues when trying to using it. First sometimes it crashes Blender when attempting an undo action, but most importantly, the addon seems sometimes to bug, the tile palette disappear and the sprytile widget only shows sprytile painting. This issue doesn't get resolved by rebooting Blender and I have to cumbursomely port my geometry in another Blender file. Do you know what causes this and what I should do to prevent it ? I run it on Blender 2.93.


It hasn't been tested for 2.93 unfortunately. I'm unsure how to resolve that issue for now.

(1 edit)

I see. On which version of Blender was it last tested ? I can still revert to an earlier version if necessary.


2.91 is the latest version I've run Sprytile in.

I don't get a Zip File by downloading, but a normal folder and it doesn't install in Blender (Mac)

(2 edits) (+1)

Hi, I've just been trying Sprytile in Blender2.93 and when in build  mode I can no longer navigate (zoom/pan rotate around), I'm using Industry compatible navigation btw, it seems to work in Blender navigation but I do prefer the industry compatible one. 

Hello All,

Is there a hotkey to confirm the current Sprytile edit session, to go back to regular object edit mode ? Neither escape, right click or enter do it. So far the only way I've found consists of clicking the box selection icon, but that's tedious and waste of time.

I'd be also curious about the topic brought up by the user in the post just above, as I cannot navigate the viewport either when using Sprytile.

(2 edits)

Hello All,

Is there a hotkey to confirm the current Sprytile edit session to go back to regular object edit mode ? Neither escape, right click or enter do it hence it seems that Sprytile is taking over everything. The only way I've found so far consists of clicking the Select Box, but that's tedious and waste of time.

I'am also curious about the topic brought up by the user in the post just above, as I cannot navigate the viewport either when using Sprytile.


hey got this plugin from do not seam to work in blender 3.1.2

(1 edit)

same as Murri, would love to be able to use this without having to use a separate version for this lovely addon!

Has the project been abandoned? 

That's too bad it seems so lovely and so perfectly fits my needs.


It does not work well with Blender 3.4.1. Also asking again is this project abandoned? Thank for great addon in any case :)

Apologies if asked before! Sprytile is not presenting the palette in the bottom left corner anymore for me. Some project files started doing this upon reload, and new projects seem to have this issue too. Sprytile still paints just fine, I just cant see what is selected or select anything else. Im using the same settings/tilesets that worked in the past. Any ideas to get the palette to pop up again?