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Thanks! I think maybe your mouse pointer was on the edge or outside of the window though, it's not supposed to continually scroll if you don't want it to. But that meant you found a bug where it didn't correctly notice the meteors when the mouse was outside the window, so I fixed that! My bad you didn't catch any meteors, should be easier now.

I agree. I'm probably going to make it so you don't have to catch them, just react when one is on screen. Thanks for your comment!

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Not a new game, but an old jam game I've been meaning to update for a while. I'll write up a devlog with the changes and link to it.

I know you're hard at work with the Defold version of this game, but it'd be awesome if the PICO-8 version got some love some time in the future too! For starters it'd be nice with a save feature, which is really easy to add. And it doesn't look like the game's on the BBS? It'd be great if you submitted it there so it can be easily found on Raspberry Pi PICO-8 devices etc :) Awesome game, looking forward to the full version!

Need for what??

I still considered this a bug, and fixed it. The mouse will be ignored as long as it doesn't move, so it doesn't re-trigger when it's untouched. Should work more intuitively now! Thanks for the report.

Awesome! Devlogs have lots of potential. I'm hoping for more ways to reach them, though. Like a devlog feed on user profiles!

I like it! Seems very inspired by Celeste. It'd be nice with a "full screen" option, because as it is I need to press F11 to make the browser full screen, and even then I don't see the entire game area because of my laptop's resolution.

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Hmm, what emulator are you using? That looks like what happens if the random number generator doesn't work: All the random numbers are 1! That can happen if the emulator doesn't accurately emulate the Game Boy's initial state, which I use as a seed for randomization. I recommend the emulator BGB, which gets this right, but there might be others too! And thanks :D

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That's very nice! I'll make sure to let you know. Although I assume you haven't made much music for an actual Game Boy game before? Or have you?? I'll keep you in mind for more general stuff though! Sound has always been the crucial missing part of my games.

The Bubble Wizard theme is great! Sounds exactly like an alchemy puzzle tune should sound like.

I'll play this when I get to a Windows computer – I wasn't able to run the LÖVE package since it's built for an older version of LÖVE (?)

Great game! The art style is awesome, although sometimes it's a little hard to see what direction I'm pointing towards. Would be cool if firing projectiles affected the ship's trajectory too, but that would probably make it an entirely different game.

Very nice! You can instantly see it's a real Game Boy game set in space, since the background isn't black. Nobody would have a completely dark background in a real Game Boy game because of the artifacts, hehe.

Would be nice if it saved the high score to SRAM so it's persistent, although the fact that it doesn't kinda makes this feel like one of the early MBC1 games, which might have been your intention,

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Nice graphics! I hope you'll be able to develop this further.

(Note that when I ran the game in BGB, it warned me that you're disabling the LCD outside of VBlank. Not sure if it's actually a big deal, but Nintendo claims that could damage the Game Boy hardware.)

Pretty cool! I've barely played any games in this genre, so it took a little getting used to, but it feels like a good game. The overworld could probably be a little more interesting though.

(I feel obliged to point out that the text is a fifth color)

Haha, I love it. Awesome graphics. And what a twist that ending was!

This is really hard! I'm not sure if I'm misunderstanding something, but people don't seem to shut up if I shush them, and the phones just keep ringing.  I tried to stand still to calm down too, but I don't think the spot I found was quiet enough? I just keep turning into a monster all the time.

But nice game! The graphics aren't typical Game Boy graphics, but I like the style. Making the window bigger didn't work on Linux though.

Great graphics! Love the parallax. In an improved version it would be nice if there was a timer or something, which maybe was saved a high score. Maybe even some perk if you dash through bats, although I don't know what that would be (extra lives so you can survive a crash?).

Congrats on your first game! Not the most interesting entry, but good job nonetheless.

Nice game! The heart refill option in the shop is brutally low though, haha. I need to get better.

Nice little game. A bit annoying that everything (background, spikes, grass) move and flicker while scrolling though, is there something wrong with the scaling?

Pretty hard! Good thing those orcs are so dumb.

Cool concept, but it would be nice if it was just a little bit more fleshed out. I really wanted to read all the signs! The camera is a bit annoying (it trails behind the player). But all in all a nice entry!

Yeah, I wanted to do music, but didn't learn how to do it in time!


Oh, well, I don't use Windows so I can't really use the .exe for anything. But I'll play it on Newgrounds then, no worries!

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Hey, just in case anyone else is looking for entries that are actual, bona fide Game Boy games, here are the ones I've found:

Hope I didn't miss any!

And if anyone wants to know more about Game Boy development, check out this list of resources!

Why can't you upload that to itch?

Great game! Simple gameplay idea, tough to execute, like all the best games. Love the music!

But resizing them breaks the resolution, right? I swear they have a higher pixel density than the rest. Anyway, that's nitpicking.

This really feels like it belongs on a Game Boy! Great game; idea, execution, mood, gameplay, difficulty. It only needs a persistent high score!

Man, this looks amazing. However,I just have to point out that although the game itself has the authentic Game Boy resolution of 160x144, the resolution of the text at the bottom of the screen has twice the pixel density. But dang, it looks great.

Very nice-looking. Love the thematic palette choice. Collisions are a little jittery when running/jumping into a crate, and movement in general could probably be tightened up a bit. I also noticed that the sprites that appear when the first floor tiles break aren't in the correct resolution.

Really nice art, and cool mechanic. And also pretty hard!

Very cool-looking game. Great graphics and audio. The gameplay is a bit lacking though. Very repetitive, and very easy. I ended up just smacking all the enemies and never had to fire my gun. There would always be a guy following me, but I could just outrun him, and every time I encountered two enemies at the time the right-most one would be facing away from me and not attack until the first one was dead. Can the enemies shoot, or just punch?

Great game!

Cool game! Pretty easy to farm XP at the enemy spawns though, and the fights are basically just button mashing. Does it have a proper Game Boy resolution? Hard to tell with the flame effect.

Basic platforming but very well put together. The Sonic-style HP system works well!

Fun idea, and very well implemented. Pretty hard too! Not Veni, Vidi, Vici from VVVVVV hard, but still hard.

Really polished game!