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Thanks, really interesting! You've really carefully considered this while making the game. I like that you actually constructed the boss out of background tiles. Pretty common trick in the GB/NES days. A devlog would probably be interesting at some point!

I don't think I'm going to scrutinize the whole game so I can complain if I find something dubious, haha, but it's always interesting with new Game Boy-style games. Looking forward to the release! If you're not burnt out on the aesthetic you should consider joining the GBJAM :)

As for learning Game Boy assembly (you can make Game Boy games in C too, actually, although it's not ideal), here are some resources!

Squidlit community · Created a new topic Non-accuracy?

Looks nice!

But OK, so the game page lists theways you adhere to Game Boy limitations, but in what ways does the game break the limitations?

Or, a corollary question: Since you tried to make it as accurate as possible to the Game Boy hardware, why didn't you develop the game for the actual Game Boy hardware?

This game deserves 5 stars just based on the idea and name!

Best played on an emulator? I beg to differ. Very nice version of the game, but also very hard!

Very nice! Could perhaps have a "require_player_movement" in the prelude so bumping into walls doesn't have a penalty? Although perhaps that helps understanding the mechanic.

Oh well! Not really much I can do about that. I started to defend my game here, but realized that arguing for inferiority is dumb (and hard). Thanks for the kind words!

Oh actually now it's very hard to find game jams where submissions have ended but the voting period has started. I don't have an easy way to see jams I'm eligible to vote in now.

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That change is nice enough, but now there's no way to view past jams we've submitted a game to at all...

A couple of days ago I requested this instead: https://github.com/itchio/itch.io/issues/867

But maybe jams we've participated in could get its own section on top of https://itch.io/jams/past, just like how jams we're currently enrolled in are displayed separately on top of https://itch.io/jams? Would that be a nice compromise?

Edit: I just found out that I can see jams I've submitted games to in the dashboard: https://itch.io/dashboard/jams – Since I don't care about jams I've joined but not submitted to, this is enough for me!

Is the PICO-8 source code commented? Non-minified?

I can't get this game to work under Wine, which is how I suppose it's meant to be playable on Linux. It complains that "There should be a 'Puzzled_Penguin_Windows_Data' folder next to the executable", but creating such a folder does not work.

Thanks for the kind words! Regarding the bug: Are you using the keyboard? Might it be that your mouse pointer is above the current block, so the mouse selects it immediately after you press the key? I should probably ignore the mouse unless it has changed position since the last input.

No wait, that doesn't use Lua.

So one of the rules is:

Use new assets for the game (no reusing old stuff!).

What counts as "old stuff" here? Is it permissible to remake a non-Game Boy game I've made before, but for the actual Game Boy? (With new sprites, of course, since they probably count as "assets".)

Pixel Vision 8?

Here are some suggestions: https://lospec.com/palette-list/tag/gameboy

Going "full retro" is very nice. Seeing your game played on an actual Game Boy is awesome. It's not a walk in the park, but it's not super hard either, depending on your experience. There are lots of resources here: http://avivace.github.io/awesome-gbdev

I make Game Boy games in assembly myself (although I haven't finished any yet... will try to do this jam though), but if you want to do it quickly (and not spend the entire month of August learning stuff) I'm going to go ahead and suggest checking out the ZGB engine. You code in C, and it has stuff to help you. There was a ZGB jam recently too.

It does use GBDK (Game Boy Development Kit) as a framework, which is not super great, but it helps you a lot along the way.

Thanks! Sounds like you've got this jam figured out better than I have though!

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Amazing game. Link's Awakening also holds a very special place in my heart. It even taught me English. Thank you for this! Looking forward to the devlog. (I found all the gems and spent 8:47.8.)

Hey! I really like this game. Have you considered posting it on the PICO-8 BBS? I think the PICO-8 community will like it. https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?cat=7

Thanks for the write-up. Really interesting to hear about the graphical evolution. The popping graphics are really striking in this game, and they look so perfect, natural and obvious to me, so it's cool to hear how much thought and how many iterations went into them.

Your point about not recognizing design decisions and that coming back to bite you certainly hits home, lol.

Haha, what an amazing bug!

Hey, you should update your "platforms" list here to include windows. I almost didn't buy it because it said it was MacOS only! 

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Probably a good idea, since I use Linux and don't know anything about Windows :) Good luck!

I don't know much about installing GBDK, I don't use it myself. I program games in assembly using the RGBDS toolchain. But I did compile it once, I don't think I had much trouble with that. What operating system are you on?

Like I said, on the list I linked you to you can find the Game Boy development Discord server. You can try to get help there, although I think most people there use RGBDS/assembly like me. Most of the people using GBDK/C seem to hang out at the forums, you can ask there: http://gbdev.gg8.se/forums/viewforum.php?id=2

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I do some Game Boy development once in a while, although I haven't finished anything yet. There are lots of good resources on this list: https://avivace.github.io/awesome-gbdev

What exactly "didn't work" when you tried GBDK? It's hard to help with something that vague :) There are Discord servers and IRC channels you can go to for help (although most people there probably develop in assembly), they're also on the list.

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I couldn't figure out how to move in Tilt Chess?

I went back and forth on whether to submit this to the jam or not. I originally planned to join the jam and make a chess game as my first game (ever), but since it was my first game I ended up going the safe route and remaking another game that the theme made me think of: A puzzle game for the DS called Polarium, with black and white tiles.

I ended up submitting it even though it's not chess related, since the rules seemed pretty lax, but in my defense the puzzle mode in the original Japanese game is called "Checkmate" (as is this awesome song on the soundtrack which I hope to add to the game).

I don't expect to be rated too highly with this tangential (at best) game, but I ended up humbly submitting it after all since this jam made me finish the first game I've ever made.


Amazing, what a polished-looking game! Did you implement the two obscure forms of draw? The 50-move rule should be pretty easy to implement, just a counter that increments every time there's a move, and resets if there's a capture or pawn move. Three-fold repetition is probably harder though.

No, but you can press R on the keyboard for Quick Restart.