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Thanks for the advice, everyone! I'll try to keep your advice in mind as I work on more music in the future.

Re: note velocity - apologies for my lack of background in sound mixing, but what do you mean by velocity?

@justinooncx I fixed the bugs discussed and made a 4 second penalty for each incorrect guess. Thank you for pointing those issues out to me!

@justinooncx: Yeah, I realized that I probably should have implemented some sort of penalty for that. Is editing a submission hours after I submitted it bad form?

Very well done! The voice acting in the beginning was good - perfect compliment to the superb writing. Looking forward to whatever parts come next!

Alright. Thanks!

I've wanted to do some planning for my entry, but I wasn't sure if that'd count against my working hours.

So...does it?


Thank you very much! I look forward to playing Neru.

PuzzlerJam community · Created a new topic For The Jam?

Do games made have to be made entirely within the time limit and specifically for the jam?

I'd like to play this, but whenever I try to open it it says that the RPG Maker 2003 runtime package is not there or is unrecognized.

Strange/humorous flavor text is really great in my book. Really adds character. You just have to make sure you convey what the thing actually does.

Alright. Thanks for the response!

bit jam community · Created a new topic When Can We Start?

Do we have to wait until the start of the jam to work on our games or can we start whenever?

Very much looking forward to trying my hand at this!

Wow, this is a really clever idea for a game jam. I can't speak for my future self, but I'm definitely pretty interested in participating. I'm looking forward to seeing what comes out of it as well.

Looks pretty good so far. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out.

This was an enjoyable game. I especially like the art style. (The ability to select different color schemes was a nice touch.) The controls are a bit difficult to get used to but that works in the game's favor. All in all, well done!

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I'm a bit late to the jam, but I'm going to be making a game based on this lovely cover for Anticipation.

Looking forward to turning this cover into a game and seeing what everyone else makes!

EDIT: In retro (heh) spect, I am super late to the party. Every other topic here was posted a month ago...

Very surreal and interesting. And I don't mean that in a backhanded way. A nice little wrodthing.

Oh, hey. Thanks for bringing it back.

The jam said it ran until November 9th and is now over, but it's not November 9th yet.

Can one person enter multiple games into the Jam?