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Mr Moneybag

a little rogue-like about a bag of money in a hostile dungeon · By Daniel Linssen

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A topic by Daniel Linssen created May 01, 2019 Views: 978 Replies: 15
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Please post any update suggestions here. I will read and carefully consider every suggestion, even if I don't use all of them

Release it for more platforms? Not sure what it's made in – I assume a web export is out of the question – but a Linux version would be great!


Web is more likely than Linux unfortunately, but I'm having trouble at the moment get the web export to work

Developer (1 edit)

Web build [site removed]! It is a little buggy, but should still be very playable

(2 edits)

- add icons next to the stats that are shaped like the shops
- reduce stat description length, preferably to 1 word (unless this is intentional as some joke i'm not getting)

  • I'm going to look at more ways to show the stats, and maybe let the player cycle between the various views so they can pick their favourite
  • The long descriptions aren't meant to be a joke, I'm just making sure they're as clear and descriptive as possible

This one is obvious but: SOUND
Also, as Tobias pointed out, a web player would be pretty neat!

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

There is now a web version [link removed]! But it's a bit buggy unfortunately


Love this! So simple, but could be the building blocks for something bigger! Some thoughts:
- Icons for all the UI numbers. I had to keep popping back to the webpage to know what they were.
- Tracker for how many coins are left on the level would be amazing. Was hard to make a call about whether to keep looking for stuff or just go down another level, without knowledge of how many coins were left.
- Maybe gems let you clear an entire room or view full of enemies. Many times i felt like i needed a screen wipe ability.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)
  • You can hold tab to see all the details
  • I want to do something about the coin number in a level, either display it, or make a level have a varying amount of coins and don't display it. I'm a bit cautious about giving the player too much information to work with
  • I want to do a better job of framing gems as the overall goal of the game, and get players to find the right balance between buying gems and upgrades. For this reason I don't want gems to be useful other than as your "score"

First, Nice gameplay idea! Simple and tasteful. Suggestions:

  • Restart
  • High score table? (if game haven't the end.)

Thanks! And yep, these are both things I definitely want to add in eventually

(1 edit)

- I agree with gem need a buff to serve as the goal of the game. Maybe a bit of story, or an ending, or maybe permanent buff for you next playthrough?

- Really need an option to "pass" turn, to avoid permanent stuck or some "sure hit" (like when 2 reds are diagonally next to you.

- Maybe show shop icon next to numbers in the TAB overlay?

- Maybe put the TAB word somewhere in game screen? I never "knew" about it since I just jumped immediately into the game.

  • Definitely going to add in endings, which will mostly require buying a certain number of gems
  • I'm torn about adding another button the player will very rarely use, but getting permanently stuck is definitely a crappy thing that I need to get rid of somehow
  • Something I'm going to think about for sure
  • I'm hoping to add a small tutorial or explanation page to the game, and I will absolutely make sure the player knows TAB exists once I do that, sorry to hear you went in without knowing about it!

i'd like to suggest classes (start with big field of view but less coins, more coins but less field of view,idk), this game is really fun, i'd like to see some ways of making the replayability even longer, also, seeds to pre-generated worlds, this could lead to some hard ones to use as challenges, or easy ones to use to have some quick fun (and for noobs to say they are good), and... level editor?  there are many ways this could go wrong i think, idk, i'll just leave this here /(^_^/). love you Daniel, you make the most creative games, i love them, i'm a big fan of your works ( i'm not saying this to try to get you to think about my suggestions, i swear, i just wanted to say this to u ^^)

(1 edit) (+1)

I wished there was a map overview button.  But I guess memory is part of the game...

Also: I wanted a distinction between known-wall and unknown  darkness.