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Soren Saket

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Is it possible to repeat textures?

Usage example

You have to download the 1.4 version for pc

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Wow, thats actully a really good name :D

Replied to TrueFireGames in Updates

Probably not even in this prototype :/ I'm gonna re-release the game when I find a name and after I've made a few updates.

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Awesome game, with a very great aesthetics.

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  • Pause menu
  • Scaling
  • Fixes and improvements
  • other stuff that I didn't write down :P

Great idea and execution, would love to see it on android. :D

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  • Mouse controls for pc
  • Better spawning
  • 1 new enemy
  • Health pickup
  • Fixes and improvements
Created a new topic Updates

All the updates will be listed here

Created a new topic Feedback and bug reports

Please post your feedback and bug reports here

Great game!

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Good job!


It is for the bit jam and that is the restrictions. You can read more here: https://itch.io/jam/bit-jam

Ubs. I might be done. I'm sorry it just slipped out of my hands. https://sorensaket.itch.io/1-bit-multiplayer