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Love this! So simple, but could be the building blocks for something bigger! Some thoughts:
- Icons for all the UI numbers. I had to keep popping back to the webpage to know what they were.
- Tracker for how many coins are left on the level would be amazing. Was hard to make a call about whether to keep looking for stuff or just go down another level, without knowledge of how many coins were left.
- Maybe gems let you clear an entire room or view full of enemies. Many times i felt like i needed a screen wipe ability.

(1 edit) (+1)
  • You can hold tab to see all the details
  • I want to do something about the coin number in a level, either display it, or make a level have a varying amount of coins and don't display it. I'm a bit cautious about giving the player too much information to work with
  • I want to do a better job of framing gems as the overall goal of the game, and get players to find the right balance between buying gems and upgrades. For this reason I don't want gems to be useful other than as your "score"