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oh boy water stage?

not being able to understand something so simple

heck yea



you ARE a fool :)

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This is...

INCREDIBLY exciting... I've always dreamed of this, and this is better than anything I could have ever asked for, I wish ALL OF LUCK for everyone working on this insane project I hope a lot more people join the team to speed up and upgrade the quality of the game even more, everything about this seems too good to be true... multiplayer, mod support,the dev wants to make the game free and no paid additional content... but it IS true, I hope you get all the support possible from the SPORE community and even beyond!

and his help starts with a baseball bat



Different characters starting with different towers maybe, that would be really cool!

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found it!

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That's a pretty good trailer, I have some feedback on how to maybe improve it even further, I believe a more chill soundtrack would fit better since this game is very relaxing to play most of the time (or maybe it will become a lot more action packed in the future, I'm not sure), I remember watching an amazing video filled with tips to improve an indie game trailer, I'll see if I can find it

That channel is filled with great videos filled with tips for good game design, I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to make games or making games.

Probably a controversial suggestion, but honestly one of the best things about the original pvz is the fact that you can always choose your towers depending on the situation and once you unlocked them you have them for good, with no stress of losing them all and having to start over from the first four, so my suggestion is some kind of endless mode, in which the player has all babies they discovered so far unlocked from the start, the catch is that they can't discover any new items, active items, or new babies while in this mode.

Again this might be controversial since this game is supposed to have a roguelike gameplay, but I think that would be nice for people who enjoyed the plants vs zombies feeling of having your arsenal of towers unlocked at your disposal with no stress of losing them all.

Would be nice to have some more slots to put babies, four slots is very little, maybe 5, that's the only problem I had with this amazing game

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This happened during a raid, I have no idea what it means

(in case the picture isn't loading in, here's a imgur link:"

Also my buddies weren't sleeping in the straw beds :( they were just walking inside of it without actually sleeping

Thank you sir :)

Please add a way to deactivate the custom cursor, my pc is potato and the cursor has some sort of delay and it feels heavy :(

lmao noob that's the easiest boss fight in the game, literally.

yeah sorry my dumass was having a  bad day

Why does this exist? This is one of the most poorly made games I've ever seen, all you do is walk around extremely slowly through some really bad looking terrain with a few trees and terribly made models 3 times, each one you get lost in the darkness and lack of logic and nothing ever happens, and the ending was predictable. the game would take 3 minutes to finish if it wasn't for the extremely slow walking speed and no run button

ctrl c ctrl v comment much?

amazing? lol

Great game, I love most things about it, could still be improved a in a lot of ways though

Bom jogo!

it does load actually

I'm a pirate

I'm a pirate


I like gold, drinking and playing games

wink wink

you know you could just... nevermind

git gud

First Question Yellow

Second Question 14

Third Question Square

and then No

Absolutely genius game!

I hope we get a full game, I gave you an upvote

tryhard wow

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This game is really tough

A Celeste Hater downvoted your comment

Imagine having a full beautiful game like Celeste with these mechanics, like, literally Celeste 2? That would be great, a sequel with a new main character (which I love the design btw) I like to think both the Celeste Classic games were uploaded to see the community's opinion on it and maybe, just maybe, make a full game.

I think the new mechanic is really good, but it's not nearly as satisfying as the dash mechanic from Celeste, it's too strict and doesn't let you choose your path of flight, you can only go in a straight line, left or right and jump mid-air, which doesn't let the player be creative with where they want to go.


The controls are just raw, I hope they make a full game just like Celeste using this awesome new mechanic

Ok this is sick, wow, the animations looks so clean and satisfying too, can't wait to see some more pretty creative powers in the game.

No canal do youtube dá pra ver a imagem do zumbi blocks 2 na banner do canal