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sadly there's no way this would run on a gameboy! 

Thanks for the suggestion, there's now a toggle for this (pressing Tab)!

You can now press Tab to invert the controls.

That's weird. Make sure the game is in focus, and make sure you're holding Delete down long enough. The game should slowly go black.

Backspace should work!

No proper nouns, sorry!

could you try installing the following and seeing if that works?


That is incredible, I would absolutely love to see a video (or even just a collection of photos) of your adventure! Also, I wonder if you are the first person to beat the game on Reaper difficulty. I don't know of anyone else who has accomplished that yet

This doesn't solve the problem of players snitching at all. Those players could be aware of who was near them just before they were killed, or they could just yell out "I was just killed in Cafeteria!" and the game is still spoiled. Don't play with people who talk as ghosts.

C:\Users\[your username]\AppData\Local\Roguelight

thank you for organizing this, by the way. I wish I'd seen the bundle sooner!

It's all 2D,  calculating their x, y and scale based on their distance from the player. I draw the cones using two triangles, and in the black and white version I added extra outline-only triangles. Getting the collisions feeling correct took longer than anything else in the game!

it's made in gamemaker studio 1.4

Thank you for the offer, I really appreciate it, but I already have someone in mind for the music

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Building to mac is a little difficult for me at the moment, but I've made a web build which should work fairly well! [link removed]

  • Definitely going to add in endings, which will mostly require buying a certain number of gems
  • I'm torn about adding another button the player will very rarely use, but getting permanently stuck is definitely a crappy thing that I need to get rid of somehow
  • Something I'm going to think about for sure
  • I'm hoping to add a small tutorial or explanation page to the game, and I will absolutely make sure the player knows TAB exists once I do that, sorry to hear you went in without knowing about it!

The short answer is I use gamemaker: studio 1.4. The long answer is far too long, but if you're looking to get started I'd urge you to start small, and try to make yourself finish projects to practice the entire development process. In the end it comes down to a lot of practice, I think

Thanks! And yep, these are both things I definitely want to add in eventually

  • I'm going to look at more ways to show the stats, and maybe let the player cycle between the various views so they can pick their favourite
  • The long descriptions aren't meant to be a joke, I'm just making sure they're as clear and descriptive as possible
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There is now a web version [link removed]! But it's a bit buggy unfortunately

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Web build [site removed]! It is a little buggy, but should still be very playable

Web is more likely than Linux unfortunately, but I'm having trouble at the moment get the web export to work

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  • You can hold tab to see all the details
  • I want to do something about the coin number in a level, either display it, or make a level have a varying amount of coins and don't display it. I'm a bit cautious about giving the player too much information to work with
  • I want to do a better job of framing gems as the overall goal of the game, and get players to find the right balance between buying gems and upgrades. For this reason I don't want gems to be useful other than as your "score"

Ah! I'll add something into the next version to deal with this. Thanks for finding it!

Mr Moneybag community · Created a new topic Suggestions

Please post any update suggestions here. I will read and carefully consider every suggestion, even if I don't use all of them

Mr Moneybag community · Created a new topic Bugs

Please post any bugs that you find

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yep! the original release should still be available on the main page

hopefully I can make a mac update at some point, but I'll need to get my hands on a mac first and then work around some huge issues gamemaker has with building to mac

Yep, that's all there is to do! I didn't want to end the game there in case anyone wanted to keep exploring 

I think I know what the letter is, but I'm not sure what to do with it. I'm worried that I'm missing something really obvious! :)

Cool idea, that's a really nice way to represent height, but wow that hurts my eyes!! I would have loved to see some softer colours.

I can't believe a one bit game can make me feel this sad. Thank you for making this.

Lovely colours and sounds, but I found it very hard to know when the input began, and kept starting too early or usually too late. Maybe the input could wait for you to hit the first key of the sequence before it starts timing?