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When Can We Start?

A topic by MayMoonsley created Apr 06, 2016 Views: 561 Replies: 6
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Do we have to wait until the start of the jam to work on our games or can we start whenever?

Very much looking forward to trying my hand at this!


I set the start day so far away because there are two interesting game jams happening in the meantime, lowrezjam and ludumdare, and I would hate for people to have to choose between them. no one's going to stop you if you start whenever, but it might be more fun to work on the game concurrently with everyone else.


Ubs. I might be done. I'm sorry it just slipped out of my hands.

Alright. Thanks for the response!

I'm getting excited! 😁 There should totally be an IRC channel, too, to let the bitjammers talk while bitting. Uh, I mean, jamming.


Yeah I like this idea, like a live chat room rather than these posts. Just for any general discussion :)


let's go with #bitjam on AfterNET for the time being! I might add it to the main page closer to the start date.