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I've made a few games before, but mostly very small games (like block puzzle games mostly), and never anything with a significant narrative. I've mostly used PICO-8 before, never tried RPG Maker!

Thank you! Yes, the story is a bit convoluted. I wanted to tell it in a non-linear manner, and I'm not sure how well I succeeded in making that clear, but I'm glad it made more sense the second time through. And I'm glad you got the right impression from the grandmother even though the character development was kept a little hidden, but she is based on my own grandmother who was very sweet.

Hey! No, I actually used bitsy, which is a very small and restrictive engine. Basically all it can make are narrative "games" like this, that move from room to room telling a story through text. On the other hand it makes it really easy to make games like this! It's the first time I used bitsy (and my first purely narrative game), and I considered using a multi-purpose engine, but have wanted to try bitsy for a while. I'll definitely check out your game too!

Thank you!

Thank you so much!! And thanks for making image to bitsy, it really spiced up my otherwise bland visuals, hehe.

Thank you, glad you liked it <3

(My first Bitsy ever)

Cool! This reminded me of the game Control; the rearranging corridors of The Oldest House, and the side mission Self Reflection.

Devtober 2019 community · Created a new topic Hello

Hey, I'm Tobias, 32 years old, live in Norway. I had my second child this year, so I haven't been able to develop a lot this year, but I'm trying to get some gamedev in each day now in October to learn new things, finish up some old half-finished projects, and generally just get into the groove again.

And Devtober overlaps with other jam stuff like Octojam (an annual CHIP-8 game jam) and other things. Lots of opportunities to work on stuff, and I've already finished a small, dumb CHIP-8 game inspired by two Inktober themes, so I've submitted that one already:

Other stuff I hope to do (but probably won't have the time to do):

  • Make two or three more CHIP-8 games, one inspired by Inktober themes but two that aren't
  • Make PICO-8 tweetcarts inspired by Inktober themes (#picoctober)
  • Finally finish versions 2.0 of two of my previous games, which have just been sitting in my git staging area for a year or so
  • Make something Halloween-themed??
  • Maybe learn Bitsy
  • Write devlogs (which I'll end up doing at the end of October and not throughout)

This is a nice font! However, I think the lowercase "a" looks a little too much like "z" :/ I wonder if a single-storey "a" would be a possibility?


Out of curiosity, what was the problem with the web export? And why did it only affect the web export?

Thanks!! I think you missed the fact that you can match blocks vertically as well as horizontally though, I think you could've stayed alive a lot longer!

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Hey! I love puzzle games, and this seems like a great jam!

As one of the examples of puzzle games, you mention Tetris. However, to me, it seems like Tetris doesn't satisfy your listed elements for puzzle games:

  • Tetris doesn't have "one or more solutions"
  • There is uncertainty in the system (what blocks you get)
  • It has different outcomes from those you list: You lose, you give up (!), or you can maybe win in some variants of the game if you're really good at moving blocks at high speed.

This seems like a jam for "thinky" puzzle games, but IMO Tetris is more of an action arcade game with puzzle elements, and seems out of place in this jam.

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I think everyone does that, which is why I called it "de-obfuscated" instead of "un-obfuscated" ;) I definitely whittled away at the code while writing it in order to stuff everything in, otherwise it wouldn't be doable. Then I went over the 560 characters afterwards and expanded it. 

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Last time some of us shared the de-obfuscated (or de-minified) source code, which was pretty educational. Maybe someone has the time to do it this time around too?

itch strips empty lines from source code here, but here's a Gist with the original and "de-obfuscated" code for my game, Pico Puzzle League:

Ah, actual sorcery

I'm not familiar with TIC-80, but can't you do `r=math.random` like in regular Lua?

Awesome! Any reason it can't be played online here on itch?

Release it for more platforms? Not sure what it's made in – I assume a web export is out of the question – but a Linux version would be great!

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Yesss this looks amazing. Really digging the graphical changes too!

I know it's probably bad business advice and everything, and I hope you reach the Infinite Mode stretch goal of course, but I also hope you'll consider adding that mode even if you don't make the stretch goal. Perhaps with fewer customized backgrounds/music tracks or something. It'd be such a natural mode for this game.

It's perhaps geared more towards people who are new to programming, but I have to link to why's (poignant) guide to ruby just in case it can reach new readers.

Nice! Reminds me a bit of Chocolate Castle.

Great game! I hope you'll consider posting it to the Lexaloffle BBS too :)

This is a great idea. Why is it not on the PICO-8 BBS??

And on itch ;)

Since you're familiar with PICO-8, maybe LÖVE?

This was Chrome on Windows 10, but it seems to work now, so it was probably just a hiccup!

Cool idea! And pretty hard. Just a heads up, the log window cuts off some of the text here (Chrome, Windows 10) in an unfortunate way... 

Oh man, QuickBASIC! This really makes me nostalgic.

When I try to run this in the browser, I get the following error:

AccessDeniedAccess denied. Anonymous caller does not have storage.objects.get access to itchio/html/1314377/index.html.

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Inspired by Ape Out?

Is the space pope a robot named Rodrigo Roborgia?

I'm not sure if it was intentional or not, but you haven't published your game page so it's just a 404 for us!

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I think that's the point of this forum:

It's just that nobody has used it

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I was writing on this until the jam deadline, so this is a pretty rough draft. I hope to be able to add a cover, some proper formatting and more pictures tomorrow. It's 1:40 AM here now, hehe. Thanks for the fun jam!

Hey! While searching for this jam I found out that last year's 7DRL was also run on itch:

Would it be an idea to link to that page on this year's jam page so people can get a feel for how it went down?

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This list is very good:

Edit: Oh, it was posted in the jam description already, hehe.