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Hi thanks for the feedback, this was only meant to be a small prototype but if I were to expand it in the future I'd probably have this. At the moment the delay from when the turret notices you to when it shoots is a bit too small and makes it so there are no real tactics to it, its just spamming the bullets as fast as possible, so I do see where you're coming from.


Really enjoyed playing it, I really enjoyed going from planet to planet, and the superspeed thing was really useful.

Good work dude :D

Never seen a game like this, I liked the whole idea of trial and error to get better gear. Also the art was really nice :)

Really fun to play :D

I wish I had done more textured models and stuff in my game, nice job dude :)

Really enjoyed the game, the art was great :) You should continue making the game, I think it could be a good full game :D

Really enjoyed the game man :D All of the art was amazing.

Nice job man :D

Would be awesome to have some sort of leaderboard though to compare scores with others :p

Hey nice ideas :) We were actually considering a zoom sort of feature (kind of like how GTA does it in first person) so we'll definitely give it a go and try and get something like that into the full game.

Thanks, Anthony :D

Is there any chance of Oculus support once the touch controllers are released? Or for the future versions of the game? :)

Thanks! I'll be sure to check out the video once it's public :)

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Welcome to the 2nd DevBlog, it's been a whole month since the last one, it's gone fast but I want to try and get these out bi-weekly in the future, but here it is nontheless :)


The last DevBlog started with a new inventory and we've improved it even more now. It hasn't changed as much as it did before but we've just improved it a bit and added a space for the powerups which will be in the full game.

Texture Mapping Objects

We've been trying to make models more detailed by texturing them, it's been a learning experience for us as none of us had done UV Mapping or Texturing before but we think it turned out really good. James did all of the texturing on the objects :)


We've added some plants into the game to make the environment feel more full. We thought the ground felt a bit plain with just sand so the few colours around the place makes it a bit more interesting.

New Audio

Chase has been working hard on new SFX for the game and has also been working on a new track for the 2nd level. He's been streaming whilst making the music. So, if you're interested in seeing him work on it, then you can check it out here. This will give you a sneak peak at what the music will sound like for level 2 :)

You can listen to this sound clip to hear the new SFX that have been added to the game too:


James has also been working hard on a new Skybox for the game. Before we were using the default blue sky Skybox which came with Unity, but now we have a custom one which, in my opinion, makes the world feel a lot more full with the distant mountains and rocks.

Player Arm Concept Art

James has been working on a new arm for the player, which will be what you see holding the gun and will be in a few more animations. He has done some concept art for it first which will give us a good idea on what we want it to look like when it goes into the texturing stage.

New UI

James has also been working on new UI for the game. In the last DevBlog we just had numbers for the health and ammo. Now, we have a little pixel art icon which shows what gun you're currently holding along with the ammo count and a small heart which indicates that it's your health.

Main Menu

We also made a new main menu. It's the crashed pod which you see in level 1, I added some Depth of Field, a Vignette and a slight bit of Bloom so it looks cinematic and nice.

We're also hoping to get new music on the main menu soon and use the current menu music for another event in the game. At the moment the music feels too fast for a slow, cinematic title screen. Updates coming soon in the near future :)

Level 2

Last, but not least, we're working on level 2 now. At the moment it's not much. It has a pretty big tunnel system which is about half way complete. We're just working on some rooms for the tunnels at the moment, where you will find gear and other secrets. We're hoping for a few small cut-scenes throughout the level and more of a suspense/horror feel to it. We don't want to give TOO much away past the demo because we don't want to spoil anything. However, here is a teaser screenshot of Level 2.


That's about it for this DevBlog. I think we got a decent amount of work done and hopefully Episode 1 will be out within the next few months :)

Thanks for reading the blog, if you haven't downloaded the demo yet, what are you waiting for? ;) You can download the demo using the widget below, cheers :D

Got it, done now :)

Wow! Thank you so much for all the feedback man, it's very helpful :)

A few of the things you mentioned have been fixed on my local build but I was holding off uploading until there's more things in the game or more things have been fixed :)

Also the Rage Mode + Slow Mo are just temporary at the moment, we were testing them and thought we might as well put them into the demo if people want to play around with them, that's also why nothing seems to happen when you press rage mode, it'll be finished for the full game ;)

But overall thanks so much, you made a lot of really good points and we really appreciate you taking the time to write it all up!

Best Regards, Anthony.

Hey thanks for the feedback! We're looking on ways to improve the game at all times so we'll take the emptiness into consideration :)

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Hey, we've decided to do a dev blog of Reclaim Earth, hopefully some of you will find it interesting and will leave feedback on how we can improve. At the moment we're unsure if it'll be a weekly thing or just when we have enough content to make an interesting blog. Either way, expect more! :)

Since the demo release we've been pretty busy. More features, bug fixes & pretty much everything is nicer. We've been working hard to take feedback and to implement everything which people have suggested. A lot of great ideas have been suggested as feedback, maybe not things you would even notice while playing it, but it all improves the overall experience.


Last week we worked on the inventory system a lot, it's now had a complete overhaul. Instead of having the traditional icons when an item is equipped, we've decided to go with a more visual approach. Rather than explaining it I'll just show the before & after pictures.


A few people who played the game said they struggled with figuring out where they are. This was partly reason to the fact the resolution was very low, but people also suggested a map would be good. So we added a map this week too. James did the art for it.

The map also is blocked off for regions you haven't explored yet, it's not in the screenshot above but I think it's a pretty cool screenshot so I'm using that one :)


Thanks to everyone who has made videos about the game. If you want to see them, they're at the bottom of the game page :) Chase has been super helpful with marketing stuff and getting feedback from people, there should also be some new music by him coming when we start on the second area, so look out for that :D

New Enemies

Previously the enemies we had needed updating, and James managed to make some new pixel art which looks awesome :D The crawler enemy is fairly similar to the previous one, just more buff and scary looking. Although for the robot, he went for a completely different approach which I like, I think it fits the game more. The last one looked more like it should belong in a medieval RPG or something, rather than a sci-fi game.


We've been experimenting with powerups recently, one of the ideas were by Chase. His idea was that if you're finding the game a little too easy and think it needs more of a challenge, you can use the powerup and the enemies will go crazy at you, and become a LOT more powerful. The other was a focus powerup, where time goes in slow motion to represent how the player can now focus a lot better. Here's a video of the slow-mo effect.

Turns out itch doesn't support the <video> tag, so here's a link!


James has also been working hard on the illustration for the game, we now have the first bits of colour in the art. We'll keep this updated throughout the dev blogs.

Smaller Details

I don't have a complete changelog (although I should probably make one) but there are a few smaller things which have been updated such as the resolution. We've doubled it because a few people were getting motion sickness from the low resolution-ness. We still want the game to be low-res, because that's how it started and it's what we had in mind when designing everything, but we think it was maybe a bit too low-res.


I hope you enjoyed the first Dev Blog, I think it's nice to see all of the progress in 1 post. If you have any opinions on the game or what we could improve on the blog, be sure to send us some feedback! If you haven't played Reclaim Earth yet, what are you waiting for? :D

The demo is free on PC, Mac & Linux. Everything on this blog will be available soon if it's not already out when you're reading this.

If you'd like to follow the team on Twitter, be sure to check out us out here.

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for the upload! I've added it to the game page :)

It's a mashup of portal & hotline miami, so although they don't turn around in portal they do stay still, and I was trying to find that middle point between the 2 games whilst keeping the difficulty.

Sorry about that. I don't have much experience with Linux so I can't help much, but hopefully for the full version of the game I'll be testing it on Linux to make sure it works nicely. This was for a game jam so I didn't have much time to test it :(

Hey thanks for playing the game, feedback is always really appreciated :D

I plan on expanding the game soon as I've had some great suggestions from people and it was fun to work on, so hopefully it'll become more of a full shooter in the future (although it'll still be a fairly short game, nothing like Fallout size of course :p )

Also the music was done by Chase Bethea, you can see more of his stuff at his website if you like (linked on game page) :D

Thanks, Anthony :)

P.S. Sorry for long time to reply, currently on holiday and have only just checked :p

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Hey dude no problem :) Sorry you didn't enjoy it much, the low resolution was part of the game jam rules (objective was to make a game with a 64x64 resolution).

The video was helpful though, you mentioned respawning ammo, which I didn't think about and would be a pretty good idea. Also I can understand why you didn't know how to win, I didn't really make it clear about where to go and what to do when you're there. It's something I'll have to improve on for my next games or future updates for this.

Thanks for playing the game though, it's always appreciated :D

Thank you for making the video, I really appreciate it man :D

I'm glad you enjoyed the game too :)

I think as long as there is only 1 colour on the screen at 1 time it's fine.

Cheers, should make everything a little easier for me :)

I agree, I think that there could be some sort of things outside of the 1px gameplay. But on the other side people could say that the rules are 1x1 and that's that. I guess it's all really up to Daniel, would like to hear what he thinks about it.

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Nah just a Username for anything, such as online leaderboards or something.

Doesn't effect any gameplay, it's just before the game.

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Is a Username allowed to be set before the actual game starts? If it doesn't effect the gameplay at all, just to use for saving and stuff?

Yeah I like this idea, like a live chat room rather than these posts. Just for any general discussion :)

Yeah I do like the idea, I think it looks quite natural on CoD4 and stuff, you don't have to check your health but you always know how much health you have.

Yeah, Halo's UI is quite nice. I might have a little experiment with something similar.

Yeah I was thinking something like this, but not sure if it'd fill the screen too much (because of 64px limit)

Oh yeah that's cool! I might try and do this, thanks :)

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Hi, currently this is how I'm displaying my health in my game:

As you can see it doesn't really look like the type of thing you'd see in a futuristic FPS, I was wondering if anyone had any cool ideas on how to display health in a futuristic way? :)

Thanks, Anthony.

Good progress today, More to the map, New SFX & Optimizations :D


Screenshots (You should watch the video though ;D ) :

Added a gun and have been working on the map, also muzzle flashes are amazing.

not sure if there's an easier method, but if you click html and type <img src="IMAGE_ADDRESS_HERE"> it works.

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Not much because I started late, got the 64px filter working though :)