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sucks,can't start it

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is this like a continuation for Baldi's Basics in history, but in the same game?,i mean, not a baldi's basics 2,but a level 2 in the original game? ik this page is a showcase of the demo of the "level 2"

lol i broke the fourth wall in the halls XD nice

Here before 5 comments, looks creepy by the screenshots,downloading now,

i have the professional/personal version,i understand it might be messy,but i'm sure it will help me in some occasions anyway.

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Well,i said Programmation,but i'm not american,i'm didn't master english yet,and,i did put a jumpscare in my profile 'cuz i don't know what to put in there,i still don't know how to make games,so what should i put there instead? and if you don't want random people to look at your "messy code" then it's ok, i was just asking (btw i AM serious about creating games)


not made by him

Try to get some help with the game creator,here is his twitter

How you made the events,physics configuration,etc,how you used the Construct 2  tools,i would love to have a inspiration to see what the engine can do,i swear i will not try to steal your game,i swear,i promise.

i loved the game,very cool idea

after the jam,may i have the source code for studying Platforming programation?



do you even consider you a big youtuber to make stupid fake videos,lol keep dreaming

i don't know how to program,and it can be a feature to the game '-'

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Item idea: CANDY

Description: The insane amount of sugar in this Candy makes you run 2x faster for 6 seconds when eaten,makes you 2x fast both walking and running,get one,it's tasty!

PS: The stamina will go down normally when running with the candy's effects, when walking 2x fast it will not lower your stamina.

1v1 mode

Dark mode

Customizable Cursor


nope,don't please

Baldi's Basics demake


It exists,explain mate

lol dumb

lol i always thought about that XDDD

Nobody Cares :) stop trying to highlight your comment

lol,so your "virus app" sucks 'cuz there is no virus

please give me download

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a Sequel would be really cool, i mean, the way this game is very addicting and fun,a sequel with more abilities, enemies and challenges would be awesome, please if u read my comment reply,i would really want to know your answer