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When I deconstruct a veggie stack it didn't give me 50 veggies back, lost 100 veggies accidentally lol 


I think it would be nice if Duke would only ride a llama if he is following me, sometimes I want to go to do some exploring alone, I have to make Duke follow me far away from my llamas, ride a llama and place a wall in the entrance so he doesn't ride it!

Fancy bed looks comfortable

oh Hi Iwan!

took me a LONG time to notice, but night time doesn't happen anymore?

Holding shift and/or ctrl in build mode to lock vertical movement/horizontal movement
Hold shift, can't move the buildings up or down
Hold ctrl, can't move the building left or right

I didn't find any other one, I can't build some things because I don't have resources, but I guess if there is any other building that gives xp only by building it maybe it is bugged too, just a thought of mine.

It's been a while since I played this game and the last time I remember llama breeding was disabled I think.

I accidentally found a way of farming infinite XP, if you have the resources to build a cotton tree and spam click on top of an already planted cotton tree, it will spit out xp for every click

(◑U◑) yay

So, there it says I have 3 members, one of them doesn't have a health thingy on top, and I can't change the job of Duke, the guy with the black hat

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An option to disable those little messages "+1 resource", for some reason it is lagging when lots of those appear if there's more than 15 the game already is 4 fps, maybe the problem is here with my pc but who knows how many people may also have that problem.

Pls make the xp text appear somewhere else, when I collect many things at once they overlap and I can't see anything

I tried to talk to him,the screen got closer but nothing happens, also I already went to his farm

Congratulations for getting Teacher of the year! :D sounds like you makes lots of efforts to manage your games and be a good and responsible teacher at the same time, while also making a good game, I'm not your student but by the sounds of it I would say you deserve it!


ja tem uma versão pra android imbecil '-' leia

you're really patient...

dang it

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Anxiously holding one four leaf clover...*

I have an idea, maybe biomes?

'-' ok sai

it's not hard if you have a fast finger

'-' no

Yay, the first update since i started playing this game! Hype! also OPTIMIZATIONS are awesome, this game lags a bit sometimes for me, but still is fun as hell, good luck, Hakita! Keep up the GREAT work, surely this is one of my favourite games, ever! ^^

By masterpiece, you mean Viktor Strobovski? is it that good?

if this is not a fangame why is it so much like baldi but better in being scary?

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The game is awesome, I played it a lot and only now after 3 weeks, I remembered to leave my review, it's fun, addicting, nice looking, filled with secrets that are REALLY satisfiyng to find, and i can't wait to see the rest of this game, if you like first person shooters, fast paced games, and something like doom but faster pacing, difficult, and also fun, download this game. It's also a game you can play when you're mad, because you can destroy everyone you find, and in various ways too, really, ULTRAKILL is awesome and i really recomend you joining their discord server 'cuz there you can follow how this game is still is going to grow even better, and the people there are nice too ^^! so yea!

"should i download this? it's worth it?"


also, the soundtrack is Godlike!


now cerberus is a disgrace XD i didn't even fight him in violent mode yet, i'm scared

I think this is amazing! Really creative, i loved it!

Use the Konami code, up up down down left right left right and maybe enter idk

could you make a desktop downloadable version? it lags in browser for me and for other people too i'm sure

In the playground i can't enter the room with chests, i did the puzzle but the door just makes the sound of it opening and then closing and i can't get in, also i got locked in the stone door in the entrance to the guy that sells stone in the Anchor Pale (is this how it's called?) just two problems i found now. I didn't play the game for a while and i can see many differences and new features now, many new things to do and to plan in my base, and i didn't press "e" 500 times in steven's farm, i held shift so i pressed it less times *image of a guy touching his own head* ^^

ABSOLUTELY!!! it's totally worth it!!! Awesome Idea!!!!

he said he is not planning to make it, read the description

i'll say what i think about the game so far where i played. You made it sound like this demo is the version 0.000001 but still, it's already pretty good and fun, the map is pretty, pretty neat i liked it, the game is hilarious sometimes for example when the elevator opened XD. The random events really keep the game interesting my favorites were the Flood and Baldi's broken ruler. i found a new item, the grappling hook, i accidentaly used it on the closest wall to me because Baldi was really close ;-; but it is an awesome and useful item, i really liked it, the full game game sounds awesome, i liked those mechanical doors i can press a button and change the way it's facing, and i think i saw a teaser for a new character .^v^.