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Thanks, I'm glad you like the game!

Thanks for your kind words!

I'm glad that you like the game! :)

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- I agree with gem need a buff to serve as the goal of the game. Maybe a bit of story, or an ending, or maybe permanent buff for you next playthrough?

- Really need an option to "pass" turn, to avoid permanent stuck or some "sure hit" (like when 2 reds are diagonally next to you.

- Maybe show shop icon next to numbers in the TAB overlay?

- Maybe put the TAB word somewhere in game screen? I never "knew" about it since I just jumped immediately into the game.

Hm I think...

Most importantly there was an UI bug with the menu, on my screen it looks like this:

Secondly this summary is reversed compare to the game:

- 1st part WASD: who need this? Could be an indicator in game at the start.

- Rage introduced is second. But in game you can't rage immediately until later. Lead to confusion.

- 4th part bring corpse to wagon: where the heck is wagon? I'm already "left" (compare to the start). It takes time to read and understand this part, better have an arrow in game.

- General arrangement need improvement. 6 panels are not grouped. Because of the line break, the wagon panel and the gather corpse one doesn't have a relationship.

- This popup is too long. When I'm reading this at the beginning I didn't know anything about the game, I'm expecting to get into the game as quick as possible. This panel should only cover important part "how to win" part that are hard to figure out in-game.

The font cause me to skip the ESC part completely, didn't know until I press escape trying to replay.

In game:

1. Meat grinder part was a bit confusing but after reading 2nd time I got it.

2. Rage is not clear (still not clear now how it works). It doesn't have immediate effect on the villager. I didn't notice the totem height until a bit later. Even then because of its relationship with other mechanic I still don't have a clear understanding how it works. Stuffs I thought about:

- "When exactly does villagers start sacrificing? I'm not seeing any villager sacrifice here."

- "Well now they do, but why only 2 corpses? What about the other villagers? Was the totem not high enough? Do they only sacrifice if totem is at top?"

- "Does villagers count have any effect? Should I kill them as soon as they spawn or should I try to keep a lot alive?"
3. Again the devour part was not clear enough, not sure when I'll win.

Really nice game!

Sorry this time I couldn't make time to join, so I can't rate your game in LD.

I think the introduction could be improved, it took me quite a while to understand how it works. Especially the devour mechanic, since there's no indication of how "fat" you've become.

There was also some bug with the devour, when you hold the down key and you get stuck in an infinite devour state. Also, in my "clear" run, the doom wall kind of got stuck at -99m (was it a bug?). In other runs, the doom wall always progress regardless of how "fast" the wagon run. There was no indication of "speed" change when the number of pullers change.

I think it would be best to see your wagon dynamically outrun the impending doom wall briefly when you have a lot of pulling force (like when you have 6 pulling abominations), and only barely keep pace when you have 4 or 5.

Soooo cute I'm dead~~

Thank you very much! I want to finish the idea (with better planning/strategic choices and an end goal to aim for). But since itch doesn't allow update during the jam, I decided to take a little break and will finish it after jam end :)

Thank you very much! I fixed the bug that cause game freeze and put it in a dropbox link in the game's page.

I want to finish the idea (with better planning/strategic choices and an end goal to aim for). But since itch doesn't allow update during the jam, I decided to take a little break and will finish it after jam end :)

Could you add your submission link? I can't find it on LDJam :(

Nice work guys. I like your idea. 
We also make our original. Mind to check it out:

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Hey I just want to say this game is my personal favorite in LD40.

You really should extend it! Maybe turn it into a short game with 10 level or so?  Or you could add cause-and-effect mechanics into the game to add realism to the neighborhood?

I'd love to see more content of this playstyle <3